Heavy Metal Halloween Music

On paper, Halloween and heavy metal might seem like the ideal match; however, many metalheads can be too serious about their lifestyle to fully embrace this holiday’s festivities.

Be it at a haunted house or just setting the mood before trick-or-treaters arrive, here are some great songs that are sure to get people in the spirit.

Acid Witch

Acid Witch is an underground Detroit band who combine classic heavy metal, campy slasher movies and horror comic book sounds into one potent musical concoction. Their 2008 debut release Witchtanic Hellucinations was an eclectic psychedelic doom release with death metal vocals and an NWOBHM vibe; bassist/vocalist Shagrat (of Hooded Menace and ex-Damnation fame), drummer Andy Smith and vocalist/organist Slasher Dave have come together as Acid Witch’s core trio members; they have since released multiple full length albums plus an EP on Hell’s Headbangers split release as well.

Their 2017 album Evil Sound Screamers is the perfect Halloween-themed record with tracks inspired by horror films, haunted houses and Martin Luther Beistle (founder of Halloween decorations company).

Death-Doom music can often be difficult to keep listeners’ attention, and this album does a fantastic job at that feat. “Rot Among Us” opens with an unforgettable grooving riff accented by haunting incantations in its chorus; while tracks like “Beastly Brew” add variety without disrupting its flow; essential when dealing with genres that often fall into slow dirges. Don’t miss this album this Halloween: it provides the ideal accompaniment for cocktails, horror flicks and scary fun; and best of all? it is also suitable for children!

The Fate

Escape the Fate is an American rock band formed in 2004. Their music draws heavily upon heavy metal influences similar to Motley Crue, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden; seven studio albums were released between 2004 and 2011 with themes that explore pain, emotions, death, mental health issues, suicide attempts and jealousy – including both positive and dark lyrics for maximum audience appeal.

Escape the Fate has undergone various lineup changes since their founding. Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Robert Ortiz and Carson Allen comprised their original lineup; after his departure Craig Mabbitt of Blessthefall became their new lead vocalist; his influence is instrumental in solidifying Escape the Fate as one of the leading forces within their genre.

“Highway to Hell” is an indispensable addition to any Halloween playlist, providing the ideal blend of heavy metal and horror. Its distorted guitars and droning bassline create an unsettling vibe, further enhanced by Roky Erickson’s chilling howls. Guaranteed nightmare material!

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains are an excellent starting point if you’re just venturing into heavy metal music, whether for Halloween or simply rock in general. Renowned for their grunge-inspired sound and resilience following lead singer Layne Staley’s death; after some time without him they went back together under William DuVall and created one of rock music’s iconic sounding bands with Dirt becoming their breakthrough success after his demise.

As Layne battled drug addiction, many fans believed he would soon follow in Kurt Cobain’s footsteps and end his own music career. Not content to succumb peacefully however, Layne instead opened his album with this song which captured his deep emotions with its lyrics.

With its haunting vocals, droning guitars, and creepy chorus, this song is one of the scariest songs ever! Perfect for haunted houses or just getting in the Halloween spirit; make sure you keep some ear plugs handy just in case this tune becomes your playlist’s soundtrack! Heavy metal music’s dark, macabre aesthetic is one of its hallmarks – as seen here.

Electric Wizard

Dorset doom stalwarts Electric Wizard have made themselves known for incorporating elements of stoner, sludge and black metal into their sound, along with themes drawn from horror films, Weird Tales writers and occult/witchcraft into their lyrics. While considered one of the most influential bands within their genre, Electric Wizard continue to innovate each album they release — such as 2010’s Black Masses with its slow burn trance-inducing slow burn or 2012’s Legalise Drugs and Murder EP!

Freezing Moon, from their discography, may be most suited to Halloween with its sinister lyrics and sinister vibe. Norwegian black metal heathens Mayhem offer more chilling tunes with their brooding baritone vocals that transform everyday lyrics into sinister chants – it would make an excellent playlist this October 31st!

If you’re hosting your own Halloween party, Heavy Metal Halloween songs provide the ideal soundtrack. Check out our list and make your guests go wild!

Bloody Hammers

Bloody Hammers may not fit neatly into the current occult rock trend, but they still bring something different to it. Established in 2012 by Anders Manga (vocals/guitar/bass) and Devallia (keyboards/organ), the duo evokes dark, gothic images when writing songs – unlike some bands who resort to using campy horror tropes just to draw in listeners; instead this pair take their music seriously and put effort into each tune they produce.

Lovely Sort of Death is the band’s fourth album and definitively their darkest effort yet. It also sees them step outside their comfort zone by featuring punk rock riffs that go beyond being just covers to appeal to listeners. Manga’s vocals become even more forceful than usual with songs such as “Bloodletting On The Kiss” and “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”.

Even though this album leans more towards punk than their previous work, they still maintain their gothic roots. A mix of occult rock, black metal and hard rock make this album perfect for Halloween parties as well as heavy metal music collections alike – Anders Manga has an amazing voice for gothic songs while their instrumentation is excellent; truly amazing band worthy of greater exposure!

Negative Plane

Negative Plane’s debut album ‘Stained Glass Revelations’ (2011) showcased their distinct style. Fusing traditional elements of black metal with innovative songwriting and haunted musical motifs that set them apart from peers, this work features trilling guitars, hammering drums, Nameless Void’s vocals giving their songs an evil edge, all combined into an unparalleled package.

Negative Plane’s latest album ‘The Pact’ continues in this vein. Drawing inspiration from both pre and post-Goethe versions of Doctor Faustus as well as folk interpretations of ‘devil deals’ applied to real life events, Negative Plane have created an album full of unique black metal songs brimming with hellish atmosphere.

Negative Plane is another band on this list with an affinity for combining various musical styles into their music, forming an innovative American black metal hybrid sound that draws influences from across various scenes. Their drummer, Bestial Devotion also plays for Funereal Presence which follows similar black metal principles; unlike Negative Plane however it is an actual band as opposed to one-man projects and allows Funereal Presence to explore more expansive compositions without losing their signature sound and give their album The Pact an extra dimension that goes beyond mere collection of riffs and darkness!