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RICK POTTS: Musical saw, Hinge-neck electric guitar,
Steiner-Parker synthesizer, Dr. Sample, Fake screaming rat,
Electronic birdcaller, Kalimba, Saxxy, Nose flute, Crow call.

RICK FRYSTAK: Electric Bass, virtual Mellotron

CHRIS GUTTMACHER: Drums and Percussion

BRIAN A. ROSSER: Akai Headrush E1, Boss DD-5, Ernie Ball Volume
Pedal, Gibson BR-6, Roland RE-301 and a Mussehl & Westphalz
Professional Musical Saw.


1.Return To Whatever 6:40
2.Saw N' Tology 8:40
3.A Sour Junk Pony 3:33
4.Sneakerfull Of Sockets 3:09
5.Let Us Go Into Lloegyr 4:00
6.The Rat In Twilight 6:51
7.Three Parts, Too Familiar 11:42

SAWS is a whacked-groove-celestial-takeoff to the nether-regions of the Musical Saw. Bowed, struck,tweaked, dubbed
and kissed, SAWS do their business with electronic processing, hinged-neck guitar, melodic spaced bass, squeaky
synths and crackling snare and cymbal. SAWS mark their territory with a sound unlike any other progressive music

Multi-instrumentalist Rick Potts is an improviser and instrument maker who has been on L.A.'s musical fringe for
a quarter of a century, A founding member of the L.A. Free Music Society (L.A.F.M.S.), Potts recorded and performed
in one of its premier units, Le Forte Four. A home-made sound scientist (with custom hinge-neck guitars, musical saw,
electronics and tray of toys) whose idiosyncratic methodology produces sounds which are unique, alarming and
enigmatic yet oddly cordial.  In 1982, Potts formed experimental ensemble Dinosaurs with Horns with tape loop
manipulator, Joseph Hammer In 1992, he formed Solid Eye with Hammer and ex-Monitor Steve Thomsen. 
In addition to his work in Solid Eye, SAWS, Dinosaurs With Horns, and Consolidated Lint, Potts has recorded and
performed with Airway,Human Hands, Steaming Coils and a myriad of of L.A. noise/sound musicians and also
internationally acclaimed innovators. Rick has collaborated with LAFMSers Tom Recchion and Joe Potts & 'jammed'
with John Duncan, Don Preston, Eugene Chadbourne, Keiji Heino, Lynn Foulkes, Mike Kelly and many others.

Chris Guttmacher can be heard on former Can vocalist Damo Suzuki's new release HOLLYARIS. He was a founding
member of Boston-area pre-post-rock group Cul De Sac and played punkish rock & roll with the New Lows and
Bullet Lavolta. After 30 years of being a drummer, he is seriously thinking about packing it in to
play the dobro, but he's not sure about that.

Bassist Rick Frystak has performed in various ensembles in and around Los Angeles for 40 years.
Dancing to the washing machine as a youth set his direction for good. Drumming along to rock records led to a
trade for a guitar with his brother, fueling his power trios and rock bands such as Moonfleet in the late 60’s and
early 70’s. Around this time Rick also played with Iggy Pop and Ray Manzerek.“Then I heard Tony Williams, Steve
Lacy, Cage, Stockhausen and all the Fusion stuff, and everybody’s mind was blown.” The Avitron Art Ensemble was the
opportunity to incorporate aircraft parts manufacturing machinery into improvisational pieces with electronics and
percussion. Performing with the In Tone group in the 80’s fused all these sounds with group improvisation and video
compostition. Since then, his writing and playing has centered around melodic compostion, group improv and computer
music. The 90’s brought a CD collaboration with shakuhachi player Ron Burger, and Rick’s solo record VOCI on the
In Tone label. “Being a drummer then a guitarist has given me all sorts of tonal versus rhythmic senses to draw on
within every performance context that I’m in”, he says. The SAWS bass chair is a perfect manifestation of that desire.

Brian Rosser, born 08-18-1960, has been experimenting with sounds ever since,
“and if truth be told I'm still looking for my sound”.

SAWS was recorded and mastered at In Tone Studio, Los Angeles, 2004-2005

"...they've combined their experimental proclivities with dark, dense grooves to form a unique, expansive musical testament to the possibilities of recorded sound."
-SEAN MOLNAR/Signal to Noise Magazine

"...absolutely fucking amazing!"-JON ZEIDERMAN



世紀、LAの無料音楽協会(LAFMS)の創立メンバーの4分の1 Pottsは記録され、実行 
マニピュレータ、ジョセフハマーは1992年、彼はハンマーとex -モニタして、Steve Thomsenさんとソリッドアイを形成した。 
して、John Duncan、ドンプレストン、ユージーンチャドボーン啓二ヘイーノ、リンフォアークス、マイクケリー、多くの人と。 


パーカッション。 80トーンのグループとの実行は、グループの即興やビデオを持つすべてのこれらのサウンドを融合さだ 
音楽。 90は、尺八奏者ロンバーガーとCDのコラボレーション、およびリックのソロレコードをVOCI持っている 
トーンラベルで。 "ドラマーを利用していますし、ギタリストの上に描画する私に調対リズミカルな感覚の、あらゆる種類を与えている