Learn Guitar Chords With a Smile

guitar chords with a smile

If you’re a singer, learning guitar chords will allow you to adjust the pitch of your vocal pitch more precisely and create a sound more harmonious and robust than ever.

BLACKPINK’s song Sara Smile utilizes a straightforward major scale progression featuring diamond and arrow chord symbols to indicate its chord landing on every beat, while pushes are felt as anticipations. This helps align your playing with vocal performance.

Decalcomania by Jungkook

On his 22nd birthday, Jungkook gave fans a preview of his in-progress English song Decalcomania. The lyrics depict how BTS Jungkook is perceived by his ARMY fans – as someone who excels in all areas.

Jungkook took special pride in creating and writing this song’s title and meaning himself; additionally he sang its lower register with exquisite nuance.

Jungkook gave an important update during a BTS zoom meeting with ARMY recently regarding Decalcomania: He stated that although he deleted its files, it still exists within him and could be recreated at any time. Although saddening news, they took comfort knowing it remains close to Jungkook’s heart and could potentially reassemble itself in some form or another.

Our Summer by EXO

Our Summer is a smooth love song with its slinky bass line, shimmering R&B flourishes and layer of oh oh’s that will have you feeling all kinds of summer vibes. From LAY’s rapping to KAIZEN’s harmony performance on this track, all members give their best performances to make an impressionful song that showcases all four members at their finest performances – and it shows.

EXO’s latest special album contains a powerful bop called the title track that’s sure to get people moving around their home and moving their bodies to its beat. Listeners can easily enjoy this tune as it plays over and over while bopping around while dancing along.

Power, however, is an electro funk synth EDM track that transports listeners into an adventurous video game world. A great summer track, this catchy tune delivers its summer energy directly from its video to audio format.

Wild Thing by f(x)

Wild Thing was written by Chip Taylor (Jon Voight’s brother) in 1965, and became a hit for The Troggs later that same year. Since then it has become one of rock n roll’s iconic songs; covered by Jimi Hendrix, X, Runaways Sam Kinison as well as any 16 year-old with access to an instrument. “It’s stupid yet defiant; powerful yet primitive – everything rock n roll has ever wanted to be all at once,” according to Dave Barry.

Moxley added an ocarina as part of his opening theme song for AEW Revolution 2020’s Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match at AEW Revolution, paying homage to wrestling legend Atsushi Onita with it. At first he intended on using flute instead; when that wasn’t available he switched over to using an ocarina instead – an inspired choice!

Smile Flower by Wonho

Wonho of iKON sings this popular tune about his passion for an unnamed female protagonist he admires and it also shows how love can turn tragic if you allow it. Beginners may benefit from learning this beginner-friendly tune with only four open chords and an easy strumming pattern; if it does not suit your voice perfectly, try placing a capo on another fret for optimal tuning.

Yena’s soothing vocals and guitar intro instantly relax fans during this emotional ballad about heartbreak, with lyrics like, “I’ll Be the Spring to Your Smile”, which also translates into useumggoc or laughing flower; SEVENTEEN wants their song to bring smiles that turn into laughter for their fans.

Smile by Wonho

Your chair scraping against the floor sends shockwaves through you, drawing your focus away from what was once an article on your phone and instead drawing it to an unfamiliar face with an attractive smile who suddenly appears before you. Your eyes widen with surprise before widening again when this person emerges before you.

Wonho, best known for his muscular pecs and breathy voice, brings an often-overlooked soft side to the group that should not be underestimated. Behind-the-scenes, he is considerate towards his fans while never taking himself too seriously.

His soft side can be found in tracks like ‘Obsession’ and ‘Don’t Regret’ from his latest single album Bittersweet. The latter song highlights his breakup woes while simultaneously trying to move on without regretting certain past decisions; reminding himself that they will find what they’re searching for eventually.