Jennifer Lopez – Flashdance Reveals Some of Her Best Dance Moves

Jennifer Lopez topped the charts with this hit for good reason – its video showcases some of her finest dance moves and eye-catching style.

This uptempo track from 1999 remains relevant two decades later due to its catchy lyrics and RedOne’s production. Additionally, its futuristic music video with cyberstalker-esque visuals may prove prophetic for today’s society.

On The Floor

Jennifer Lopez (commonly referred to by her initials, JLo) is a singer-songwriter, actress, producer and businesswoman who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She has won multiple awards and accolades throughout her career while remaining an innovator as an artist; being widely recognized for her acting, singing and dancing abilities as well as ability to connect with audiences worldwide.

One of JLo’s biggest hits to date has been On the Floor, an upbeat club song she recorded with Pitbull and released in 2011. A combination of Latin music and EDM, this track’s infectious beat will get people up and dancing; its music video has amassed over two billion views on YouTube!

RedOne produced and premiered “To Be Loved,” on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on January 18, 2011 to immense acclaim on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on January 18, 2011. It quickly shot to the top of US Billboard Hot 100 chart within one week after debut. TAJ Stansberry directed and Frank Gatson Jr choreographed its music video set in a nightclub environment featuring JLo as different characters; receiving critical acclaim for its production, styling and choreography it earned nomination for Grammy Award Award Best Dance Video category nomination.

On the Floor is all about leaving behind worries and enjoying yourself at a party, encouraging listeners to “get on the floor and be an animal”, showing everyone from children to adults that anyone can have fun! This song serves as an important message that should reach all ears – children included.

The song samples French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma’s 1989 hit, “Lambada.” This adds a classic feel that makes listening even more enjoyable. The collaboration proved enormously popular for both artists, reaching number-one status in multiple markets around the world such as US, Canada, Australia, France Germany Greece Italy Japan Switzerland Sweden New Zealand. Furthermore it became the highest debuting single of 2011 on US Hot Dance Club Songs as well as Lopez’s 10th top-10 hit overall career chart.

Waiting For Tonight

Jennifer Lopez first made waves as an exceptional dancer long before she achieved star status as a singer. Hailing from Bronx, New York and dancing hip-hop and salsa on television’s In Living Color and her own music videos as well as Flashdance movie itself. Some of her hottest moves can be seen here with Talauega Brothers choreographers making this track even sexier! With its Latin influence it will have everyone on the floor dancing away!

Though its original version may have been written a decade ago, this track remains a great upbeat dance track that’s sure to get your groove on! RedOne’s production and catchy lyrics will get the party started at your wedding or big night out with friends! This song makes for a great start of an incredible musical event!

Waiting for Tonight was one of JLo’s early hits and will leave you wanting more. An infectious song with an catchy chorus that will have you singing along – its music video features her and her backup dancers performing seductive black and white routines!

JLo is an incredible entertainer and can do it all on stage. Her passion lies with dance, which she practices regularly with her team. Trained as both ballet and jazz dancer, JLo has her own dance studio where she trains alongside teammates as well as taking lessons from expert choreographers.

She has appeared in various movies. She has had multiple former husbands, such as rapper Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs and actor Ben Affleck; but ultimately found happiness with salsa dancer Marc Anthony as the father of their twins Max and Emme.

JLo made her return to film with Shall We Dance? in 2005. She played Paulina, an experienced dance teacher. This film allowed JLo to showcase her impressive dance abilities ranging from Salsa and Tango to Waltz – she even danced alongside Richard Gere during one scene! Her performance was unrivaled.

Ain’t It Funny

Before Jennifer Lopez rose to superstardom, she was an accomplished dancer showcasing hip-hop to salsa moves on television show In Living Color as well as in her music videos. A native of Bronx New Kids on the Block performed alongside Jennifer; additionally she danced for Janet Jackson during her That’s the Way Love Goes tour as featured dancer.

JLo is naturally drawn to Latin dance forms due to her maternal grandmother’s family heritage, so salsa dancing comes naturally for her. Additionally, she can do other Latin-American forms, including tango and waltz; Lopez even appeared as a dancing teacher in Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon’s Shall We Dance movie!

Lopez joined forces with Tommy Mottola on this track originally written for Adam Shankman’s film The Wedding Planner but ultimately rejected due to too much Latin influence; later used on her second studio album as a club record sure to make any dance floor move!

Let’s Get Loud was another early hit from Carrie Underwood that became an energetic anthem about having fun and relaxing, perfect for parties and bars with its catchy chorus that will stay with you all night long. Even though its lyrics concern a couple who is breaking up, Let’s Get Loud remains an upbeat tune that’s ideal for listening at parties or bars.

Jennifer Lopez performs some of the sexiest choreography ever seen on a dance floor in this music video by The Talauega Brothers for their classic tune. Released one year after her divorce from Marc Anthony, it pays homage to Jennifer’s Bronx roots while celebrating life post-heartbreak; making it an ideal summer track.


Jennifer Lopez stands as an example of multi-hyphenate culture. For years she has dominated music videos as an icon of this multi-hyphenate generation while keeping up her incredible physique that inspired countless gym memberships. But even after all these roles – singer/actress/producer/dancer etc – JLo’s music videos remain iconic part of her legacy and will live long after she does!

“Love Don’t Cost A Thing” is unmistakably Lopez. From its catchy beat and impeccable production value to its signature hook, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” epitomizes her iconic sound while its video also displays how adeptly New York-born Lopez has an eye for crafting alluring productions that show her brand of confident sexuality.

JLo’s 1999 video featuring this sensual number was an immense success and proved popular with audiences everywhere. Showcasing her intimate relationship with her lover in bed, this song gave the public a close-up look into who JLo is as an artist – all while providing catchy tunes, provocative lyrics, and captivating visual aesthetics which made it perfect for dance music genre.

JLo first gained recognition through television roles before she made an impactful statement with her role of Selena Quintillana Perez in the biographical movie Selena in 1997, garnering her a Golden Globe nomination and catapulting her career forward. Subsequent roles include 2000 sci-fi thriller The Cell and 2002 crime drama chronicling domestic abuse Enough.

JLo demonstrates her incredible dancing prowess yet again by taking on the role of a sensuous hotel maid in this seductive video. Her seductive choreographed routine features her wearing bright neon pants with bedazzled pink lips as she dances her way through an underground night club and into everyone’s hearts.

This song marks the debut single off her album with the same name and serves as a timely reminder to JLo’s many fans of her incredible dance floor talent. Though its video may remind some viewers of JLo’s early sound, its content reveals more experimental side combining sensuous body movement with carnival themes to make an eye-catching cinematic extravaganza.