Popular Rock Music Youtube Videos

Rock music YouTube videos offer an excellent way to access some of the greatest tracks available. Whether you’re searching for indie pop hits or more obscure genres, YouTube has something for everyone.

Although many rock music videos have fallen off the radar in recent years, there still plenty to discover. Guns N Roses’ iconic single “November Rain” boasts over two billion views – an amazing feat!

Metal Injection

Metal Injection is a manufacturing technique that utilizes powdered metals and ceramics to fabricate small, intricate parts. It’s similar to plastic injection molding but offers greater material versatility and design options.

MIM allows for high-volume production of complex shapes and geometric features that cannot be produced through traditional processes like machining. Furthermore, it has the capacity to manufacture parts with OD/ID threads and undercuts without the need for secondary machining.

Its properties are comparable to wrought steel and it provides excellent dimensional tolerance control. The process is becoming increasingly popular as it adds a new level of shape complexity and component performance.

World Star Hip Hop

World Star Hip Hop is an online video platform featuring rappers and music artists. It boasts numerous features that can help your music reach millions of people worldwide.

Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat created it and has since become the largest rap website worldwide. While some have expressed concerns over its sexual and violent content, it has also gained a significant following among urban teenagers.

WorldStar is now led by Danny Cotton, recruited by O’Denat after being fired from other sites. According to O’Denat, WorldStar should become bigger and more successful than YouTube or Facebook with original content, brand partnerships, and global recognition.


BANGTANTV is a YouTube channel that showcases music videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from Asian pop artists. This channel allows you to keep up with your favorite K-pop stars more closely.

BANGTANTV not only releases music videos and exclusive interviews, but they also provide fan content such as dance practices and vlogs. This is especially beneficial for those wanting an up-close view of their favorite members such as RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and Jimin.

Another fantastic feature on this YouTube channel is #MyBTStory, an initiative to commemorate BTS’ most inspiring moments. To join, fans must upload a video that captures their most treasured memory with BTS.


The Loudwire channel on YouTube is an excellent destination for heavy metal music and rock videos. It features clips for various subgenres of heavy metal, such as black metal, death metal, thrash metal, symphonic metal, speed metal, power metal and gothic metal.

Century Media Records owns and operates this channel, which specializes in heavy music. It boasts an impressive library of heavy metal videos featuring their artists as well as other well-known bands.

Loudwire channel features videos discussing various hard rock and heavy metal bands, music videos, and lists of top metal songs. It has amassed 200,000 subscribers with an ever-increasing number of videos uploaded daily.

Montage Rock

Montage Rock is a YouTube channel that shares underground rock music. Their mission is to bring underground rock bands and artists from around the world to public attention.

They have a track submission forum where artists can compete to be featured on their channel. The platform is renowned for its superior audio and captivating content.

Montage music is a genre of music that blends various musical styles to produce an original sound. It has become widely featured in movies and television shows due to the versatility it offers: different instruments combine with sounds to form new ones for an exciting blend. Montage music holds an important place in musical history as one of the world’s most beloved forms.

Trap Music

Trap music has become a mainstay of pop culture over the last few years. It stands out with its hard-hitting beats, auto-tuned vocals, and relatable lyrical content that speaks to real life experiences.

Trap music first gained notoriety in the South during the early 2000s as a form of hip-hop. Rappers in that region quickly adopted this new style and it quickly spread throughout America.

Trap music began with certain key tonal and lyrical indicators such as a fast-paced tempo, double and triple time hi-hats, and heavy drum fills. These elements gave trap music its distinctive sound which has since spawned other genres and now influences pop music around the world.

NPR Music

NPR Music presents a diverse selection of music from around the globe. Additionally, it hosts Tiny Desk Concert series events where acclaimed artists perform songs from their albums in front of an appreciative audience.

The program has achieved enormous popularity and been featured on multiple lists of the best music videos. It provides a great opportunity to discover new music and watch performances you might not otherwise be able to witness live.

NPR Music’s partner stations have handpicked a list of new musicians poised for great things in 2023. This selection features artists from various genres, such as R&B singer-songwriters and up-and-coming bands creating fuzzy country rock soundscapes.


UltraMusic is one of the world’s biggest music festivals and a premier destination for trance and electronic dance music fans. It’s renowned for its top-notch production and vibrant crowd that comes together to celebrate their passion for music.

Every March in Miami, Florida, the festival was founded by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes.

Ultra’s history is one of amazing triumphs and tragedies, death and tremendous growth. Despite all obstacles along the way, Ultra has managed to become one of the world’s biggest and most successful festivals for electronic dance music.

Ultra Records’ success can be credited to DJ Moxey’s label, founded in 2006, which pioneered EDM into mainstream radio programming when other labels weren’t interested. Now, Ultra Records is one of the premier dance music labels.

Country Music

Country music is an incredibly diverse genre, featuring subgenres to appeal to different listeners. It boasts a long and storied history as well as an avid following worldwide – particularly in the United States.

Country music is renowned for its storytelling ability. This gives each song a distinct voice and makes them more personal to the listener.

Country music is also notable for its structured nature. Most songs follow a consistent format, beginning with an introduction, followed by verses and choruses.

Recently, the genre has adopted a variety of musical influences and grown into one of America’s most beloved genres, with nearly 25% of people listening regularly.

House Nation

House Nation is America’s longest running dance music show, providing the newest in house, electro, progressive, future tech and trap. Their weekly interviews and exclusive mixes guarantee to keep their viewers engaged.

They are renowned as a platform for dance music artists to grow and sell millions of records. Their talented team includes names like Lucky Date, Amy Robbins, Viceroy, PTR and Kepik – just to name a few!

They are home to the world’s largest and most interactive digital radio station that plays house & club music 24/7! Check out their website to learn more about this remarkable channel; they have tons of great content including videos, podcasts, and more! Best of all? You can listen anywhere at any time; plus they even have a mobile app so you can play while on-the-go!