How to Play Guitar Chords Like a Pro

For beginners looking to write songs, these guitar chords provide an ideal place to begin. Simple yet stylish accompaniment for melodies; but music theory remains essential!

Chord diagrams are read horizontally and each string is represented by a number. A muted string will have an “x”, while open strings have “o”.


If you’re looking for an exciting way to play chords on the guitar, try bending. Bending is an effective way of adding texture and flavor to your music – once mastered it can open up endless opportunities!

Bending is accomplished by forcing strings upward or downward along the fretboard, with half-bends going one fret higher and full bends going two frets higher than expected. In order to achieve a good sound, practicing both directions of bending is key.

Keep your fingers close to the fret wire to ensure the string remains in tune when you bend it, while using your thumb as additional leverage on larger bends.


Vibrato in classical guitar requires fingers to move against the fretboard with differing amounts of pressure. While perfecting this technique can be challenging, focusing on keeping your hand relaxed while moving only when necessary should help with its execution.

Use your elbow as support. This will keep your hands more relaxed than pressing against the fretboard with your fingers, while your thumb should only be used to stabilize and not control finger movements.

Allahyarham Samad’s VCDs are essential tools for learning solo lead guitar. Each volume provides a step-by-step video-based tutorial that details how to play each song note-for-note; additionally, these VCDs feature close-ups and explanations of technique. Available online or at an FMC store near you.


Hammer-ons and pull-offs are essential guitar techniques that allow you to play notes very quickly, like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai do. These techniques enable them to create incredible runs, trills, arpeggios and arpeggios – as well as improving finger picking technique. You can use them too!

Hammer on is a playing technique that involves sharply pressing one of your fretting-hand fingers down onto the string behind a fret and producing sound, usually open strings are easier for beginners. Guitar tablature represents this with an indented line above each note affected.

Pull-off is a playing technique in guitar tablature which involves drawing one or more fretting-hand fingers up onto the string to mute its note below it, pulling up on fretting-hand finger onto string and pulling off. A straight line above affected note indicates this action in guitar tablature.

Finger tapping

One-handed tapping is a technique in which the fretting hand frets a note before using their index finger from their picking hand to tap an adjacent higher note on top. It is similar to the hammer-on, and requires practice to execute correctly.

Guitarists such as Joe Satriani and John 5 Lowery utilize this technique, which also utilizes the Chapman Stick instrument. Though most commonly associated with electric guitars, this style can also be performed on other stringed instruments.

Start learning finger tapping on your guitar by starting by playing chords – fret the initial chord with your regular fretting hand, then “tap” higher notes using your index finger of the picking hand – this will create beautiful harmony!


Muted (muting) refers to the ability to subdue sound from musical instruments or other sources by altering volume controls or pressing buttons, for example. The term is derived from Latin mtus meaning untalkative or inaudible – similar to untalkableness due to profound congenital deafness in people.

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