Hip Hop Music For Dance Class

hip hop music for dance class

Hip Hop classes teach dancers to move to urban rhythms while the music encourages them to express themselves creatively.

The top online hip hop platforms feature instructors that are friendly and offer classes suitable for beginners-to-advanced dancers. Some even provide video game style apps to help improve dance moves.

Walk It Out by Unk

Walk It Out by Unk is an iconic hip hop song to dance to, having first been released back in 2006. Since its initial release, the grooving tune has become immensely popular and featured in multiple TV shows and movies such as America’s Next Best Dance Crew. To perform the Walk It Out dance step by step, start by placing your feet shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent; move from side-to-side while pulling down on each arm in turn while keeping movements smooth and steady; for added funky flair add in shoulder shimmies or finger snaps for extra flare!

Unk is also responsible for crafting another timeless hip hop classic: Shots. Perfect for party settings or simply drinking solo, this song will have you shouting “Shots, Shots!,” over and over!

DJ Unk has been relatively quiet since his health scare, but we anticipate his return soon. Hopefully he’ll release more feel-good songs; until then we can always enjoy his prior works.

Chicken Noodle Soup by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

A classic from the golden era of crunk music, “Toosie Slide” should be on any Hip-Hop playlist. It features an irresistibly catchy chorus and stadium-ready beat perfect for slam dancing; plus, its social media dance craze birthed the “Toosie Slide.”

This song will get your dance class hip-hopping their hearts out! Featuring an infectious beat and catchy chorus, your class will want more. Additionally, this tune is great to play at clubs or parties.

Though released in 2006, this song remains one of the top Hip-Hop dance tracks. With its catchy and lively melody, your dance class Hip-Hop will no doubt enjoy learning to move their bodies!

Timbaland and Black Eyed Peas collaborated on an unforgettable track that is guaranteed to turn any Hip-Hop dance party into an exciting spectacle! An upbeat track with sultry undertones will have your dance class moving all night long!

Shake Ya Ass by Mystikal

Shake Ya Ass, more commonly referred to by its clean title “Shake It Fast,” has long been one of the most iconic hip hop dance songs ever produced and released from Mystikal’s 2000 album Let’s Get Ready. Also featuring in films such as The Hot Chick and Everybody Hates Chris. Thanks to production from Neptunes and Pharrell Williams vocals respectively, it became one of the greatest rap hits ever.

Songs about dancing were abundant during the ’70s, but were generally written with polite language to remain clean. Mystikal brought new dimensions to this genre with his song being far more suggestive due to more permissive times.

Mystikal was a Dirty South rapper from New Orleans with a gruff staccato delivery that made him an expert at delivering lines like “shake your dick and watch yourself” with maximum impact.

While some may consider this song less ideal for exercise than more upbeat hip hop songs, its iconic beat and lyrics still make for a memorable workout session. Furthermore, playing it can serve as an introduction to basic hip hop moves like doing the Dougie move; use this track as an effective teaching aid!

Get Low by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’s Get Low is an ode to dancing your heart out at clubs, featuring the Ying Yang Twins as one of 46 tracks on-disc of Dance Central 3. Devin Woolridge choreographed this routine which falls under “Legit” difficulty level (5/7).

Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg is another 2000s smash that is sure to get your hips moving and groove. Its funky rhythms offer a welcome break from some of the harder-hitting beats you may be used to hearing while working out.

Twerking may be an unfamiliar word to some people, but 50 Cent can take credit for making it popular. His sensual club banger Candy Shop featured prominently in movies like White Chicks and The Proposal where Sandra Bullock’s character even rapped some of its lyrics!

Styles&Complete have given Lil Jon’s Get Low an extra twerk-filled remix that will keep your feet moving throughout your workout session. Perfect for booty-shaking routines!

Party Like a Rock Star by Shop Boyz

This classic hip hop song can’t go wrong. From its thumping bass line and iconic lyrics to its upbeat groove, this track will get everyone moving quickly – whether dancing as part of a group or on your own, this track is guaranteed to get things moving!

Hip hop enthusiasts are likely familiar with Shop Boyz. Composed of three cousins – Demetrius “Meanie” Hardin, Rasheed “Sheed” Hightower and Richard “Fat” Stephens – they gathered in Atlanta in 2007 and released their debut album for Ondeck Records called Rockstar Mentality.

What sets this group apart from other rap artists is their use of fun beats and avoidance of heavy topics – ideal for partygoers looking for lighthearted dance tunes to kickstart the party!

This song is an outstanding example of how simple beats can create memorable music. The chorus features just two repeated words –“party like a rock star”–making it easy to remember and learn. For even greater impact, remixes featuring verses from Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and Chamillionaire can also be found online.

U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

U Can’t Touch This is an engaging and effortless song to dance, perfect for beginners in dance classes. This dance incorporates walking, swaying and jumping as its primary movements and can help raise the heart rate while improving balance, coordination and agility.

This song has been featured in several movies and TV series. Additionally, it can be found in Just Dance series games for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Just Dance Now, with Groove Century having made their own rendition for Just Dance Now.

MC Hammer reached his prime during 1990 with the release of “MC Hammer”, his only R&B number one hit that year. Written by Stanley Kirk Burrell, Rick James and Alonzo Miller himself and performed by him MC Hammer took top honors at that point in his career.

As part of my review, I surveyed three individuals for their thoughts on this song. Two agreed it is enjoyable music while the third thought it old and annoying.

This song by MC Hammer encourages listeners not to touch anything they shouldn’t and provides reasons for doing so. Since COVID-19 came into force, this song now has added significance as it serves as a reminder to be careful when out and about in public places.

You Know What It Is by Soulja Boy

Rap gods have given us many great hip hop dance songs, but this is always one that gets the crowd moving. From its catchy Collipark beat to David Banner’s soft whispery verses, this song celebrates sexual power.

Soulja Boy may not be one of the greatest rappers when it comes to content or lyrics, but he knows how to generate buzz with his hit single, Soulja Boy’s Namesake Hit. Kids all over a block practice arm swishes and leg kicks when passing by this block; his song even earned a nomination at the 50th Grammy Awards (though they ultimately lost out to Kanye West & T-Pain’s Good Life).

Hip hop dance class students can use this song to demonstrate its core element: popping and locking. To execute an effective pop and lock, stand with feet shoulder-width apart; extend right arm outward while pushing body in pushing motion while raising left hand up towards chest; keep eyes focused on music and smile during dance routine – when executed properly this move adds extra swagger to any routine!