Easy Guitar Chords For Hindi Songs For Beginners

Paani da rang from Vicky Donor is one of the easiest Hindi songs for beginning guitarists to learn on guitar, as its chords are straightforward and its strumming pattern intuitive.

No matter your level, learning Hindi songs on guitar can add a whole new layer of enjoyment and challenge for players of any experience level. All it takes to get started are a few basic open chords and an understanding of simple strumming patterns.

Teri Dewani

Kailash Kher, best known for his songs based on Indian folk and Sufi music, has won many prestigious awards such as India’s Padma Shri award. Additionally he has appeared in numerous Bollywood movies.

Teri Dewani is one of his best-known songs. Released in 2006 and an instant hit with Indian music enthusiasts alike, its story depicts two lovers who once shared joyful moments but now must deal with separation pains.

This song captures the madness of love and how difficult it can be to part ways with someone you care for, with an exquisite music video adding even further beauty. A must-listen for anyone who appreciates Bollywood songs!

Dooba Dooba

This song exudes joyous energy with its lively bass beat and lively guitar playing – an impressive display of Mohit Chauhan’s creative spirit and artistry. A unique fusion of folk and doo-wop, this track leaves audiences speechless!

Mohit Chauhan struggled for several years to establish himself in the music industry after Dooba Dooba; however, with Tumse Hi Din Hota Hai as a breakthrough song he soon made inroads into it. Additionally he contributed songs for Jab We Met and was AR Rehman’s go-to artist for several songs he composed himself.

Arijit Singh first gained recognition with Phir Mohabbat and Raabta. A gifted singer with an exceptional voice, Arijit also sang for international movies such as High School Musical 2 and Cocktail; being featured as the main lead in each. Arijit has experienced an extraordinary journey from being a contestant on popular reality shows to becoming one of India’s premier singers.

Pehli Mohabbat

This song ranks among the top ten easy Hindi songs on guitar for beginners, thanks to its simple melody and lyrics that are straightforward enough for anyone to learn quickly. Furthermore, its chord progression and strumming pattern makes it suitable for beginner guitarists.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was an esteemed Urdu poet renowned for writing of life experiences such as love and heartbreak in Urdu poetry. This song forms an essential part of India’s musical legacy with unforgettable melody and lyrics that have become timeless classics.

Naino Ne Baandhi is an easy guitar song for beginners to learn and features a beautiful melodie that will capture your attention. Using simple open chords makes this piece suitable for beginning guitarists, while its lyrics will surely touch listeners’ hearts. Play it to add it to your playlist! Its simple repeating melody makes learning it even easier!

Naino Ne Baandhi

This lovely song from Gold features Akshay Kumar romancing Mouni Roy onscreen, as performed by Yasser Desai with lyrics written by Arko. Featuring slow tempo romantic music with stunning guitar chord progression, this slow romantic number will keep couples spellbound!

Papon’s soothing vocals in this song make it one of the best Hindi songs to learn on guitar. The melody is easy to play and remember, making it suitable for beginners. Additionally, its lyrics convey feelings such as heartbreak and loss which many can relate to.

This timeless Hindi song should be familiar to everyone! With its haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics, its haunting melodies will capture your attention and leave you feeling uplifted. Guitar chords are easy to learn; though beginners may find the F chord a challenge – nonetheless this classic tune should not be overlooked by music enthusiasts! This timeless masterpiece should be on everyone’s playlist! This must-know classic should make everyone happy!