Banjo Coffee in Port Washington, Georgia

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Banjo Coffee, located in Atlanta and independently operated, holds an outstanding Google rating of 4.7. This company operates multiple coffee outlets as well as cold brew cans for delivery as well as mobile carts at events and keg delivery services.

Billy and Chasidy founded Banjo Cold Brew together at a farmers market in 2015; today the brand can be found across Southeast in Kroger and Whole Foods stores.


Banjo Coffee in Port Washington is an engaging, vibrant place serving coffee beverages and plant-based bakery items. Open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. within Lakeside Music & Naturals in downtown Port Washington, its name was chosen to honor Banjo the family dog owned by its owners; music themed drink specials can also be found within this coffee shop along with smoothies, frozen lemonades and coffee-based beverages!

This company, founded in Atlanta and committed to sustainability as its business model from day one. They utilize organic and fair trade beans roasted locally by Cafe Campesino under a direct trade model; use 100% biodegradable containers; turn waste products like coffee grounds into body scrubs; donate 5% of profits back into local charities – these are hallmarks of sustainability for any successful enterprise!

Banjo Cold Brew Coffee is a slow-brewed beverage created by steeping specialty-grade beans in cold filtered water for 24 hours, allowing their flavors to develop and creating an irresistibly rich, smooth and low acidity beverage with nutty notes. You can enjoy Banjo Cold Brew directly out of its refrigerated bottle, on its own or mixed in.

Banjo offers hot coffee, espresso drinks and snacks made from organic fair trade beans in addition to cold brew. Relax at the bar or dine al fresco on their patio – Banjo makes for the ideal meeting point or study spot!

This local coffee company is well-known for their delicious drinks, which boast an exceptional taste. Their seasonal menu features honeysuckle lattes and vanilla bean-cacao nib cold brew, perfect for creating mocha without added sugars. Furthermore, nitro-infused cold brew is offered which provides an incredible smooth experience.

Any coffee lover must visit this local cafe. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff provides great customer service, and their coffee is always fresh. In addition, they offer an impressive range of beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos served iced, in addition to teas, desserts, and breakfast items – an unmissable experience!

Fair Trade

Banjo Coffee is best known as a cold brew company and you can find their products at many grocery stores throughout your community. Additionally, their mobile cart can be brought to events, and kegs are available for home delivery. Their founders are committed to supporting local farmers as well as fair trade practices – they use organic bird-friendly beans roasted with direct trade techniques and strive for eco-friendliness by using compostable cups and re-usable lids – making their business both economically feasible and environmentally sustainable.

Billy and Chasidy Atchison opened The Banjo Coffee Shop in Avondale Estates as a husband-and-wife team in 2015. Since then, their operations have expanded into physical storefront, mobile cart, website, keg delivery service, as well as even providing services in other local neighborhoods. It’s an inspiring story of how even local businesses can become something much larger over time.

Cold Brew by Sip Shop takes up to 18 hours and then is supercharged with nitrogen, creating a creamy body and low acidity levels for their cold brew. They offer various flavors such as lavender honey and bourbon vanilla that can be enjoyed hot or iced – with non-dairy options also available if preferred.

Though college students typically focus on taste and price when buying coffee, it’s also essential to take the origin into account. Many coffee shops at Emory are fair trade, which helps support local organic producers. You could also opt for buying it from one certified by Green America or Fair Trade USA which ensures high production and environmental sustainability standards are upheld.

If you need a quick cup of joe on campus, visit one of Emory’s cafes for an enjoyable caffeine fix. HB in the Business School provides an ideal study spot, while EB offers delectable baked goods – perfect for breakfast or lunch at Emory with its chocolate croissant and apple danish options as well as its selection of flavored coffee and tea!


Banjo Coffee in Avondale Estates offers delectable nitro cold brew that’s both sweet and smooth; plus they serve a selection of hot beverages and tea. Their menu changes seasonally – be sure to visit often. Furthermore, Banjo also provides food service catering!

Nitro cold brew is created by steeping ground coffee beans in water for 12-24 hours before straining and chilling the beverage. Due to its low acidity and ease of preparation, this beverage has quickly become one of the most sought-after drinks among coffee shops – and now available in an assortment of flavors! Furthermore, its quick and straightforward process make it perfect for busy coffee shops while offering an ideal alternative to regular iced coffee which contains much higher acidity levels and doesn’t provide as smooth of an experience as nitro cold brew.

There are various approaches to making nitro cold brew, with the grind playing an especially critical role. You want it coarse enough to bring out all of the flavors while not becoming so fine that it clogs up the machine. Once made, it can be stored in a keg and supercharged with nitrogen to give a creamy silky texture and lower temperature for a more delicate taste than conventional iced coffees.

Banjo Coffee began serving their zesty, full-bodied coffee at local farmers markets in 2015. By January 2017 they had opened a cozy brick-and-mortar shop featuring their handcrafted beverages such as Banjo Nitro and Matcha Green Tea Nitro on tap; espresso drinks can also be prepared on site using shade-grown organic fair-trade beans from Cafe Campesino in Americus.

As well as offering nitro cold brew coffee drinks, the shop also offers specialty coffee beverages such as lavender honey lattes and bourbon vanilla lattes, both made using specialty-grade Viennese roasted beans that feature citrus fruits and cocoa notes.

Apart from coffee, this shop also sells an assortment of other products including chocolate and honey from a nearby farm. They also serve sandwiches and baked goods; popular items include their B.E.C bagel, Emerald City bagels with spread and breakfast burrito.


Banjo Coffee is an Atlanta company that began as a cold brew brand and now operates multiple retail locations and sells their products throughout the Southeast. Brewed using cold-filtered water process for less acidic and more flavorful coffee than auto-drip hot coffee; made with UTZ certified beans to support farmers; served both warm or iced; sweetenable with sugar or stevia as desired;

Billy and Chasidy Atchison began selling chilled caffeinated beverages at local farmer’s markets. To create their cold brew drink, specialty-grade beans are steeped for 24 hours in cold filtered water for maximum smoothness, with no artificial ingredients whatsoever added during this process. It can then be purchased either in bottles, kegs, or as tap coffee at their coffee shop location.

After experiencing great success at their local farmers market, a couple decided to expand their business by purchasing an Avondale Estates production space which had previously housed Urban Grounds Cafe, open for 13 years prior. Transforming it into Banjo Coffee quickly established them as neighborhood staples.

This shop’s menu is comprehensive, from classic drip coffee to specialty lattes. They also serve a range of sandwiches and baked goods – plus communal tables for larger groups! There are six high-top tables which can accommodate one to two people while larger communal tables provide enough seating capacity for larger parties. Plus they serve beer and wine too!

Banjo’s cold brew retails at just $4.00, which represents excellent value considering its high quality product. Furthermore, their nitro brew cans are available at Cox Hall at Woodruff Library – these offers make great additions!

Cafe Campesino in Americus, Georgia provides its beans to be used both for espresso drinks at their coffee shop as well as cold brew distributed throughout Southeast. Cafe Campesino uses only fair trade organic coffee beans that meet certified B Corporation criteria.