Country Music and Videos For Your Lobby

Country music is a genre that appeals to an eclectic crowd. It would make an excellent choice for hotel lobbies, airports or other business settings where people of various backgrounds come together.

Music videos have a long-standing tradition within this genre, featuring iconic songs and great music videos.

1. Brooks & Dunn – “Only in America”

Brooks & Dunn are the best-selling country duo of all time, with hits that have topped the charts for decades. Even today, they’re still touring and creating music.

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn began working together as musicians in Nashville, Tennessee in 1990. Both artists had already achieved some success with their individual work before coming together; but when their songs gained momentum, a record executive took notice and signed them as a duo.

Brooks had been singing since he was young and performed in bars. Dunn had always envisioned himself becoming a Baptist minister when attending Abilene Christian University; however, when his schooling was interrupted due to playing music at bars, Dunn decided instead to follow his dream of becoming an accomplished country musician instead.

Brooks & Dunn’s hit single “Only in America” has become a signature tune, often used as the theme song for political campaigns. It perfectly encapsulates their musical style: honky-tonk dancefloor beats coupled with classic rock guitar riffs.

Brooks & Dunn are passionate about giving back to their community through music, as well as Monroe Carell Jr’s charity for children in need.

In 2019, Brooks & Dunn released their new album, Reboot, featuring performances with contemporary artists. To accompany it, they announced a nationwide tour that started in May and showcased their dynamic live shows and unique style of country music. Their newest single “Reboot” is set to become their highest charting single in 10 years.

2. Alan Jackson – “Drive”

If you’re a fan of country music, Alan Jackson should be part of your collection. His 43 million albums have sold worldwide and cemented his place as both an influential singer and songwriter in the genre.

His debut album, Drive, was released in 2002 and quickly rose to number one on both Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums charts. It also spawned the hit single “Drive (For Daddy Gene).”

The song tells the story of Jackson’s relationship with his father, as they shared a passion for cars and boats. It has become an uplifting sentiment that has resonated with many country music artists and fans.

On this album, Jackson pays a heartfelt tribute to the September 11 attacks with “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning).” This poignant song displays his deep concern for both his country and people around the globe.

This album also boasts some exceptional love songs like “Once in a Lifetime Love” and “Drive.” Other favorites include “First Love,” “I Slipped and Fell in Love,” and “Work in Progress.” You’re sure to have an incredible time listening to these stunning tunes!

This folio also includes a CD of the live version of “Where Were You (When the World Stops Turning).” It includes both the original studio recording and its iconic live performance from 2001 CMA Awards – sure to leave you with a tear in your eye!

3. Faith Hill – “Breathe”

Faith Hill’s fourth album, Breathe, earned her two Grammy Awards: for Best Country Vocal Performance and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. With its catchy melody and powerful message, the single quickly rose to the top of the country charts.

Hill has never shied away from classic songs with an innovative flair. From her rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” to her biographical hit, “Mississippi Girl,” her music features lush melodies and thought-provoking words.

No surprise then that Hill’s most iconic song is “Breathe,” featuring her wearing a stunning satin slip dress lying in bed surrounded only by sheets. The video went on to become the most watched music video ever and cemented Hill’s status as an international superstar.

This track became a crossover hit and earned Mississippi native an ACM award for its video, the biggest of her career. Additionally, it earned Grammy recognition as Best Country Vocal Performance, making it one of the most successful country songs ever.

Today, Hill’s husband Tim McGraw shared a clip from her most seductive video on Twitter Tuesday (December 25). In it, Hill wears an exquisite satin slip dress as she lazily bounces around in bed wearing nothing but sheets. For any fan of country music, be sure to watch this amazing clip and don’t forget to share! It’s the perfect way to celebrate Hill’s 54th birthday today – hope she has an amazing day! Thanks, McGraw for sharing such great music with us! For more country music click here!

4. Dixie Chicks – “Goodbye Earl”

In 2000, The Dixie Chicks released one of their most beloved songs titled “Goodbye Earl.” It tells the tale of two high school best friends forced apart. While Mary Anne leaves town, Wanda stays behind and falls in love with a guy named Earl.

Within a short time, Wanda begins to experience physical abuse from Earl. She conceals her injuries with dark glasses and long sleeve blouses, but eventually hires an attorney for divorce. Unfortunately, two weeks later Earl returns to abusing Wanda again and she ends up in the hospital with a broken arm.

Though the song may seem provocative, its goal is actually to raise awareness about domestic violence. Cindy Loper, outreach coordinator for YWCA’s domestic abuse intervention and prevention program, stressed how important it is for women to remain safe from their abusers and get away from abusive situations.

Dennis Linde, who composed this song, had an extraordinary talent for creating entire worlds through his music. He often sketched maps of his hometown where his characters lived and worked, drank and died. His works featured vivid illustrations that brought to life entire worlds that existed only within their imaginations.

He meticulously crafted his songs with thought and care, drawing listeners into an immersive narrative. Furthermore, his voice was exceptional as well as his sense of humor was impeccable.

The Dixie Chicks’ rendition of “Goodbye Earl” was their third single and was taken from their fifth studio album, Fly. It peaked at number 13 on Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now known as Hot Country Songs) in 2000.

The music video for the song was directed by Evan Bernard and featured Lauren Holly, Jane Krakowski and Dennis Franz. It earned the CMA Award for “Best Country Music Video of the Year” in 2000.

5. Hank Williams Jr. & Sr. – “Young Country”

At a young age, Hank Williams Jr. felt the pressure to emulate his father’s songs. It took him some time to find his own unique sound by combining country music with Southern rock and blues elements, creating an authentic yet original blend.

Hank Williams Jr.’s success did not come without its costs; despite alcohol abuse and drug addiction he attempted suicide in 1974 but was ultimately able to recover and get his life back on track. Over the course of the 1970s and ’80s he released several albums, some of which achieved chart success.

His early career consisted of cover songs and some rock & roll. He recorded singles under various names such as Luke the Drifter Jr. and Bocephus, plus he dabbled in blues music.

He composed and performed several country songs, such as “Are You Ready for the Country,” released in 2016. This song is considered one of his finest works and often appears on country radio playlists.

Hank Williams Jr.’s song blends Southern rock with honky tonk, creating an iconic example of country music that features guitars, basses, drums, piano and keyboards.

This song not only celebrates rebellion, but it also conveys that country music as it exists today is distinct from what Hank Williams Jr. popularized during his lifetime.

Thus, this song is an iconic milestone in country music history. It paved the way for many prominent country artists like Eric Church and Justin Moore, as well as cementing Hank Williams Jr.’s legacy as a pioneer and one of its greatest performers.