Country Music Quiz

Music is one of the world’s favorite art forms. It can evoke feelings, create change and bring about superstars like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Tim McGraw – as well as bring pleasure.

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Country music as a genre draws its inspiration from blues, old-time, and American traditional genres such as gospel music. Over time it has developed into rural America’s soundtrack – often associated with cowboy culture or country lifestyles; or sometimes Christian themes (referred to as gospel). Country has also witnessed many styles and trends come and go over its long history, making it a versatile yet popular form. Many iconic musicians have graced its ranks.

An country music quiz can be an enjoyable way to assess your knowledge of this influential musical genre. A country quiz can serve as a fun activity that also gives insight into its roots. Furthermore, this quiz can provide greater understanding about its evolution over time as well as its influence on other musical forms.

There is an array of questions designed to test your knowledge on the history and evolution of this popular genre. Some questions will be easy while others more challenging; this quiz can also give an indication of just how much knowledge there is about the genre itself as well as its key artists.

What year saw the debut recording of a country song featuring both vocals and lyrics?

What singer was the first female country artist with a million-selling album?

When did the genre of neo-country disco music first become mainstream?

Which instruments are commonly utilized in honky-tonk country music?

Who was the first black country singer?

Which famous singer began their musical journey as a country artist before transitioning into pop music?

Why did Grand Ole Opre get its name?

What country singer sang the hit single I Will Always Love You that later was made into a film by Whitney Huston?

The second set of country music trivia questions are slightly more challenging, covering genres from the 1920s, 1930s and 40s country music genres. Questions might include who were some of the earliest country stars and which city became the center for country music industry?


People tend to associate country music with cowboy hats and pickup trucks; however, its diverse musical roots should not be overlooked. West African string instruments as well as Atlanta hip hop have contributed greatly to shaping its development into country music; thus this quiz explores these influences which make up this rich and versatile genre of music.

ROUND 1 – Easy Country Music Questions

In Round 1, questions cover country music artists, songs and awards with single and multiple choice questions included as well as some fun facts!

Which country song by Garth Brooks became a top 10 Billboard chart hit in the early ’90s?

How many number one singles did Shania Twain have in the US?

Who was the well-known singer who co-wrote and performed “Mr Red, White and Blue” alongside Coffey Anderson?

Which artist holds the record for highest grossing Country music artist ever?

Which year did the group The Dixie Chicks drop the term ‘Dixie’ from their name?

What Dolly Parton song contains approximately 30 seconds of yodelling?

Who are the most successful female country music artists of all time?

Which country artist was honored with induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

How old was Dolly Parton when she recorded her first song?

What did the “father of country music” do as his occupation?

Where was the Grand Ole Opry established?

Who was believed to be the first female artist to perform at The Grand Ole Opry?

What style of music did Hank Williams perform as a youngster in Memphis?

Which prominent country singer reportedly attended one of Johnny Cash’s San Quentin performances while in prison?


Country music has been shaped over the years by numerous influences. Folk songs, religious tunes, and even musical creations made by foreign settlers in Appalachian regions have all had an effect on country’s sound; and some have even had an impactful ripple-through into other genres like rock and blues music.

Country music has long been seen as an accessible genre with diverse influences and sources. Listeners find its sounds relatable, reflecting their lives and values – which has made this genre very popular. Country has also served as an influence for numerous musicians such as rock and roll performers like Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.

While country music has traditionally been seen as representing conservative values, it has also provided a platform for liberal political activism – most notably during 2005 protests at the Grand Ole Opry over refusal of several artists to perform due to political concerns. Furthermore, country music has provided inspiration for numerous writers like John Steinbeck and Toby Keith.

Country music’s origins have a rich and complex past, which allows for greater insight into its larger themes and issues explored through songs written in this genre. By studying its past it is possible to gain more of an understanding of this unique form of expression.

Country music has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with an expansive global audience. Yet its core characteristics – its roots in rural Appalachia, emphasis on family values, or use of traditional instruments – remain true. By exploring its history, one can gain greater appreciation of this American art form while understanding its impact on other forms of American music as well as engaging in discussions regarding culture wars in media representations or identity-building efforts within America.


Country music has long been defined by its artists. Notable examples are Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw and George Strait who helped shape it into its current state with their melodic guitar playing and powerful voices; as its popularity increased with each passing decade. Over time however, country evolved further by adopting rhythmic songs and artists such as Taylor Swift and Billy Ray Cyrus creating even greater listener appeal; today it continues to thrive as one-of-a-kind genre of music.

The EASY Round:

Country music has an extensive history filled with legendary names, rare instruments and unforgettable lyrics. Yodeling to acoustic guitars; country melodies have long been known to soothe your soul. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of some of the world’s top country musicians and their hit songs!

ROUND TWO: With several multiple choice questions included in the quiz, this second round can be more challenging. Some questions require further research than others so make sure to pull up a chair and get ready!

Which country artist was known as the King of Country? Which iconic singer recorded two best-selling albums while in prison?

And, which artist’s song served as the theme song to popular TV show “Dukes of Hazard”?

Dolly Parton has long been considered the Queen of Country music, yet in 1957 she released one song that became an international hit?

What was the name of the singer who composed “I Will Always Love You”, immortalized by Whitney Houston in her movie of the same name?

Which musician worked as both a construction worker and fishing guide before becoming known for country music?

These women paved the way for female country musicians in the 1960s. Boasting charming characteristics, earnest lyrics and tongue-in-cheek one-liners, these ladies were ahead of their time! Do you recall who sang a timeless tune about her suspicion that a bank teller might be flirting with her man?