Learn Guitar Chords by Johnny Cash

guitar chords johnny cash

If you’re new to playing guitar, learning some basic chords can be extremely helpful in opening up many more songs for you to explore.

Hurt is an unusual country tune written and performed by Cash. It uses an unusual combination of chords that will present new guitarists with a formidable challenge.

I Walk The Line

Johnny Cash’s deep baritone voice makes for the ideal pairing in this country song that rose to the top of both country charts and pop charts alike. Lyrics and chord progression can easily be learned using four open chords with a standard country strum pattern; to emulate Johnny’s recording even further use a capo on the first fret for more realistic sounding performance.

This song pays a hommage to those hardworking Americans who make America work. Cash himself had an humble background that resonated with many. This beautiful melody with an upbeat feel resonated deeply. Learning its strumming pattern shouldn’t take too much time for beginners; just practice!

Jackson first gained popularity through Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra’s pop hit. Later, Johnny Cash recorded it and June Carter made it an instant country classic. This memorable melody with blues undertones perfectly combined both genres into a catchy piece, perfected by Johnny Cash himself.

Five Feet High And Rising

Johnny Cash became one of the greatest stars ever with his deep baritone voice and country influenced sound, becoming one of the greatest artists ever known to mankind. His timeless hits such as Folsom Prison Blues, Ring of Fire and I Walk the Line have become classics that remain household names worldwide. Johnny was an artist with a message who used music to champion those in need; also being an active supporter of civil rights activism as well as social justice he earned himself the moniker ‘The Man in Black’.

This song is an easy-to-play tune that requires just three basic open chords and a standard country strum pattern, with a moderate tempo and enjoyable music! While beginner guitarists may find this a fun challenge, its use of an F barre chord may require practice – yet another reason it makes for great beginner country songs! It is a fantastic song to get you going in learning some country songs!


Cash was widely revered as one of the greatest singer-songwriters, composers, and performers of his era, becoming one of the best-selling artists ever in both Country Music and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. Additionally, he used music to raise awareness on important social issues through performances and activism.

Jackson by Billy Edd Wheeler tells the tale of a married couple who find that the spark has died out in their relationship. First recorded by Wheeler himself, Jackson became an instant classic after Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood released their version in 1967.

This country tune is ideal for beginners as it only utilizes open basic chords with a moderate tempo and uses open basic chords only. Use a metronome to practice the strum pattern as playing this song correctly is essential. Florence + the Machine covered this song on their live MTV Unplugged album in 2012 featuring vocalists Florence Welch and Josh Homme as featured vocalists.

Country Girl

Johnny Cash stands as an iconic musician. With his country and folk-influenced songs and deep baritone voice, Cash has established himself as one of the genre pioneers. Learning some of his timeless classics will only help your guitar playing progress further – here are some popular country tunes from him that you can learn to play!

Jackson first rose to popularity as a pop hit due to Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, but it gained country acclaim once recorded by Cash-Carter duo. With its simple progression and high tempo, Jackson can be enjoyable to play while honing your strumming rhythm skills.