Rebelution – Courage To Grow

Rebelution began as a small beach community band in Isla Vista, California back in 2004, and since then have become one of the most influential reggae acts worldwide. Frontman Eric Rachmany, bassist Marley Williams, drummer Wesley Finley and keyboard player Rory Carey have sold millions of downloads, headlined major music festivals worldwide, toured extensively and earned themselves a GRAMMY nomination.

Courage To Grow

Courage To Grow is an uptempo reggae song with plenty of flair. It boasts some awesome horns and keyboard work, as well as one of the best bass solos on the album, along with Eric Rachmany’s surprisingly ethereal vocal performance. The track displays some impressive musical wizardry, making it easily one of the best reggae songs from this album so far.

This band has some truly remarkable capabilities, one of which being their ability to use modern digital technology for music production and team communication. This has allowed them to craft songs like those found on In The Moment without needing to physically be together – something increasingly rare among most bands these days.

They have also devised creative marketing and promotions that make their fans feel special and part of the family. As such, they have an active social media presence which is constantly being refined and improved to better serve their growing fanbase. Furthermore, there’s even a dedicated fan club and meet-up schedule for those eager to catch them live when in town or attending one of their upcoming events.

Rebelution are an outstanding reggae band, having released several excellent albums since 2011. Their latest effort, In The Moment, showcases their remarkable ability to put on a show no matter where they play. The songs are well produced and the members seem to play with more energy than most other groups their size can muster. Hopefully Rebelution can continue this success for years to come!

Bright Side Of Life

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Rebelution are a California-based band that have achieved critical acclaim and sold out headline tours since their 2007 breakthrough album, Courage to Grow. Their unique blend of reggae, rock and hip-hop has set them apart from the competition.

Their 2009 sophomore release, Bright Side Of Life, is an energetic mix of modern reggae with pop hooks, alt-rock gritty energy and hip-hop grooves. Front man Eric Rachmany adds his Santana-esque guitar flourishes, Rory Carey adds his psychedelic piano, keyboard and Hammond b-3 stylings, Marley D. Williams provides solid yet attacking basslines while Wesley Finley lends finesse drumming throughout.

The original version of this song has gained a devoted following and been covered by many artists. Emilie Autumn performed a harpsichord cover, Heavens Gate recorded a metal cover version, and Green Day included it on their concert DVD Bullet in a Bible.

Peace Of Mind

Rebelution, based in Santa Barbara, California, has rapidly established itself as an influential force in reggae music. Their debut album, Courage to Grow, earned them critical acclaim with iTunes Editors’ Choice for Best Reggae Album recognition and reached #4 on Billboard’s Reggae charts; it was praised for its delicate melodies, socially conscious lyrics and impressive musicianship.

The band consists of five members. Bassist Marley Williams, lead vocalist Eric Rachmany, drummer Wesley Finley and keyboardist Rory Carey began jamming together while in college. Soon enough they found themselves performing 100-120 shows annually across various countries including Red Rocks, Berkeley’s Greek Theatre and other amphitheaters across America.

Since then, they’ve become one of the best-selling bands worldwide through their DIY attitude and relentless touring. Tours have taken them to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Glastonbury; their performances earned them a Grammy nomination for their third studio album Falling Into Place.

Their latest album, Peace of Mind, redefined their musical genre. Instead of recreating their live sound in the studio, they collaborated with five different producers to expand its sonic landscape. The result is a multi-length triple album that includes both an acoustic and dub version of each song.

With the release of Peace Of Mind, Rebelution set a new standard in reggae music with their dub remix album of all 12 tracks. Michael Goldwasser’s mastery over track dubbing combined with natural studio recordings to provide listeners an exceptional listening experience.

This album brings together Rebelution’s passions for traditional reggae, dancehall, soft acoustic rock and fast-paced hard rock ballads to create one of their finest albums. With an eclectic mix of songs sure to please all listeners, this collection makes for a great addition to your reggae music playlist.

This reggae band’s latest album is an impressive step up from their past efforts and shows they are truly dedicated to creating quality music. With a DIY attitude and strong social media connections with their fan base, the group looks set to continue making waves in the industry as it moves forward.

In The Moment

Rebelution, comprised of four University of California Santa Barbara alumni, has been making reggae music since 2007. Their debut album, Courage To Grow, earned them an iTunes Editors’ Choice for best reggae album and reached number one on Billboard’s charts – earning them a Grammy nomination!

Their latest studio LP, In The Moment (released June 18), is an impressive blend of Rebelution’s soulful modern reggae with addictive pop hooks, alt-rock gritty and hip hop grooves. Performances are confident and filled with swirling reverb and trippy delay to create an immersive sonic universe that feels both futuristic and vintage simultaneously.

Frontman Eric Rachmany stands out among his bandmates with short hair under a baseball cap and an upbeat voice not usually associated with reggae singers. He’s also socially aware and capable of crafting meaningful lyrics.

He also has a lighthearted and sometimes comical style that adds an air of fun to the band’s sound. Along with Rory Carey (keyboard), Marley D. Williams (drums), and Wesley Finley (bass), they are constantly striving for musical growth; In The Moment they venture outside their reggae-rock comfort zone in search of new musical territory.

Rachmany’s guitar playing is all catchy, featuring some stunning progressive guitar licks and hip-hop flow. Additionally, he wrote all the songs on the album himself, creating an intriguing mix of classic and modern songs.

Some songs are classic reggae, drawing inspiration from Jamaican roots and the psychedelic sounds of the 1970s. Other tracks lean more toward contemporary dancehall with lots of vocalization to keep things lively.

This album is highly recommended for fans of both modern and classic reggae music. It’s an impressive compilation that highlights how much has changed over time while still offering something fresh today. This makes for a rewarding listen for anyone interested in reggae music or just looking for some good vibes.