Guitar Chords For Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

guitar chords for tennessee whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton is a casual song with an easy guitar riff for beginners, while advanced guitarists can use its awesome solo to challenge themselves.

Tennessee whiskey has experienced rapid growth since 2009 when the state amended antiquated distillation laws to create modernized ones. By law, Tennessee whiskey must contain at least 51 percent corn and must undergo charcoal mellowing with Lincoln County process for maturation.

A Major

Tennessee Whiskey is an easy-going song with a great groove, using just four chords – making it suitable for beginning players to learn. There may be instances in which it would be beneficial to temporarily muted some strings by raising your fingers off them or by palm mutes with your strumming hand – this can be accomplished either through lifting fingers off strings or palm muting your strumming hand.

The first chord you should know is A Major, an easy one that works on either an acoustic or electric guitar.

B Minor

There has long been some debate in the whiskey world as to whether Tennessee whiskey should be considered bourbon or its own category, yet bourbon remains enormously popular.

This song is ideal for beginners looking to begin playing guitar, and requires flexible fretting fingers. Additionally, it serves as an effective introduction to 6/8 time signature – unlike most country music which uses 4/4, where each bar counts four beats; unlike this rhythm that’s used with 6/8.

C Major

Tennessee Whiskey is an exquisite country song with a romantic, soothing melody. This tune also makes an excellent way for beginners to practice chord progressions thanks to simple strumming patterns that can easily be learned.

Guitar chords are formed by pressing multiple strings at different frets together. Notes are spaced out in patterns with whole steps between notes in an octave; these intervals are called chord shapes; their names depend on their root note, such as CM7 or Dm7.

D Major

We chose this song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band because of its welcoming intro riff that caters to beginners while its incredible solo offers a worthy challenge for intermediate players. Additionally, its surprising simple rhythm section makes this a hit among audiences of all levels!

This song is very beginner-friendly as its strumming pattern alternately hits bass and treble strings in down/up patterns – making it very accessible even without a capo! Each bar only lasts four counts!

E Major

Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey song is an ideal first song to learn for beginner guitarists, boasting an accessible chord progression and strumming pattern, as well as not requiring a capo and using only four chords – though its use of bar chords may prove challenging for some beginners.

This chord can be played using your index, middle and ring fingers – it forms an open chord shape in C Major that spans an octave.

F Major

If you love country music, chances are good that you know Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. The song features powerful lyrics and soulful vocals; his version has become one of the most recognizable voices in country music.

In this song’s chord progression you will see F Major. Also known as an F first inversion chord, it can be combined with C second inversion to make an Fsus2. Although bar chords may seem intimidating for beginners, they’re actually quite straightforward and won’t take too long to learn.

G Major

Chris Stapleton’s version of this country song is an incredibly entertaining tune to play, featuring only four chords and an easy strumming pattern that novice guitarists should pick up quickly.

Playing these chords effectively involves muting the high E string with your fretting finger and taking time to execute your strumming pattern accurately. A slow tempo song may help achieve this result.

A Minor

Before beginning to play songs, it’s essential that you know how to play the correct chords. Beginners may find it tricky navigating all of their favorite songs on an instrument due to unfamiliarity of chords; with practice, however, all will become second nature!

This sensual country song provides the ideal opportunity to practice your strumming skills. With its gentle pace, beginners should find this an easy song to learn, while its chord progression makes learning the tune straightforward.