Guitar Chords Songs Hindi

guitar chords songs hindi

Guitar chords songs hindi are an easy and elegant way to express your affection for someone special. Use these tunes on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, for an unforgettable performance.

This is an ideal song for beginners as it requires only four chords and will need to use a capo on the third fret.

Easy hindi songs on acoustic guitar

Hindi music is beloved all around the globe and many Hindi songs can be easily played on guitar by beginners, particularly for beginners who may lack experience playing chords or strumming patterns. They often utilize simple chord shapes with an easy strumming pattern for beginners as well as vocals which will help hone vocal abilities for newcomers.

Shayad from Love Aaj is one of the easiest Hindi songs for beginner guitarists to learn on a guitar, featuring themes of unrequited love that everyone can relate to. Only six chord shapes are necessary and learning it should be fairly straightforward.

Teri Mitti is another simple Hindi song with a straightforward chord progression and captivating strumming pattern, perfect for use on acoustic guitars. It uses D, G and A chords as part of its chordal palette for maximum playback potential.


If you’re in search of an easy guitar song, look no further! This Bollywood tune features few chords and is easy to learn – making this an excellent way to practice basic chord progressions while getting your fingers used to fingering different shapes.

This gentle song speaks about how love can bring people together. The lyrics are emotional, while light strummed acoustic guitars strum gently throughout. This piece is ideal for beginners looking to learn the F major open chord.

This simple hindi song for guitar features only five chords, making it ideal for beginning musicians who require no capo on the first fret.

Teri Mitti

Teri Mitti is a patriotic song featured in Akshay Kumar’s war drama Kesari. Sung by B Praak and written by Manoj Muntashir, it has received overwhelming feedback from audiences worldwide – exceeding over one billion YouTube views to truly bless its makers, singer and lyricist!

Kesari movie and Kesari song has become a poignant tribute to soldiers and police personnel as it represents one soldier’s final thoughts from Saragarhi battle in 1897, which inspired Kesari. Soldiers singing it live or singing to it can often be found online and social media platforms.

Muntashir was overwhelmed with the response his soulful song received; touching people all across India. This is evidence of their devotion for their nation.

Gulabi Anken

No matter the genre of music you prefer, chords are an integral component of guitar playing. They provide rhythm and texture while giving you room to experiment with arpeggios and chord progressions.

Start learning acoustic guitar today with this classic Hindi song from The Train movie! All it requires is a capo on the first fret and features basic open chord shapes that are simple and fun to play.

Baarish from 2017 film Half Girlfriend stands as another testament to how innovative romantic Bollywood films can be. Its captivating melody conveys that no one is immune from experiencing loneliness.

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

This timeless Hindi classic is an absolute fan-favorite among music enthusiasts. Featuring beautiful lyrics and melodies, the chords for this tune are easy to play on an acoustic guitar without using barre chords – simply use a capo for added security!

Acoustic guitar is an ideal instrument for beginners learning Hindi songs, making them feel special while impressing loved ones and dates alike. Plus, its unique design also makes it ideal for date nights and proposals!

This song by KK is an ideal example of an easy Bollywood guitar song, using only five chords to practice your strumming techniques and develop your strumming muscle memory. Use a capo on the fifth fret if necessary so as not to have to play any barre chords!