Finding a Banjo Near Me

Banjos are lively instruments that offer an exciting musical experience, whether playing bluegrass music or just trying to impress friends with its melodic sound. Get ready for an unforgettable banjo journey with this timeless instrument.

GigSalad provides many talented banjo players for your event or party; however, it is essential that you conduct research prior to making a selection.


Deering Banjos, located in Spring Valley, California, strives to champion and foster freedom of creativity worldwide through 100% American-made banjos that cater to beginners as well as professionals. Furthermore, Deering provides its customers with accessories such as replacement parts, tuning tools and instructional videos at discounted rates; special pricing applies for military personnel and teachers.

The Eagle II is the latest offering from Deering Eagle’s innovative line, and features their groundbreaking, patented Twenty Ten Tone Ring that produces a rich mid-range with great bass and treble response – ideal for clawhammer and bluegrass styles alike! Plus it is lightweight, making this guitar ideal for travel.

This maple banjo features an elegant hearts and flowers inlay pattern, along with a genuine Deering-06 bell bronze tone ring from Deering. This instrument offers all of the classic looks and feel associated with classic 1930’s banjos while producing sound previously only achievable through five-string instruments from prewar times.

Deering is a family-owned company known for producing an assortment of banjos that stand out in quality and value, designed for durable use yet light enough for effortless playback. Their products boast full spectrum tones while being easy to play thanks to an intuitive design with various features perfect for musicians of all levels.

Learn to play the banjo can be an intimidating endeavor, with all its various instruments and unfamiliar terminology to master. In order to start playing right away, find an affordable yet user-friendly Deering banjo dealer near you who offers easy lessons in banjo playing.

Deering Estate’s arts program is always vibrant, thanks to Melissa Diaz, Exhibitions and Collections Manager, and Lili Dominguez, Cultural Arts Curator. Their activities span art classes, poetry readings, astronomical viewings and even an annual seafood festival!


Ibanez’s GB10 banjo is one of the most sought-after instruments, featuring a resonator back for sound projection and violin-grade maple rim for easy tuning. Ideal for beginning musicians who are just learning their instrument, its tuner provides for easy tuning as well as its variety of colors to accommodate bluegrass or jazz styles. Plus its high quality rosewood fretboard gives off full and balanced tone; plus there is the Dyna-MIX9 switch which lets you switch between nine distinct sounds, such as glassy strumming to full leads!

Ibanez guitars have long been synonymous with rock and metal music. Their innovative designs appeal to guitarists looking for something distinctive in both sound and appearance; particularly when considering Ibanez’s signature models for iconic musicians like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, or Steve Vai.

Hoshino Gakki was established in 1908 to import classical guitars from Spain. Over time, Ibanez evolved to manufacture their own instruments before becoming known simply as Ibanez in 1950. By 1960 they had established themselves as reliable suppliers of entry-level electric and acoustic models; and since then Ibanez has become known for creating groundbreaking and unique instruments around the globe.

Ibanez quickly earned a name for itself as a pioneer of innovation in guitar manufacturing during the 1970s, producing ground-breaking models with cutting-edge technologies. Today, they remain an internationally renowned brand offering both electric and acoustic models for every musical genre, all at highly affordable prices with some of the highest-grade components available on the market.

There are numerous stores in NYC offering banjo sales, yet only a select few specialize exclusively in them. Most music shops tend to avoid carrying banjos due to limited demand in NYC – though Retrofret in Brooklyn and Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island do stock some vintage open-back banjos that provide an excellent value proposition for anyone starting to play banjo.

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is an online store selling musical equipment. Their products include guitars, amps and effects, basses, keyboards, drums and percussion, live sound equipment, recording software studio gear DJ equipment lighting and accessories; live sound equipment in live sound booths studio gear DJ lighting accessories plus live sound reinforcement gear to support live concerts as well as accessories – serving customers across America from their West Virginia base where the founders were located with over 10,000 employees currently employed by them.

Banjo has long been associated with bluegrass and country genres; however, in recent years it has experienced an unexpected resurgence among modern musicians such as Mumford & Sons and Sufjan Stevens. Their popularity has revitalized it further and encouraged an entirely new generation to pick up five string banjos. For centuries now audiences have been charmed by the banjo’s captivating twang and plucky bounce!

The Akonting is a close relative to the American banjo and an integral component of West African music tradition. It was brought to West Virginia through slavery as well as white settlers who settled Appalachia region. The instrument can be played using clawhammer style with overhand down picking technique that complements fiddle or singing accompaniment or played solo as solo instrument.

Musician’s Friend offers more than banjos. In addition to selling guitars and banjos, their instrument selection also includes acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, drums and hand percussion instruments; as well as pianos and keyboards such as portable keyboards, arranger keyboards and MIDI instruments. Plus they provide an efficient shopping experience which makes finding exactly the product they want simple!

Musician’s Friend has built an outstanding reputation for customer service, with highly trained staff ready to assist customers during every purchase. Plus, free shipping on orders of $75 or more qualifies for free returns policy with no hassle involved! While its consumer rating may be relatively low, its employees love working there and love their work; some even describe it as a fun place. No wonder Musician’s Friend has been a favorite among musicians for over two decades!

Musician’s Workshop

Musician’s Workshop is an online retailer of musical instruments and accessories known for their great prices and selection. Additionally, they provide many music education programs for children and adults of various levels including group workshops and private lessons; some courses can even be found online! They have many products across multiple states with staff trained to assist musicians find what best meets their individual needs.

A banjo can be an ideal first instrument choice for novice players, due to its small size and straightforward construction. With easy learning curves for both bluegrass and jazz styles, as well as folk, country, and rock genres – some famous players include Ralph Stanley and Earl Scruggs among them – its popularity also dates back to traditional American culture; home parlor entertainment, college music clubs, home parlor entertainment services, as well as being used to introduce jazz music were some of its uses during that era. It even rose in prominence again as jazz gained ground!

Some of the primary factors in assessing banjo value include its construction and finish quality, consistent staining coloration, straight necks with tuning pegs, and attention to detail. If two banjos appear identical but one uses lower quality materials or craftsmanship it could be worth half as much.

Attentiveness to the condition of the pot (the drum-shaped hoop that the head rests upon) should also be paid, whether wood or metal. A wooden pot may be more valuable and represent higher-quality banjo, while metal ones still offer great value if they remain intact and sound properly; cracked, rusted or disintegrating metal pots could reduce sound quality and playability if not maintained well enough.