Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama Acoustic Guitar Tab

sweet home alabama acoustic guitar tab

Sweet Home Alabama is an essential song in southern rock’s canon and should be considered a musical milestone for any guitarist. The chord progression is relatively easy while still offering ample musical movement that highlights and accentuates its chords.

It is also an ideal song for practicing muting strings while strumming, although there may be additional notes not present in the open chord version to learn. Overall it should be fairly straightforward.


Sweet Home Alabama is one of the most famous Lynyrd Skynyrd songs ever, and playing it on guitar doesn’t require too much skill or difficulty. The chord progression is straightforward (D major – Cadd9 – G major), making this easy enough for beginners, yet exciting enough for experienced guitarists as well. Patrick Dwyer taught guitar by jamming along to popular rock riffs. Now he shares accurate guitar tab videos regularly through G-PASS subscription and provides unlimited access.

Main Riff

Sweet Home Alabama is an accessible song to learn on acoustic guitar, perfect for beginner players and novice players alike. The main riff uses an open G chord which can easily be played using a slide guitar; A, D and E chords also appear frequently throughout this tune. If you want a song that will get people up dancing at your next party or gathering, Sweet Home Alabama should definitely be put on your list of songs to learn!

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Sweet Home Alabama is one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s iconic songs and an ideal choice to learn to play on guitar for beginners, thanks to its straightforward chord progression and accessible riffs that anyone can pick up quickly. Though the chord progression might appear simple at first, due to lead guitar parts playing over top of those basic chords it never feels repetitive – that’s what makes playing this tune such a thrill!

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Sweet Home Alabama is an easy song to learn, as its chord progression follows a standard pattern of D major, Cadd9 and G major throughout its entirety. Lynyrd Skynyrd provides plenty of musical movement by giving their chords extra life with some wild riffs atop these basic structures – something which makes playing this tune such fun! Downloadable Sheet Music of this song can be purchased from Hal Leonard; simply use thumbnail buttons or left and right arrows to navigate.