Banjo Coffee Company in Avondale Estates

Banjo Coffee was established by a husband-and-wife team who perfected their cold brew recipe in their basement, now making their products widely available across the Southeast in grocery stores, shops and local markets. Furthermore, there is a physical location located in Avondale Estates as well as special events, farmers markets and keg delivery of their nitro cold brew offering.

What is Banjo Coffee?

Banjo Cold Brew uses our signature Slow n’ Low method of extracting complex notes over 24 hours for an approachable taste that pairs nicely with any mixers you may choose to enjoy it with. Enjoy it as is or add your favorite mixer for an unforgettable beverage experience!

Establish in East Atlanta by Billy and Chasidy Atchison along with Sebastian Kegel, Banjo Coffee has grown from humble origins into one of the region’s premier craft cold brew brands – popular at farmer’s markets across Atlanta as well as specialty shops, restaurants and grocery stores like Whole Foods and Kroger. Look out for exciting variations available Nitro style at music festivals, farmers markets and special events across Georgia; not to mention Atlanta’s cozy brick-and-mortar coffeehouse located there as well!

Each blend from Banjo has been named after an iconic music genre, such as Four String with its subtle blueberry notes or Ukulele with its trademark Kona flavor profile. All Banjo beans are organic and sourced directly from farmers that meet or exceed Fair Trade standards with a verified supply chain.


Billy and Chasidy Atchison of Banjo Coffee share an engaging story, similar to that of another cafe we profiled this year: Brother Moto. When starting up their business in 2011, Billy and Chasidy Atchison set out with the aim of creating an independent chain that could raise awareness about its brand while serving as a meeting place for local communities.

Both cafe companies have found immense success with this strategy in Atlanta’s cafe industry, developing loyal followings through organic and fair trade coffee offerings. At Banjo’s they emphasize relationships with farmer partners who form “the backbone” of their business; using recycled materials in their store design as well as offering growler refill options as a sign that customers support their sustainable model of operation.

Banjo also operates a mobile coffee truck and production facility to produce cold brew for distribution across Southeast states, with customers such as Whole Foods and Kroger as well as an ever-expanding list of coffee shops as clients.

In 2015, this company was established and first made their debut appearance at an Atlanta farmers market on the east side, earning $70 on their inaugural day alone. Since then, their sales have skyrocketed, leading them to sell cold brew cans in other farmer’s markets and specialty stores throughout Atlanta and Georgia.

Their first location was an old coffee shop that had been abandoned for 13 years; converted to production facilities. The space appealed to them as an opportunity to combine beer brewing with coffee production – both small batch, quality driven processes that the pair were attracted to as small-batch producers. Now found across Southeast America in specialty stores and restaurants as well as some supermarket chains.

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Banjo Coffee Company in Woodruff Library Building offers cold-brewed and espresso beverages, baked goods, gourmet sandwiches and salads, grab-and-go items and casual seating tables for casual dining. Their open seating policy accepts Dooley Dollars Eagle Dollars credit cards or cash.

Billy and Chasidy Atchison opened this restaurant with the goal of creating America’s first truly craft cold brew coffee. Their Slow n’ Low cold-brewing process utilizes organic and fair trade beans, extracting all their complex flavors over 24 hours for an ultra smooth beverage that pairs beautifully with any combination of drinks or mixers.

Starting out their business selling cold brew cans at farmers markets and retail locations around Atlanta, they soon found themselves expanding to distribute throughout Southeast. At that point, they decided to open a physical storefront in Avondale Estates.

Billy and Chasidy found the ideal space for their shop at Woodruff Library Building by chance in January 2017, where it now resides. Billy and Chasidy wanted to create an inviting meeting spot for Atlanta’s coffee community with warm hospitality that showcases its character.

Today, Banjo Coffee Company operates as a multi-faceted operation; from canning and kegging their brewed coffee for sale at retailers throughout Atlanta to serving nitro and cold brew in its cafe, as well as offering products from other Atlanta small businesses such as Pine Street Market, Ratio: Bake Shop and Atlanta Fresh Creamery – they do it all.

Banjo Cafe utilizes Cafe Campesino beans from Americus, Georgia for both their espresso and cold brew beverages, which are grown by farmers who adhere to stringent standards and have an established supply chain. Banjo’s team strives to cultivate relationships with these farmers in order to ensure quality and sustainability – any leftover grounds are reused or composted! The cafe takes great pride in joining the craft coffee movement that prioritizes quality over quantity.


Banjo’s signature Slow n’ Low cold brewing process immerses specialty-graded beans for 24 hours to extract all their complex notes – providing a flavorful beverage which can be served straight up, on the rocks, or mixed into any cocktail you desire! Their delectable offering is great enjoyed anytime of day – from straight sipping through to pairing it with your favorite spirit-based beverage!

Banjo Coffee Co is committed to quality and sustainability from seed to glass, using organic coffee beans sourced directly from farmers who surpass Fair Trade standards. They enjoy longstanding relationships with these farmers and work directly with them on improving and refining their growing practices. After each brew session is over, any leftover grounds are collected and recycled into compost or other products – adding another element of sustainability in their operations from seed to glass.

Banjo Coffee began roasting, brewing and selling their full-bodied brews at local farmers markets back in 2015. Since then they’ve become widely available throughout the Southeast in specialty shops, restaurants and grocery chains like Whole Foods and Kroger. Look for their Nitro varieties pumped with nitrogen so it has a silky head similar to beer at music festivals, farmers markets, special events or in their cozy brick-and-mortar coffee shop on Atlanta’s east side – close by from where it all started!