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Blue Light Vista cover art


Blue Light Vista

New Chamber Music for Guitars, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Sampling and Electronics

RICK FRYSTAK : Guitars, Synthesizers, Piano, Electric/Acoustic/Synth Bass, Percussion, Samples, Electronics

PETER FRYSTAK: Drums, percussion

KENT STRUMPELL:Percussion, Samples

DALE STRUMPELL: Live Sampling, Sounds

ITO CD 11 UPC:684247001121


1. Vista
2. Narrative
3. Cue
4. Nexus
5. Blueprint
6. Initiation
7. Continuo
8. Voices Answer
9. Quintessence
10. Egress

Internet-only BONUS TRACK "Narration", available on iTunes.

Rick Frystak's Blue Light Vista takes us to new territories within our hearts and minds with it's sense of loose, floating melodies and harmonies, and the connected themes that pop up in many pieces on the album. 

New directions for Classical and electric guitars, piano, electronics and percussion, BLUE LIGHT VISTA is modern Chamber Music, transcending Jazz, Rock, Classical and Electronica boundaries, emphasizing elegant, dissonant and accessable harmonic detail. Crisply nuanced acoustic piano, electronic and sampled instruments and backgrounds characterize the mood-filled soundscapes. Rich basses anchor the pieces, refined guitar narrative drifting above the percussion overtones and symphonic translation.

Originally composed as a suite, each piece contains elements and themes that relate to one another, and sonic treatments congeal the whole.
"The record started as a series of 5or 6 piano suites", Rick says, "and though pushing and pulling in the computer, and improvising on classical and electric guitars within the pieces, I expanded the themes and ideas to become their own pieces. They took on lives of their own way beyond the initial piano ideas through this tinkering. Then I re-recorded the pieces using the computer like a tape recorder without any sync pulses or clicks. This gave the music a very elastic, pliable sensation that seems very post-rhythm for me at this time of my creativity, or perhaps all my life's rhythm at once."

BLUE LIGHT VISTA is Rick's 4th album and his 2nd as a leader (Voci, SAWS, Bamboo Flute Songs), and has him performing most of the instruments using the most contemporary computer technology, with added analog warmth in the recording and the superior Audiophile Tube Mastering process. BLUE LIGHT VISTA is modern chamber music, docile electric music with a very organic feel. The expanse represented here points to the wide perspective of this music, and Rick's continuing urge to search for new, yet
familiar sounds.
A unique production for the progressive listener, the cinematic elements moving from mood to mood, always bringing a vision of melody, harmony and scope.

AUDIOPHILE vacuum-tube mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering for supreme sound.

Native Californian Rick Frystak has performed with various ensembles in and around Los Angeles
for over 40 years, involving himself in the most wide variety of musics possible, including Southbound Road, Moonfleet, David Balakrishnan, Billy Furman, Hosea, Iggy Pop, Ray Manzerek, SAWS, Rick Potts, Bruce Fowler and the Avitron Ensemble, which was the opportunity to incorporate aircraft parts and
manufacturing machinery into improvisational pieces with electronics and percussion. Performing with the InTone
group in the 80’s fused all these sounds with group instrumental improvisation and video composition. The 90’s brought a CD
collaboration with shakuhachi player Ron Burger, and Mr. Frystak's solo record Voci on his own InTone Music label.
Since then, his writing and playing has centered around harmonic composition, group electro/acoustic improv and computer music,
never abandoning the Cage-ean philosophy that "...all sounds are music". “Being a young drummer then a guitarist has
given me all manner of tonal-versus-rhythmic senses to draw on within every musical context that I’m in”, he says.

Mr.Frystak has also been active in the film industry, with composing and music production, music consulting and music supervision (IMDB), as well as licensing his own music to feature films.

"... Delicious. Not just tasty, but deeply felt. Not once conceding to the conventional. It's in own unique way - extremely daring!"-Martin Perlich

"....Frystak juxtaposes novel collisions of culture and sound." -John Diliberto, ECHOES

"...a landmark work...should be required listening for anyone trying to escape the confines of conventional musical expression."-Derek Rath, KPFK Radio

"...the music is quite're in for a real treat." -Bill Tilland, SIGNAL TO NOISE MAGAZINE

"...stood out the minute I heard it...a well-crafted fusion of acoustic and electronic musics...genre transcending." -Ron Schepper,

", dreamy, meloldious. A pleasurable, delicate listen" -Francois Couture, MONSIEUR DELIRE

"...really enjoying it..". -Tom Schnabel KCRW/NPR Radio

"...really like the CD, great tracks" -Yatrika Sha-Rais KPFK Radio

"...goodness in every bit." -Tony Mostrom, artist

"...It's chock-a-block with rich orchestrations, intriguing soundscapes, and lovely guitar - both acoustic and electric- interweavings, while steadfastly eschewing both New Age treacle and mindless scale-running-George Budd, composer




"レコードが5or 6ピアノスイートのシリーズとして始まった"、リックによれば、"と押して、コンピュータで引っ張って、個以内にクラシックとエレキギターで即興が、私は自分の作品になることをテーマとアイデアを拡大した。彼らは、この工夫を介して最初のピアノのアイデアを超えて独自の方法での生活にした。それから私は再度、任意の同期パルスやクリックせずにテープレコーダーのようなコンピュータを使用して作品を記録した。これは、音楽に思われる非常に伸縮性、柔軟な感覚を与えた自分の創造力のこの時点では私にとって非常にポストのリズム、または一度に、おそらくすべての私の人生のリズム。"




80のグループは、グループインスト即興とビデオ合成と、これらすべての音を融合です。 90 CDを持っている
決して"... ...すべてのサウンドは、音楽である"というケージ- EANの理念を放棄する。 "若いドラマーを利用していますし、ギタリストがいる