Guitar Tattoos – The Best Ways to Design an Electric Guitar Tattoo

Guitars are a popular tattoo choice, often representing someone’s love of music and devotion to it.

However, you should pick a guitar tattoo design that expresses your individual style. Additionally, take time to make an informed decision that suits you perfectly.


Guitars are iconic symbols of music and many people choose to get tattooed with guitar designs as a tribute to their favorite musicians. Guitars may be either acoustic or electric depending on which genre is popular in your region.

Flames can be an excellent addition to an electric guitar tattoo, particularly on the headstock. Not only do they add depth and make the guitar appear more realistic, but they’re also a great way to draw attention to specific details on the instrument.

This electric guitar tattoo stands out with its vibrant red flames and dotted background work. It looks tasteful without being overly elaborate, making it a great option for those seeking something simpler.

Another great idea for an electric guitar tattoo is to include floral elements. The colors in this tattoo are particularly stunning, while the flower adds a feminine touch.

This guitar tattoo design is one of the most sought-after options, and it’s far more tasteful than some of its peers. It uses floating scrolls of notation to tie everything together and give the illusion of depth. While not traditional in design, this elegant work of art will surely become a favorite for music enthusiasts everywhere.


Lyrics are an excellent way to express yourself through your tattoo art. They can tell a story, express how you feel, or simply display your appreciation of music.

Some people incorporate their lyrics into the design of their guitar. Others choose to scatter favorite words and phrases around it randomly. No matter which style you opt for, make sure it holds meaning for you personally.

The guitar is a symbol of love and passion, making it one of the world’s most beloved instruments. People around the world attach great significance to it, resulting in beautiful, heartwarming tattoos featuring guitars.

If you enjoy listening to music, why not have a guitar tattoo with lyrics that reflect on your life or the theme of the song you’re listening to. You could also add other symbols like roses or thorns into the design for an even more unique aesthetic?

For Coldplay fans, The Scientist is an ideal tattoo choice, as its lyrics express the notion of finding true love and being with someone forever. It’s a powerful and unforgettable lyric that will never get old.

David Gray’s Shine is another song with a powerful message. This uptempo number serves as an encouragement to persevere during challenging times and stay strong, no matter the circumstances. For anyone who has overcome hardships in their lives and wishes to remember that they can be heroes, this tattoo would make the perfect reminder.

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Music enthusiasts or guitar admirers will find that getting a tattoo of their beloved instrument is an excellent way to show off their passion. There are numerous ways to design an individualistic guitar tattoo, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly reflects your individual style.

Some people opt for a guitar tattoo as a memorial of something significant in their life, such as a beloved family member that passed away or an iconic musical career that has held great meaning to them.

Another popular way to incorporate a guitar into a tattoo design is by including it as part of the overall design. This example showcases a Les Paul guitar set against an elegant pastel background.

It also features a cable plugged into the neck for added effect. Moreover, this guitar’s body is adorned with flowers and scrolls of music for an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic.

Guitars can also be decorated with other symbols, such as skulls or musical staffs. These designs are particularly popular in rock and heavy metal tattoos.

These tattoos are popular for music-lover motorcyclists. Often, they feature flames coming out of the guitar, giving it a fiery aura.

This tattoo defies tradition by engraving only part of the guitar’s headstock and leaving out some lines, creating an ultra-modern aesthetic.


Guitars are a beloved instrument that holds special meaning to many music enthusiasts. They symbolize happiness, peace, and melody; they can even elicit memories of when guitarists were played on stages before large audiences in the past.

Tattoo artists have found ways to incorporate the guitar in various styles and designs for unique pieces of body art. Some people opt for a full-sized design that features all the details, like its neck, bridge, and strings; while others simply draw an outline around the instrument to express their passion without going too detailed.

Another popular guitar tattoo idea is a deconstructed headstock design. These designs look more realistic and provide you with an impression of depth.

A guitar perched atop a mountain is another timeless design for an electric guitar tattoo, symbolizing both its beauty and complexity.

This tattoo features the treble clef hidden within an overarching design, creating a truly stunning aesthetic. Perfect for fans of custom shop Gibson guitars, this design would make a lovely addition to your collection of musical instruments.

If you have a passion for music, an electric guitar tattoo is a perfect way to show it. They are also highly versatile and can be used as representation of various themes such as happiness or an iconic musician.

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No matter your level of guitar expertise, having the perfect tattoo to show off is always a winning combination. While you may need to wait until after getting inked and ready, knowing that when that big break does come – as it will – you will be glad you made the effort. Plus, our top-notch selection of music-inspired tattoo designs allows for some stylish enjoyment as you proudly display your achievement.