Acoustic Version of Home

acoustic version of home

Acoustic versions of songs offer us the chance to experience them in an entirely new light, and can provide an unforgettable listening experience. It may even become your new go-to version!

Tom Rosenthal made headlines a few years ago for covering “Home” for a friend’s TikTok video and it quickly went viral, becoming a go-to choice among TikTok influencers looking for background music for their videos.

Fraser Morgan – “Home is Where The Heart Is (Acoustic)”

Fraser Morgan is an exceptional singer/songwriter who masters the art of storytelling through music. His acoustic version of “Home is Where the Heart Is” allows listeners to focus on how emotions and imagery are conveyed through lyrics, which makes for both beautiful and moving lyrics that remind listeners that sometimes, simple arrangements can be most impactful. Morgan’s performances are equally captivating – engaging audiences while entertaining them; making him an essential live act for fans of acoustic folk/punk alike! Download his songs free on Boomplay now!

Fraser Morgan has amassed an impressive repertoire, having performed in more than 750 gigs over his short career thus far.

Dropkick Murphys – “I’m Shipping Up to Boston (Acoustic)”

Woody Guthrie’s folk song became an instant classic when used in 2006 movie The Departed and has sold more than one million digital copies without ever entering the Hot 100 chart. The Dropkick Murphys shot a video for this song at East Boston waterfront where hooligans can be seen gathering and being chased away from by police officers; when St Patrick’s Day concerts had to be cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak in 2020, their livestream concert online helped people celebrate remotely instead. It proved hugely successful and provided much-needed relief from negative news stories!

Edith Whiskers – “Drive You Home (Acoustic)”

Tom Rosenthal never anticipated that his cover of “Home” for a friend’s TikTok video in 2020 would become such a viral success, amassing over 2 million plays on Spotify and even making Viral Top 50 charts. Additionally, it features Edith Whiskers (an invented persona created by Rosenthal). Since its release, numerous requests have come pouring in asking to become her manager or sign her to record deals without realizing she does not exist; still it makes an intriguing storyline! Listen below.

ELEINE – “Acoustic in Hell”

Symphonic metal conjures up images of operatic notes being sung across snowy landscapes with gothic looks and corsets; but some bands have taken things a step further. Eleine, an ensemble from Sweden’s dark symphonic metal scene, are one such band who have taken it to another level by releasing their new EP “Acoustic in Hell”, showing their songs can work just as effectively unplugged and without distortion.

Recorded within just one week in January 2022 at Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson’s The Panic Room Studio in Skara, the EP features eight acoustic renditions of Eleine’s biggest hits. These performances showcase Eleine’s powerful music even at its most stripped back state; from raw primal emotions like Ava Of Death or malevolent energy like Enemies; Eleine makes her mark unmistakably.

Memorium has also been given an impressive acoustic treatment and this EP really showcases just how fantastic their music sounds in that format – this should please fans who’ve followed them since their formation, offering them another window into their musical capabilities and capabilities.

Eleine have demonstrated that good songs will work no matter where they’re presented, making this EP an enjoyable and informative filler while we wait for their new studio album’s release. An ideal listen for fans of symphonic metal.

One exclusive, hand-signed blue/white/black vinyl record will be sold exclusively at the band’s upcoming Acoustic Tour starting October 20th – find more details at their website HERE. Atomic Fire Records’ release of ‘Acoustic in Hell’ EP can be pre-ordered in digipak format with colored vinyl plus exclusive photo book or digitally HERE.