Heavy Metal Music 2021

Heavy metal music is a sonic realm where the guitar reigns supreme. Vocals and the rhythm section work to support and enhance this powerful instrument’s presence.

Music can be contentious, yet it also serves as a haven for fans of all ages and backgrounds.

Dangerous Thing

Heavy metal music doesn’t make you feel bad, but rather makes you happy, according to a recent study from Australia’s Macquarie University which compared the reactions of fans and non-fans alike.

Research has been done on the social psychology of music and how it impacts people’s lives, such as relationships, school performance and parental influence.

It is an important topic to discuss, as many in our society struggle with managing negative emotions or aggressive tendencies. Music can be a helpful tool in dealing with those feelings.

However, listening to heavy music can also have serious potential risks. According to some researchers, this type of exposure is highly detrimental.

One study involved mice who listened to hard rock music while solving a maze. The mice who listened to this music ended up killing each other and taking longer to complete their task than those listening only to classical or no music at all.

Besides, music can be addictive and lead to obsessive tendencies. This may lead to unhealthy attitudes toward other types of music as well.

Avoid this situation by listening to music of various genres. Doing this gives you the chance to explore music that may not be your cup of tea.

Dangerous Thing are an innovative band that blends technical death metal with a biting attitude and lush melodies. Their latest EP, Animate/Isolate, showcases both sides of metalmaking – its artfulness and science-inspired precision.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse is one of the world’s most beloved and influential heavy metal bands. Their music specializes in an aggressive, violent genre that examines themes such as devils, religion, Satanic phenomena, crime and mental illness.

Albums featuring disturbing lyrics and imagery derived from horror movies and fiction often draw criticism and are even banned in some countries.

To date, The Bleeding have released ten albums, with The Bleeding being their most successful with sales of over two million copies sold worldwide.

Last year, Violence Unimagined marked their fifteenth studio record and was composed and recorded with guitar mastermind Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal; ex-Morbid Angel), marking a significant shift for the group.

Cannibal Corpse’s best work in years, and it shows. Their classic brutality remains intact, yet they have added an edge and new intensity to the music.

On this record, the songwriting was greatly enhanced and each track stands out from the others. It’s the best work the band has done with Chris Barnes as their lead vocalist, and these songs will remain some of their most beloved.

They added a unique spin to the riffs, making them sound even more dynamic and potent. Ultimately, this album is an absolute monster that will leave you craving more.

Cannibal Corpse was formed in 1990 by bassist Alex Webster and has been around ever since, through several lineup changes. Their original members were heavily influenced by thrash metal and death metal acts such as Slayer, Dark Angel and Metallica.


In the late 1960s, rock & roll underwent a dramatic evolution. From baroque aesthetic to heavier soundscapes, this era was heavily influenced by various genres from metal to horror.

Heavy metal’s dark, twisted music was the soundtrack to an age when people were trying to express their anger and desperation in an ever-expanding universe of violence and evil. It served as a reflection of those trying to express themselves through art.

Metal has evolved into a global phenomenon that encompasses numerous subgenres. Popular genres include traditional metal, doom metal and death metal.

But with all this diversity comes a need for identity – which is where bands like Haunt come into play.

Trevor William Church of Beastmaker formed this Californian band in 2017 with the purpose of creating a traditional metal sound distinct from their previous project’s doom metal sound. Their debut release, the Luminous Eyes EP, earned praise from Fenriz of Darkthrone and put them on media and fans’ radars around the world.

After this success, the band released their debut full-length album Burst Into Flame in 2018, which received critical acclaim and “best of 2018” accolades from Metal Sucks, Decibel Magazine, and others. 2020 saw the release of Mind Freeze which introduced haunting keyboard melodies along with more poppier songs.

At present, Beastmaker consists of longtime drummer Andy Saldate and guitarist Andy Lei, as well as Chris Fletcher on bass. Since their album release of Burst Into Flame in 2018, the group has been playing live shows around North America and Europe; they will be touring in support of If Icarus Could Fly and Mosaic Visions in 2019.


Over their 21-year career, Belgian post-metal paragons Amenra have created such visceral and explosive hardcore music that every release feels like an historic milestone. De Doorn (the thorn), their debut on Relapse Records, continues this trend; it marks a departure from their traditional Mass albums with vocals provided by Caro Tanghe of Church of Ra kinship Oathbreaker.

Amenra have developed an individual style of songwriting and imagery which is evident in their videoclips, which often feature stunning visual art alongside hypnotic heathen symbolism, as well as live performances that offer captivating communions between listeners and the band.

They possess a number of distinctive trademarks that set them apart from other post-metal bands, such as each song being titled with religious symbolism such as Offerande (Offering), Ritual and Am Kreuz. These distinctive traits set them apart from their peers.

Their music is more than just songs; it’s an experience they create that combines light and dark, dramatics and modesty, torture and release.

Amenra are renowned for their ritualistic live shows and heavy, intense soundscapes. Their concerts offer an unmatched combination of sound and visuals which has cemented them as one of music’s most captivating acts. They have toured Europe extensively, proving that their music can truly be felt.


Heavy metal is a genre of rock music characterized by its virtuosity, intensity, and power. Its signature sound is the distorted guitar sound and has become one of the most dominant styles within rock music.

Esa is a Finnish guitarist renowned for his work with Amorphis, one of the leading bands in metal. With over three decades of experience in this genre, Esa has earned himself an immense amount of respect from those within and outside of metal circles alike.

Amorphis have released four studio albums and earned numerous accolades, such as the Nordic Metal award for best group. They have sold more than one million records worldwide.

Holopainen has earned a place of honor as one of Finland’s premier guitarists and metal songwriters with Amorphis. His guitar riffs are legendary, while his vocal delivery is truly remarkable.

He has had a major influence on many musicians, especially with his unique reworking of classic Prog metal songs. A true talent, he should not be missed within the prog metal community.

Silver Lake is Esa Holopainen’s solo project and features guest vocalists such as Jonas Renske (Katatonia), Anneke van Giersbergen, Bjorn “Speed” Strid and Einar Solberg from Leprous. This was his first solo venture since leaving Amorphis behind.

Holopainen is renowned for his work with Amorphis, but Silver Lake showcases him in a different light. This adventurous release still maintains the same progressive aesthetic that his band has become renowned for over three decades.

Esa’s album is packed with fantastic songs and collaborative efforts, giving it all the potential to become a top pick in metal music. I sincerely hope we get to hear more from her in the future!