5 Ways to Play With Piano Online

play with piano online

Before selecting an online piano learning method, it’s essential to keep in mind your goals. Are you hoping to play classical music or simply wish to learn fun songs? With various ways of approaching piano learning available today, find one which best meets yours and pick the method which matches them.


Flowkey is an online piano learning service offering an expansive library of music, visual aids and tools to help develop your skills more rapidly. They also offer various courses related to music theory. Their songs are of extremely high quality; many come complete with sheet music to assist your practice sessions and some even have different arrangements according to difficulty level; this allows for progression toward playing harder songs more rapidly while simultaneously developing your technique more quickly.

Flowkey stands out from its competition by being both visually impressive and not flashy; rather, its focus is on what matters: piano keyboard and music. The interface is user-friendly and quick loading times. Furthermore, you can connect a digital keyboard using USB or MIDI cables, making Flowkey suitable for anyone of any ability level to enjoy.

Once your keyboard is setup, you can choose the song you want to learn and start practicing it. Each note is highlighted on screen to help guide your practice and develop finger placement as you learn notes. This feature is especially beneficial if you’re new to piano as it helps develop finger placement as well as learning the notes.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, more advanced lessons such as chords, rhythmic patterns and scales may follow. Over time you should be able to read sheet music and perform popular songs on piano; however, investing time will allow for proficiency with these skills.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions is an innovative piano software program that uses popular songs to teach beginners. Its user-friendly interface and instant feedback make this a valuable way of studying online piano lessons. Furthermore, this program encourages player motivation by permitting them to play their favorite tunes at different skill levels; something other programs cannot match. This feature truly distinguishes Playground Sessions.

It offers lessons covering every aspect of piano playing from basic techniques to advanced theory concepts like inversions and arpeggios, including videos featuring professional musicians who demonstrate how they use their abilities. Lessons are divided into boot camps so that you can start at a level which best matches your abilities; beginners can start with over 20 lessons covering everything from reading sheet music to practicing scales; intermediate boot camps offer over 61 lessons covering chord progressions, voicings and inversions along with arpeggios for theory concepts like inversions and arpeggios!

This site boasts an expansive song library and video tutorials from prominent piano teachers like David Sides and Harry Connick Jr. It specializes in contemporary songs but features genres across its library as well. With its game-like layout and interactive learning experience, which rewards users based on performance with stars and badges based on how well they play, players are sure to stay motivated during their learning experience!

This site provides various membership options, from monthly and yearly subscriptions to lifetime free memberships with five songs available per month to learn. In addition, there is also a family plan, making learning piano together an attractive option.


Pianote offers step-by-step video lesson services with teachers who are highly knowledgeable and engaging, teaching not only the basics of playing an instrument but also musical theory, ear training, personal practice, friendly encouragement from instructors as well as live lessons where questions can be submitted instantly with instant replies being provided in return.

The interface of this site is clean and straightforward; each lesson comes complete with a short video, sheet music file and assignment to work on. There are also useful resources such as practice tips and background info about songs or artists; you can mark lessons as complete or add them to a list. Lessons also earn XP which serves as an effective measure of your progress.

Pianote offers a free trial period to introduce beginners to playing piano, along with video lessons from professional teachers on how to get started. After your trial ends, if you wish to continue learning after that point you can purchase a subscription plan to continue studying the instrument.

The website can be used on various devices and offers lessons tailored for beginner through advanced players, with community features designed to keep students motivated and inspired. With its large library of songs, this is also a good option for people wanting to learn a song on piano but do not have the time for traditional classes; furthermore, other features on the website such as student reviews and question-and-answer sessions make this site especially valuable for people wanting to develop their playing.

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel offers an engaging and effective online piano learning experience for students of any ability. Their curriculum covers everything from music theory, ear training, sight reading and piano technique to the basics of notation and improvisation. Students looking to take their playing to the next level may benefit from taking this service advantage. With competitive monthly pricing plans and powerful evaluation tools that keep track of student progress over time.

Piano Marvel stands out with its music library, offering songs that appeal to students. Partnered with Alfred and Hal Leonard publishing companies to add popular songs from these publishers to its library. Songs are organized into different levels of difficulty so students can select songs best suited for them and some songs even feature accompaniments which make playing with an actual band feel realistic! Plus there’s even an assessment mode which measures note accuracy and rhythm accuracy!

Piano Marvel offers an easy way for students and teachers to track practice sessions, with teachers being able to monitor student progress more closely than ever before. Piano Marvel features a tracking feature which shows practice minutes and goals of their students; furthermore, Piano Marvel provides a day streak report which highlights which student has maintained the longest streak; this helps motivate students and keep them practicing!

Piano Marvel provides students with a number of great features that help them set measurable goals and are rewarded when they reach them. Furthermore, its teachers directory makes finding nearby instructors who use this program easier; music competitions encourage friendly peer competition that can act as motivation.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is an online piano service offering lessons, games, practice guides and interactive learning tools. The user-friendly interface enables children to track their progress and earn badges. Furthermore, it features various methods and songs from popular music to classical pieces and improvisation exercises. Hoffman Academy was specifically created for elementary-aged students but is equally beneficial when homeschooling families opt to learn piano at their own pace.

Hoffman Academy takes a holistic approach to learning the piano, offering lessons arranged into bundles that cover core elements such as posture, musical alphabet and scales, reading advanced sheet music as well as playing computer keyboard games and singing along while keeping children engaged through props or costumes thrown in!

Hoffman Academy website is free for students to access, and students can view video lessons freely. However, to take full advantage of it they should subscribe to its Premium membership which offers all video lessons along with additional downloadable teaching materials and e-books as well as access to songs and activities.

The Hoffman Academy provides an exceptional piano teaching method suitable for all ages and levels of musical knowledge. Their teachers have been specially trained to assist their pupils with every situation that might arise during lessons – be it student apathy or motivation issues.