Pop 30 Music Bubbles in 1 Play

pop 30 music bubbles in 1 play

If you’re searching for a bubble machine to withstand rough play and your child accidentally turning it upside down, consider this model. It is easy to use, doesn’t require much water or bubble solution and even plays music–an added feature that toddlers love pushing buttons!

This game is free to play, however additional game items may be purchased with real money. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.


Discover old and new music videos with a twist! Information bubbles appear that reveal details about its production. There are three PUZZLE modes – Arcade, Collector’s Club and Infinitiy – each providing a different surprise along the path! Plus enjoy gorgeous visuals and soothing sounds provided by a fluid “molecular dynamics engine”, animating hundreds of bubbles at 60 FPS! Play everyday to earn special rewards; plus it has a color blind mode as well!

This game is free to play, though certain extra game items may be purchased using real money.


Every kid loves playing freeze dance and popping bubbles – so combine both for an exciting party activity. Have children dance in an enclosed space while party music plays; then blow bubbles into the crowd and challenge players to pop them until they can no longer dance anymore. Any player leaving their dance space or continuing dancing beyond an acceptable limit will be eliminated; those who keep popping bubbles will get to help others with choreography!

Super Bubble Pop draws inspiration from some of the better second-tier puzzle games, yet can quickly become tedious and repetitive. A more focused design could have increased its longevity; unfortunately, however, it seems this will likely not remain around for very long.


As you progress through levels, the game becomes increasingly challenging. To help get you through difficult periods there are numerous boosters that can assist your gameplay – butterflies that remove all nearby bubbles at once; jars that instantly refill power supplies; fireworks to clear all bubbles at once and many more!

Your gold can also be used to purchase more powerful boosters in the store. As more bubbles pass by, your score improves and rises on the leader board! Compare and share your scores with friends via Facebook; it is sure to bring some fun holiday party vibes! This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages!


As they progress through the game, players can earn various rewards including Tsum Tsum and other items. These can be used to unlock more music bubbles or enhance those already existing; as more rewards are earned, unlocking subsequent stages becomes simpler and special rewards may even be given out! Additionally, daily players may even qualify for special bonus rewards!

An example is when players collect all 26 letters in the Bubble Alphabet to open Prize Bubble #30, which will reward them with a song written out in Bubble Alphabet letters as well as special animation. By collecting rewards they may even unlock new outfits for Tsum Tsums and other characters within the game!

This game boasts impressive graphics and soothing sounds to provide an engaging yet relaxing and entertaining experience. Its vibrant colors will draw players in. Though free to play, in-app purchases may be turned off in its settings; plus it supports multiple languages for added ease in enjoying it all!