Hip Hop Music Names

hip hop music names

Hip hop music is an energetic style of music that developed in the 1970s. It consists of both rhythmic elements and catchy lyrics.

Hip hop has gained worldwide acceptance and inspired numerous subgenres. Some of its iconic figures include Public Enemy, Tupac Shakur, MC Hammer, Boogie Down Productions, Snoop Dogg, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest and Big Daddy Kane – just to name a few!


Hip hop music originated in New York’s Bronx neighborhood during the 1970s. At these parties, DJs played soul and funk music to young people from various ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Latinos.

These parties, filled with rhythmic and percussive music, inspired a young DJ named Kool Herc to develop what would become known as hip hop. His style featured long breaks of rhythmic beats that encouraged dancing – otherwise known as “breakdancing” or “b-boying”.

Hip hop also popularized the concept of “MCs”, or “Master of Ceremonies,” who would rap to introduce DJs and their songs onstage. These MCs became integral parts of growing hip hop culture for decades after its inception.

Early MCs often rapped spontaneously, but they also played an essential role in introducing and recognizing their audience at events. This led to a new kind of rapping style that combined chanting with verbal storytelling.

Rapping with catchy melodic hooks became the standard for most hip hop songs in the 1980s, as artists such as Run DMC popularized this style and helped launch hip hop as a genre.

In the 1990s, rappers began sampling other songs and using parts of them in their own tracks. Although this practice was initially condemned by original copyright owners of those songs, it helped propel rap music towards its current popularity.

Hip hop has evolved through time, drawing heavily from other styles of music such as jazz, rock and pop.

Other styles draw influence from traditional African-American music forms like gospel and reggae. You’ll hear these influences in various songs from all these genres, often used to enhance rap music’s sound.

Hip hop’s musical aspects aside, its slang has become an integral part of its culture and even reached non-hip hop listeners. This lingo, commonly referred to as “Ebonics,” has developed into its own unique set of words which may be difficult for non-hip hop speakers to comprehend.


Hip hop music consists of various styles with distinct sounds and origins. Some draw inspiration from gangster life or street culture, while others sound more uptempo. Some of these beats have even been adapted into movies and TV shows.

Some subgenres of hip hop culture are more popular than others. Gangsta rap, for example, draws inspiration from gangster culture and has been around since the late 1990s and remains an influential part of today’s scene.

Rap rock is another modern form of hip hop that blends the energy and style of rock music with the rhyming techniques used by rappers. This trend was started by artists such as Beastie Boys and Run DMC but gained mainstream acceptance during the 2000s due to artists like Linkin Park.

Bounce is an upbeat style of hip hop popular in New Orleans during the ’90s. It incorporated soul and R&B elements with a lively groove. Additionally, many female rappers took part and allowed them to express themselves more creatively through rapping.

Crunk is an underground subgenre from the southwest U.S.A, defined by fast hi-hats and bass heavy beats. It also features gritty vocals along with slogans in the choruses; Lil Jon is perhaps its most iconic artist.

Frat rap is a casual subgenre of hip hop music that draws inspiration from college fraternities. The name comes from the fact that these songs tend to be carefree than other hip hop genres, making it popular during the early 2010s with MCs such as Asher Roth, Mac Miller, Hoodie Allen and Sammy Adams.

Conscious hip-hop was created as a response to police brutality against African Americans, beginning with boom-bap rap styles but now featuring political messages that speak the truth. Its influence comes from groups such as Public Enemy and Native Tongues.

Backpack rap is an underground subgenre of hip-hop that blends Afrocentric and conscious elements with thought-provoking lyrics. It emerged out of indie labels such as Rawkus Records in reaction to polished mainstream acts like Native Tongues and Public Enemy, who prioritize having a message over mainstream success. DJing and breakdancing also played their role here with the rise of emcees being born out of it all.


Slang is informal language used between members of a certain social group that may not be understood by others and can be offensive if directed towards someone outside that circle.

People use slang to express themselves and their ideas. It’s essential to comprehend slang so you can use it appropriately when communicating with friends and family members.

Different cultures use various kinds of slang, and it is essential to become knowledgeable about the different words used globally. There is no single standard form of slang; rather, there are various dialects and styles that are popular around certain areas.

In the United States, there are numerous slang words that have become widely popular among its citizens. Examples of such expressions include:

American slang often refers to someone as “lol”. This expression, popular since the 1980s, remains widely used today.

Another type of slang commonly used among teenagers and young adults is “hip hop”. This genre of music originated in the United States and has become immensely popular among its listeners.

Hip hop uses some unique slang to describe things that are either extremely good or extremely bad. It can be very entertaining to read.

Slang not only adds to the fun of speaking, but it also allows you to stand out from others. It’s especially useful for teens and young adults as it displays their differences from older generations and illustrates which social groups they belong in.

In the United States, many different slang words are used by people of various ethnicities and nationalities. Examples of such terms include:

Slang is an invaluable tool when communicating with others. It is essential to comprehend its uses and origins so you can use it correctly when conversing with friends and family members. Furthermore, slang offers people a chance to get to know one another better and learn about their interests and hobbies.


Hip Hop music has been a cornerstone of cultural movements for centuries. There is an expansive library of albums and songs released by artists over time, from the early days of rap to today.

No doubt, some of hip hop’s greatest albums have been produced by artists from the west coast. These artists have had a lasting impact on the culture and will continue to shape how the genre will be perceived in years ahead.

One of the greatest albums in West Coast rap was Quik Is The Name, an influential landmark for Hip Hop as it introduced DJ Quik to a new audience and cemented his reputation as an impressive producer. Additionally, his smooth and funky sound helped define what would become known as P-Funk or G-Funk culture.

Another classic album that any Hip Hop enthusiast must-have is Death Certificate, one of Ice Cube’s greatest works and widely regarded as his finest work. This deeply meaningful record boasts some of the most powerful and poignant lyrics in hip-hop’s history.

Licensed To Ill may have started the Beastie Boys down a path of being ignored brattish frat rappers, but it quickly became evident they had what it takes to make serious hip hop music. Nearly three years later, Paul’s Boutique showcased their skillful delivery from Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA.

This album is an epic musical journey that will be remembered for decades to come. It fuses together hip hop, rock, funk and jazz genres in a remarkable combination that will go down in history as one of the great hip hop albums ever made. With such an extensive playlist to choose from, this collection surely won’t disappoint!

People Under The Stairs have crafted an amazing catalog over time and Stepfather stands as their finest work. It boasts a strong sound with catchy beats and catchy rhymes that will be enjoyed by listeners for generations to come.