Guitar Chords by Ed Sheeran

guitar chords ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s guitar skills are deceivingly simple-looking; his chord progressions and strumming patterns may appear straightforward but require considerable talent to execute perfectly.

Perfect is an acoustic folk-pop song featuring only four chords without needing a capo. The lyrics are beautifully poetic while its melodies is extremely catchy.

Rupert Grint portrayed Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies and is featured here to provide beginners with an exercise song to learn by. This track can serve as an effective preparation exercise.


Triads are an excellent way to expand your chord-playing abilities. Triads appear frequently throughout music and can be especially helpful when soloing. There are different arrangements possible with triods; practicing all forms can help familiarize you with them and familiarize your fretboard more thoroughly.

Triad chords come in many different forms, from open, bar and power chords to more obscure ones like 5-note pentatonic chords. How you create these will depend on both personal preferences and genre of music being performed; yet it’s essential to keep in mind that all triads contain three notes, even when using multiple voicings.

Move a triad up or down an octave, and it changes shape with new sounds. A single triad may take on minor, major and diminished qualities depending on its foundation note; for instance if C major triad is moved to G it becomes C diminished triad.


Sheeran is an iconic pop musician with a wide-ranging approach, as evidenced by his composition of songs across genres. These 35 Sheeran songs offer the ideal opportunity to enhance your guitar playing technique and add variety to your repertoire.

Sheeran and Jake Gosling collaborated on this folk-pop song released in 2014 for his album x. It is designed for easy playing on an acoustic guitar while featuring beautiful piano accompaniment.

Lego House by Sheeran features Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter in its music video and doesn’t require a capo; simply four chords are played throughout with simple strumming patterns for added flair. A great song to learn the difference between major and minor scales! Additionally, its 12/8 time signature means that every eighth note played is two beats faster than before – perfect for practicing major/minor distinction.


Major chords consist of whole tones; while minor chords contain half tones instead. As such, their effect may not match that of major chords but nevertheless should still be included as one of your first guitar chords to learn.

An A minor chord’s basic shape is an open A shape, consisting of two strings and one note. It is typically played an octave lower than its A Major counterpart and often performed using a capo on the fifth fret for optimal results. Guitarists find this tuning particularly versatile as it allows them to play many other songs easily.

Galway Girl, an acoustic folk-pop tune, can also be played using a capo at the third fret, making it an accessible piece for beginners and intermediate guitarists alike. This song boasts simple chord progressions and strumming patterns suited for singing as well as strumming patterns that provide for easy strumming patterns for strumming patterns – ideal for all skill levels.


Ed Sheeran is an esteemed singer-guitarist known for encompassing various musical genres. He has released songs that combine pop, dancehall, and folk elements; these compositions are highly popular worldwide.

Sheeran’s most well-known song is Shape Of You, released in 2017. This gorgeous acoustic tune offers an easy chord progression and strumming patterns suitable for beginner guitarists to learn on an acoustic guitar. This song can also be performed as part of live shows!

Photograph is another Sheeran song that can easily be played on an acoustic guitar, consisting of four simple chords and a strumming pattern. Suitable for beginners and intermediate guitarists alike, Photograph is an accessible yet engaging tune to play; using a 12/8 time signature with a beautiful chord progression; its AAB form features repeated lines over four bars of songplay lyrically; it tells its tale through simple verse and chorus lyricism – its lyrics telling of love lost over four bars before repeating itself over another four bars and back into its AAB form; otherwise known as ‘Lost Love Found’!