Choosing a Bass Guitar Case

bass guitar case

At Sweetwater, you’ll find an extensive selection of bass guitar cases to keep your bass safe while at home or traveling. From various shapes and sizes for most models of basses to special cases made specifically to protect them while you travel – they have you covered!

Hardcases provide maximum protection, but can be bulky to transport. By contrast, gig bags offer easy portability with multiple storage compartments to protect and organize your gear.


Size matters when selecting a bass guitar case to protect your instrument. As these instruments tend to be larger than their electric or acoustic counterparts, special cases designed specifically for them must accommodate their dimensions. Before purchasing one, take measurements of your instrument so you know it fits properly: body length, lower bout width and neck width should all be taken as measurements to help select an ideally fitting case for it.

Additionally, when considering which bass guitar case to purchase, its weight should also be taken into account. A heavy case will add additional weight to your instrument and may make carrying it around difficult; to ensure adequate protection for your bass guitar without adding unnecessary burden, opt for lightweight cases with sufficient padding and padding options.

Are You Traveling Often with Your Bass Instrument? Consider Protective Cases Like the GW-Bass Laminated Wood Bass Guitar Case from Gator Cases as it provides excellent protection without adding too much weight to the overall package. It features rigid structures to stabilize and support neck stability as well as soft plush interior lining to safeguard finish; its hi-density foam bumpers redirect vertical impacts away from strap pin, protecting its delicate finishes during transit.

SKB also offers the iSeries 5014-44 Waterproof Bass Guitar Case, perfect for musicians on the go. Designed specifically to cater to musicians on tour, this case provides comfortable cushioned handles and an easy latch system, along with an ample storage compartment under the neck for picks, strings, tuner capo, tuning tools and cleaning cloth. Crafted from injection molded polypropylene copolymer resin it resists UV light exposure, solvents corrosion fungus damage as well as impact damage.

The CAHAYA Electric Bass Guitar Gig Bag offers comparable protection at a more cost-effective price point. Designed to fit most electric bass guitars, this case features a carry handle, shoulder strap, exterior pouches for accessories and sheet music storage as well as an interior accessory pocket weighing only 1.54 lbs – so it won’t weigh too heavily when carried for casual outings or open mic nights!


A bass guitar case should provide sufficient protection during storage or transport, whether by plane, car or other mode. Hard cases offer greater impact-proof protection but may be bulky to transport; soft cases (commonly known as gig bags) provide less coverage but are lightweight and easier to transport.

No matter whether it is hard or soft cased, look for one with enough padding to protect your instrument from bumps and shocks. Pay particular attention to any points which might be vulnerable such as neck and headstock.

If you plan to use your bass as a stand-up guitar, make sure it can accommodate this style of case as well. Many hard cases won’t fit, so if you want one that will accommodate it correctly.

Although gig bags provide less protection than cases, some offer extra features that may make them the better choice. For instance, the Reunion Blues RB Continental Voyager features EVA foam-backed supports in vulnerable spots to minimize potential damage; its water-resistant ballistic Quadraweave material offers water resistance while the Zero-G palm-contoured handle makes for comfortable carrying.

Gator offers another high-quality case that provides ample protection, the GW-Bass Laminated Wood Bass Guitar Case from Gator. Constructed of sturdy 3-ply cross grain Luan plywood covered in tough vinyl for additional security, its plush-lined interior offers extra safety while an accessories compartment makes it simple to store supplies and tools.

Are You Needing Two Basses at Once? Consider Getting the Mono Cases M80 Dual Hybrid Guitar Case. Designed specifically to accommodate two basses with plenty of space for gear, and featuring an secure locking system designed to prevent accidental opening of latches, this case has an innovative design which allows you to adjust its height according to the angle of your bass’ neck support and includes a zippered pouch to store accessories.


When traveling frequently with their instrument, bassists need a case that is lightweight and easy to carry in order to protect it from being damaged during transport. A gig bag, known as soft case in some circles, offers the most comfort – its padded handles evenly distribute weight distribution while protecting from scratches or damage during transit.

No matter the frequency with which you travel with your bass guitar, there are various models of gig bags designed specifically to meet your needs. If you are just dabbling in bass playing on occasion, consider getting an inexpensive gig bag that provides enough padding. A mid-range bag would likely work better for traveling bassists going between rehearsals and shows regularly while an expensive model like the Mono M80 Vertigo bass case would offer excellent protection from bumps and bruises on tour.

Carrying options of a bass guitar case are an integral component of its overall functionality, in addition to materials, padding and protection, size and weight. Many gig bags feature backpack straps which allow for hands-free carrying while walking or running to your destination. Furthermore, some cases even come equipped with built-in locking mechanisms designed to deter theft while making sure only you can gain access to your instrument.

When searching for a hardcase to protect your bass guitar, be sure that it fits its specific model precisely. This will prevent the instrument from shifting inside it during transport and possibly damaging itself further. In addition, look for one with extra padding around its neck support and headstock area in order to ward off impacts to further safeguard it against impacts.


No matter which case you use for your bass guitar, it is essential that it be properly stored. This is particularly true if you own multiple cases as temperature and humidity fluctuations can be very damaging to instruments. Proper storage will protect them from this damage while also helping prevent problems like rusting or cracking from developing.

If you own multiple guitars and need suitable storage solutions, a guitar cabinet might be worth considering. These cabinets will protect them from dust and other contaminates as well as UV rays that could cause fading and other forms of damage; furthermore they take up less floor space than hard or soft cases.

An alternate option for storing bass guitars is using a guitar stand. These stands are designed to safely place the instrument vertically, helping protect its neck and strings while adding style. They come in various styles and materials so you can find one that best meets your style and budget – ideal for beginner guitarists with limited storage space at home!

The Mono M80 Vertigo Bass Guitar Case is an example of high-quality yet lightweight bass guitar protection. Crafted from weather-resistant ballistic nylon for maximum protection during transport and featuring an interior lined with EPS foam to absorb shock absorbency during transit, this case also comes equipped with an easy carry system including padded handles and backpack-style straps for convenient portability.

It offers convenient accessories storage with its handy pouch pocket and interior mesh pocket for extra strings and tuning tools, and a secure locking latch to prevent tampering; its centralized top handle provides balanced carrying comfort; plus there’s even a Neck Pouch, secured using double-sided Velcro tape, to help protect the neck of your bass guitar!