7 Rings Chords Piano Lesson

Some musicians consider 7 rings as a simple song, yet its production is complex and thoughtfully orchestrated. There’s a wide range of rhythms, tempos, chord loops and lead high improv melody which plays mischievously over soft chord pads with warm soft “oohs,” low countermelody as well as parallel harmony arrangements – creating an interesting dynamic.

Key of C# Minor

In this piano lesson, we will explore the key of C# minor, which is often utilized by popular songs like 7 rings. Additionally, you will learn how to play an A7 chord from the Dominant 7th chord family.

The A7 chord is composed of the notes A, C#, E and G; each note belonging to the major scale and each offering their own distinct sound when played together.

This chord will add depth and color to your music, so it is an excellent starting point for beginning pianists. Be sure to set realistic goals when practicing, taking your time as you master this chord over time – you may just find that this opens up even more possibilities in your piano journey!


Although many may consider this song simple, there is much more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. With intricate production featuring dynamic grooves and intricate details; catchy melodies; catchy vocal performances from Ariana Grande showing that she possesses real singing chops beyond being simply a pop princess; this track packs quite an emotional punch!

7 rings is more complex than average chord-wise, boasting above-average chord complexity scores for chord complexity, melodic complexity and chord-melody tension. This may be partially attributable to being written in minor key, which causes additional tension that must be compensated for via other musical elements.

Harmonic minor one-six-four-five progression is a popular choice in contemporary pop music, and adds an intriguing dimension to this track. Additionally, it serves as an effective musical backdrop for Ariana Grande’s lyrics about receiving seven Tiffany & Co. rings after parting ways with Pete Davidson.


Chords can be formed by playing multiple notes simultaneously – on a piano this means pressing down multiple keys at once – creating chords is an integral component of song writing, and mastering their creation can open up an array of musical genres for exploration!

7 Rings stands out in terms of both chord complexity and melody; its score in Chord Complexity, Melodic Complexity, Chord-Melody Tension is above-average compared to most songs. Furthermore, this song utilizes harmonic minor scale chords – popular choices among modern pop songs – providing added complexity.

Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings is an energetic, catchy song that showcases her dual talents as both a pop princess and singer-songwriter. Not afraid to experiment, Grande’s willingness to delve deep into her sound has paid off with a highly successful album and video. Who could have predicted that returning her engagement ring back to Pete Davidson would turn her into such an aggressive performer?


Contributors: Ryan, deleted, WhizzoLightred and fender Although 7 rings has only four chords – an repeating harmonic minor one-six-four-five progression from C#m-A-F#m-G#m-C#-B – its production remains complex and sophisticated. Every instrument plays their part to complete this sound world arrangement, while Ariana Grande proves herself an accomplished singer despite casual listeners. Her playful yet professional lead vocal captivates listeners while showing her real singing chops as she proves her prowess as a singer!

The bridge features a soft, warm “ooh” chord pad with low countermelodies and parallel harmonies to emphasize key lines: “Whoever said money can’t solve your problems / Must not have had enough to address ’em.” Assumptive line “Happiness is Affluence,” soars high before transitioning back into another pre-chorus/chorus section – you can hear all this on TIDAL!