Heavy Metal Music Artists

Heavy metal music artists often draw upon influences from other genres when creating heavy metal songs, including distortion on chords and guitar/drum solos as well as lyrics with mystifying meaning and solos from guitarists or drummers. King Crimson’s song, 21st Century Schizoid Man” for instance featured many thematic and compositional aspects typical of heavy metal.

Metallica and Black Sabbath remain top performers on Chartmetric Artist Score, while up-and-comers such as Ghost are showing there is room for innovation within metal.


After recently releasing their album “Brotherhood of the Snake”, TESTAMENT are set for another busy year on tour and I ask Chuck Billy whether this latest record manages to surpass previous efforts by the band.

Throughout the 1990s, TESTAMENT released numerous critically-acclaimed albums such as Practice What You Preach, Souls of Black and The Ritual that received high critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Touring in support of those releases led them to opening for bands such as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath among others.

In 2001, TESTAMENT released First Strike Still Deadly as a compilation of modern studio recordings of songs from their earlier albums. However, bassist Greg Christian left in 2014 and was replaced by Steve Di Giorgio; Gene Hoglan replaced Paul Bostaph on drums.

Chuck Billy states that in the early years of thrash metal’s development, its focus was mainly on playing fast and being loud. All major thrash metal bands looked alike at that time with tour jackets and wearing all black clothing.

Udo Dirkschneider

Udo Dirkschneider is one of the most iconic figures in heavy metal, known for his raspy vocal style and energetic stage presence. He first rose to fame as frontman for German metal band Accept, where his iconic songs such as Balls to the Wall achieved iconic status. Following their departure, he formed U.D.O and released numerous critically acclaimed albums; additionally collaborating with Finnish metal band Lordi and dabbling in classical adaptations as Dirkschneider & the Old Gang.

Heavy metal’s founding pioneers were predominantly male; female performers have since become more common, especially within power metal and symphonic metal genres. Though historically characterized by glorifying anti-Christian and liberal practices such as satanism, atheism, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, genocide, racism fascism terrorism gambling war and sci-fi aesthetics; its music often features distorted guitars fast drums screaming or growled vocals but some bands use these musical characteristics to spread Christian messages in its music genre – however these characteristics can also promote religious messages through.

Diamond David Lee Roth

Roth has become legendary as lead singer of Van Halen due to his high-energy performances as lead singer. Their popularity in both North America and Europe has resulted in them selling over one million tickets during 74 arena shows across both nations.

Roth has also released several solo albums since being on KISS; making several guest appearances and touring briefly with The Royal Machines before announcing in 2021 his retirement from touring.

Roth has recently released several songs and made appearances on Joe Rogan podcast. Additionally, he launched a YouTube show titled the “Roth Show,” wherein Roth discusses various topics in depth.

While still popular among fans, Van Halen has experienced health issues and various lawsuits that threaten his career and reputation. Additionally, Wolfgang Van Halen had security kick out guests at one of his concerts in New York causing more trouble with him as an artist and record label owner.

Blackie Lawless

Blackie Lawless was the founding member of WASP and an important figure in heavy metal music in the 1980s. WASP became extremely popular; their debut single Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) became an instant classic while their stage shows featured topless models tethered to racks with chunks of raw meat being hurled towards audiences by frontman Wayne Aspinall – all leading up to frequent picketing by moral majority groups and bomb threats against venues where WASP would perform.

Steven Edward Duren, more commonly known by his stage name Blackie Lawless, was born September 4, 1956 and hails from Staten Island in New York with Jewish ancestry. His influences include AC/DC, Black Sabbath, the Beatles and Kiss; in his music are found occult themes as well as religious or apocalyptic content.

Sleaze Roxx spoke with Blackie recently about his new album Golgotha and its controversial subject matter (WASP and PMRC hearings from the 1980s, free speech issues). We asked about favorite tracks such as Animal from his previous releases as well.

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert first began playing guitar at five in Carbondale, Illinois and has become one of the world’s most acclaimed metal guitarists since then. He has performed at sold-out arenas around the globe and his lightning fast playing style is legendary. Additionally, Paul is renowned educator who teaches guitar at GIT.

Black Sabbath were pioneers of heavy metal music. Forming in Birmingham in 1968 and spreading their sounds across the world by early 1970s. Ozzy Osbourne left, but Black Sabbath quickly recruited Ronnie James Dio and recorded Heaven and Hell – one of their classic albums – as his replacement.

Black Sabbath may have pioneered heavy metal music, but several American bands modified the genre into more approachable forms during the 1970s. Alice Cooper and Kiss provided raw, sleazy sounds while Aerosmith brought blues-rooted rock, while Van Halen featured flashy guitar leads. Heavy metal ultimately became mass market phenomenon and Judas Priest adopted more mainstream approaches to their music.

Kevin Kiernan

Heavy metal music emerged out of the punk scene during the 1970s and quickly found mainstream appeal thanks to bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath who demonstrated unparalleled technical skill and compositional ingenuity for popular rock. Their lyrics often revolved around dark themes and Satanism which helped spark later subgenres such as thrash metal and death metal.

These more aggressive styles are distinguished by distortion, palm muting and aggressive lyrics. Additionally, they often incorporate bass-heavy sounds, elements from blues scales or classical structures and sometimes more violent themes like cannibalism and ritual murder into their compositions.

Metallica’s “Black Album” marked an inflection point in heavy metal music’s evolution, heralding in a new generation of bands that combined various styles with metal. This movement came to be known as alternative metal (or nu metal). Characteristics of nu metal include distorted guitars and singing; some bands incorporate rapping while others prefer singing or metal screaming (Korn and Linkin Park are examples of bands which employ both methods). Many bands employ different vocal techniques in order to vary their style of nu metal.

Gary Holt

Gary Holt is best known as the guitarist of Exodus, an Exodus cover band based out of Bay Area thrash metal music. After joining as a replacement guitarist for Jeff Hanneman who passed away, Gary became a permanent part of Exodus following Hanneman’s passing away in 2013. Additionally, Holt co-wrote Warbringer’s album Tempo of the Damned which was released March 23.

Holt is an avid gear head who regularly reviews the latest amplifier and guitar rigs. He currently endorses ESP Guitars but has used Ibanez, B.C. Rich and Jackson guitars on stage in the past.

Holt is an avid supporter of the music industry and its employees. He and his wife reside in Sacramento; even as they age together he continues to channel the same anger and frustration that have defined Exodus for 11 albums despite political differences; regardless of your opinion on him as an individual he provides a model of creativity and success applicable to all fields – see what he had to say during our exclusive interview!

James LaBrie

Singer James LaBrie has been part of progressive metal band Dream Theater since 1991. As well as lending his voice to numerous other artists and being known for his distinctive lyric tenor singing style, LaBrie is also an accomplished composer and has written and released solo albums over time.

The singer has seen great success with his band and is ready to release their 15th studio album: A View From the Top of the World is an appropriate name for what promises to be one of their finest collaborative and representative efforts.

LaBrie is well aware that his band and him aren’t the only ones struggling to be heard by modern audiences. He has expressed his displeasure with today’s radio environment, knowing it takes more than releasing an excellent album to get broadcasted. LaBrie plans on putting together a Mullmuzzler album and hopes to take it out on tour when Dream Theater completes their 12-14 month tour next year.