Perk Talk by Rapper Double-007

Sixty years ago, Sean Connery opened up the first James Bond film with his Walther PPK and fired off its opening scene. Monty Norman’s “tam-tam” theme began playing and an icon was born.

Now, rapper Double-007 has released a mixtape which displays his talents across many genres – everything from menacing instrumentals to club bangers!

Perk Talk

Perk Talk by Memphis rapper Double-007 features Memphis rookie of the year Ja Morant on vocals. The track starts off with an instrumental composed of skittering drums and piano scales which allows him to easily glide over. While its percussion doesn’t hit as hard as other 808’s from Memphis, its uptempo pace allows Double-007 to snap bar after bar like bullets from an AR-22 rifle – I am very eager to witness how this talented young rapper develops over time; definitely one to watch come 2024! Listen below!


Double-007’s name has been making waves around North Memphis for several months now and I can’t wait to watch his career blossom in the years to come. Recently he released 223 – a mixtape which showcased his ability to rap over instrumentals ranging from menacing grime beats all the way up to club bangers – an impressive feat indeed!

He is an intensely dedicated artist who takes his time crafting each of his meticulous artworks, often sketching them out on clean grids. While working in different media such as oil pastel and acrylic paint, his signature use of crisp horizons and bold hues defines his artistic style.

He and Li are co-leads of APEX, an organization designed to connect, educate, and celebrate Eastman’s diverse community. Through APEX they plan community outreach events for students and employees as well as educational chats for career guidance – even though Asians are the highest educated group in America they still face obstacles when entering professional settings.


Arabia is an accomplished rapper from Memphis group 5th Ward Boyz. Known for his fast-paced style and intimidating demeanor, Arabia is notorious for dropping some serious heat on fellow MCs as well as Memphis streets alike. Double 007’s rhymes flow over an exotic Middle Eastern guitar loop while Mackhouse provides dark percussive elements that balance some of Arabia’s more playful melodic components out.

Born into a middle-class family, Jr007 always dreamed of making music his career. Beginning his musical journey as a singer before venturing into rapping as well, Jr007 has garnered much acclaim through various competitions and shows for both forms of his rapping. Captivating audiences, Jr007 has quickly made waves within hip hop with hit songs and recordings which are revered across generations.


James Bond films boast one of the richest musical legacies ever seen on film: their themes. While other espionage movies existed prior to Bond, his themes helped define what it means to write music in this genre. Their lush orchestrations, seductive minor-key melodies, and existential cosmovision have altered our perceptions of film soundtracks forever.

But that wasn’t always the case: although the first Bond movie opened with its signature surf guitar motif from its title track, it failed to make an impactful statement in theaters. From Russia with Love saw Matt Monro croon the theme song before Goldfinger saw the series reach its stride.

Duran Duran were hired in 1985 to record the title track for A View to a Kill, creating one of the most well-known James Bond theme songs ever. It boasts pulsing bass line and stately acoustic bass, while its lyrics may seem absurd (“Damousels and danger/Have filled stranger’s past”); however, its production makes up for this lack of sense with muted trumpets, swirling strings, and an emotive melody of longing that makes up for any preposterousness in words alone!

GoldenEye 64 video game’s imminent release has inspired new generations of gamers to rediscover its iconic soundtrack. New remixes dubbed 007 Raps feature up and coming Memphis rapper Double-007 rapping over different instrumentals from its iconic score. He recently released 223 which showcases his versatility behind the booth; even simple instrumentals can become complex beats filled with punchlines and wordplay from Double-007’s lyrics.


Double-007, hailing from North Memphis and quickly making waves as one of the best young talent coming out of Memphis in recent years, recently released his mixtape, 223, which showcases all aspects of his artistry; from menacing instrumentals through to slimy club bangers with ease; his flow is complex while his punchlines creative.