New Electronic Music Venues in New York City

electronic music venues

With an increase in dance clubs and deejay sets, New York is experiencing a dance dance revolution. New venues from abandoned warehouses to communist-era squats are offering electronic sounds of various kinds for audiences to experience.

Experienced giggoers know these unique venues take concert experiences to another level – whether that means smoke-and-strobe-filled experiences or tech house clubs with UK Jungle and Drum n Bass-themed DJ sets, these extra special venues take gig experiences to new heights.

The Pickle Factory

The Pickle Factory is located in Temple’s off campus community. A newly built five story 15 unit apartment building, with a front lobby and parking garage for secure 24/7 access and spacious layouts that range from 2-3 bedroom configurations – complete with washers/dryers/dishwashers/microwaves/granite countertops for every apartment – The building also features an amazing rooftop deck offering breathtaking city views!

Exterior improvements were designed to maintain as much of the factory identity as possible, including exposed concrete floors and obsolete cranes and gantries. Interior renovations created affordable office and studio spaces for artists at cost-effective rents – an initiative meant to keep Portland creatives within its borders rather than forcing them out due to rising rents.

Fred P made his weekly residency debut at a 200-capacity venue last Friday evening to a lively and appreciative audience, who slowly trickled in throughout the night. Based on his sleek Modern Architect EP, his set gradually transitioned towards more driving percussive sounds to the delight of all in attendance; Fred managed the atmosphere of his moody surroundings with ease and self-assuredness.


Flash, the latest DC Comics superhero to grace a big-screen treatment, is not your typical brooding heavyweight. Instead, he is more like a goofball who accidentally joined up as a superhero – left cleaning up after Batman (Ben Affleck) or trying to turn back time when necessary – which makes for an entertaining film experience. It all works beautifully together.

Today’s superclub culture has rendered dedicated dance music venues uncommon in Manhattan. Most megaclubs that remain are located primarily in Hell’s Kitchen and Meatpacking District and cater to money-minting DJs as well as well-heeled young professionals; dedicated clubbers must cross over the East River into Williamsburg or Bushwick in search of small warehouse parties and raves that play host to dance culture.

Bildstein and Wiederkehr arrived just in time, as dance scene popularity was just starting to increase again following Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s crackdown of nightlife during the early 2000s. Brooklyn had become an ideal breeding ground for DJs and promoters organizing parties on tight budgets, creating the potential for vibrant warehouse parties on an intimate scale.

Two and a half years were required to find the ideal location, then renovate it into the 10,000-square-foot space they now inhabit. Drawing inspiration from architectural remnants found within congregational spaces – like a white altar salvaged from an abandoned church – they designed an environment meant both as gathering spot and sanctuary. Their efforts have paid off: Satsky has noted that his first party featuring New York tech-house duo Martinez Brothers sold out. Furthermore, Satsky plans on booking underground scene favorites Luciano and Eric Prydz as future bookings.


Marquee Nightclub in New York provides one of the city’s premier dance floor experiences. This two-level, 5,000-square-foot venue hosts world-class DJs and celebrities while boasting one of New York City’s highest ceilings and state-of-the-art sound system.

Chelsea nightclub, once known for hosting legendary EDM artists and celebrities alike, has recently reopened as an internationally acclaimed music destination with 28-foot ceilings, industrial accents, chandeliers constructed from working microphones and floor-to-ceiling LED walls – drawing international acclaim and drawing crowds of EDM enthusiasts alike. The iconic Chelsea Nightclub recently reopened as an internationally acclaimed music destination drawing crowds of EDM artists and celebrities from all over the world. It offers unparalleled sound system quality through Funktion One soundsystem quality; floor-ceiling LED walls provide added ambiance – while providing plenty of natural light.

Marquee in New York City’s meatpacking district offers a hybrid nightclub-music box theater experience perfect for beatheads and dancers. Recently renovated by Noah Tepperberg to offer LEDs, go-go dancing, and magnums of Champagne as the centerpieces for their experience, Marquee stands as an epicenter of beat culture in this modern nightclub/music box hybrid environment.

Marquee offers exclusive VIP experiences through various bottle service packages designed to accommodate parties of all sizes, such as selecting your bottle of choice and having access to our VIP room.

Marquee offers concerts from electronic artists to hip-hop and pop artists spanning an eclectic mix of genres to meet everyone’s preferences. Previous performers at Marquee include Joel Corry, JAUZ and Audien; it has earned a reputation for welcoming emerging talent as well. If you’re keen on attending one of their performances at Marquee, Songkick can help purchase tickets – plus alert you when your favourite artist will be performing there!

The Sound

Best music venues feature top-of-the-line sound systems, welcoming atmosphere and impressive talent rosters – which makes Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn stand out. Established this March as an ode to Dolly Parton, its sound system was developed by Nicolas Matar and Scott Ciungan of Phonic Technologies who also provided sound acoustics at legendary New York clubs Cielo and Output. Although Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn is part of Moxy Williamsburg it stands alone as its own nightclub experience.

The Bowery Presents designed their Brooklyn Steel stage and its acoustic system after Terminal 5, their 3,000-capacity venue located in Manhattan. Their team created this system to accommodate various audience sizes while meeting noise restrictions on adjacent properties; as a result, a unique soundscape emerged that complimented music beautifully with consistent audio transmission throughout.

National Sawdust in Williamsburg takes its name from the old brick sawdust factory that once housed it. But instead of simply providing acoustic music performances, this Williamsburg venue now hosts both electric and acoustic performances, under composer Paola Prestini as artistic director, with classical as well as indie rock curators providing quality programming ranging from all-female garage punk bands or five-piece hip hop groups Quarter Water while sipping on beer from their plant-based menu – an unforgettable musical experience awaits at National Sawdust!

Avant Gardner & The Brooklyn Mirage

Avant Gardner is New York City’s biggest dance music venue, boasting an extensive lineup of performers. Nestled into industrial East Williamsburg’s underground landscape is this series of indoor and outdoor spaces where Charlotte de Witte, Above & Beyond, The Martinez Brothers, ZEDD have graced recent shows. Both its Great Hall and Kings Hall provide premier megaclub experiences while its four-story outdoor Brooklyn Mirage brings serenity into an otherwise hardworking neighborhood.

The Great Hall is one of the focal points in this expansive venue, its exposed beams and brick walls giving it a familiar warehouse aesthetic, offering endless transformation possibilities by expert technicians. Adjacent to it is Kings Hall for more intimate events as well as multiple pop-up rooms which can be combined for multi-room events.

Attending a party at the Mirage can feel much like attending a music festival; indeed, many parties at this venue advertise as such and the ticket prices are comparable with most festivals. The difference being that you don’t need to leave early to find transport home; instead you’ll get to enjoy multiple DJ sets over an eight-hour span or longer!

Though the Mirage may seem to have always been dangerous, its recent death of a man found floating in Newtown Creek after failing to gain entrance is shocking. Prior to that incident, its cab-free club attracted people offering rides back home for money at the end of each night; sometimes Uber drivers even provided these rides.