A Cat Who Plays Piano

Cats’ daily antics never fail to bring joy. One feline in particular has made headlines online for her piano skills!

Winslow, a South Philadelphia feline, regularly performs piano recitals to try to persuade his owners, Kate Nyx, to feed him. According to Kate, this practice started out as a way for Winslow’s owner, so as to reduce his constant meowing for food.


Nora the gray tabby cat is an international sensation known for her musical talent, inspiring millions around the globe. Not any old piano; Nora plays on an expensive Yamaha C5 Disklavier keyboard called by piano teacher Betsy Alexander “a Lamborghini of a keyboard”. Nora has made numerous television talk show appearances and received well wishes from Piano Man Billy Joel himself!

Alexander and photographer Burnell Yow, adopted Nora at a Cherry Hill shelter in November 2006. Nora quickly took an interest in watching Alexander play piano for students on it in their living room, until one day she jumped up onto her stool and placed her paws on some keys, producing pleasing sounds with every touch.

Mindaugas Piecaitis of Lithuania noticed Nora’s online videos, and soon thereafter created an orchestral piece called CATcerto with Nora as its central theme. It premiered at Klaipeda Concert Hall with video footage projected onto a screen behind the musicians as accompaniment.

Nora’s DVD contains videos of her in action at home. According to Alexander, Nora particularly enjoys playing when someone else practices on a turn-of-the-century ivory keyed Briggs piano next to the Yamaha piano and especially prefers higher notes.

Nora enjoys chasing her reflection on the piano lid and dancing around to music; she also enjoys feasting on food – never afraid to ask for more from her owners!

Though initially nervous, Nora quickly finds her groove as she performs for her audience and doesn’t disappoint with her keen sense for pitch and cadence perfectly complementing her piano skills.


Winslow is an eight-year-old tabby cat from Philadelphia who has learned how to play piano so as to inform his owner when he needs food. Since his YouTube video uploaded in 2017, many viewers have witnessed him tickling away at the piano as he miaows for sustenance – an impressive feat even by feline standards! While Winslow may not match up to Clair de Lune’s musical skills, his piano playing nonetheless provides him an outlet.

Winslow’s mom, Kate Nyx, is an accomplished musician who keeps an array of instruments at home – one being a tiny piano ideal for young children and cats alike. As a kitten, Winslow was instantly drawn to it; playing its keys as soon as he could reach them! His fascination led to Nyx teaching him how to play it as a way of communicating with her; now whenever he wants something – whether food, refilling of his litter box, or simply scratching his neck – Winslow uses it whenever he wishes!

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Chester the cat has made headlines around the world for tickling his piano to demand food, something his owners started doing to prevent him from constantly screaming out for food all day long. Now seven-year-old Chester is famous on social media with millions of views already for both YouTube and TikTok accounts!

Nora the Cat has inspired thousands of cats worldwide to emulate her piano playing talents and write books and calendars like Nora herself. Though this Cocker Spaniel may not have Nora’s talent, he can still provide hours of entertaining viewing!

This lesson provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice writing about themselves using Chester as inspiration. Before initiating this activity, have each student bring an 8×10 photo or, if not possible, sheet of acetate with Crayola(r) Dry-Erase crayons for this activity.

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are friendly, happy dogs that are easy to train. They enjoy playing with people and kids in the yard or apartment building yards, as well as short brisk walks. Though not typically aggressive or fearful dogs, Cocker Spaniels may exhibit resource-guarding and fearful behaviors; early socialization, training classes and handling can help to combat such unwanted behavior.

Cocker spaniels require regular, thorough grooming sessions in order to keep their double coat clean and in good condition. A metal professional-quality comb with fine and medium spacing should be used to avoid tangles; due to their considerable shedding habits they may not be suitable for people with allergies.

Cocker spaniels are susceptible to many illnesses, including cataracts, eye infections and ear infections. They also often develop lumps and bumps like cysts, abscesses and lipomas that need treating immediately. Cockers may also be susceptible to mast cell tumors which can prove fatal without immediate medical treatment – these tumors develop from damaged mast cells releasing histamine when damaged, often developing into life-threatening tumors that erupt when not detected early enough.

As with many breeds, Cocker spaniels are susceptible to hip dysplasia – when the ball and socket joints don’t line up correctly – which causes pain and discomfort in dogs as it worsens; potentially necessitating surgery as the condition worsens.

Cocker spaniels may suffer from an eye condition called Ophthalmic Migraines, caused by an abnormal reaction of their brain to light and movement. It may result in blurry vision, pain and nausea for affected animals and can often be managed using medication. Stress or trauma often precipitate this condition which should be managed appropriately with medication.

The Cocker spaniel is a beloved breed due to its friendly disposition and role in several movies such as Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. These happy dogs strive to please their humans, performing well in various training classes and performance activities as well as responding well to positive reinforcement training methods. Cocker spaniels make excellent family pets; if left bored they may develop destructive behaviors like digging, chewing or barking that require constant attention in order to stay balanced.