Reggae Music Youtube 2022

reggae music youtube 2022

Library Classic is an excellent YouTube channel to explore for reggae music. Offering a selection of reggae songs and remixes – such as classic reggae love songs – it provides the ideal place to unwind with great reggae tunes.

According to YouTube’s insights, the United States ranks highest for views of Vybz Kartel’s music this year, followed by Jamaica and India.

PMB Music

PMB Music creates themed listening experiences designed to complement any party or work environment, from elegant house and classic lounge sounds to reggae versions of today’s biggest hits – you are sure to find music to fit every mood and occasion.

Children of Adam Band (COA), hails from Philadelphia – known as both “Sanctuary City” and the “City of Brotherly Love”. This 14 member “New World Music” band performs nothing but their original “PMB Music”, or Positive Message Bearing Music, featuring no profanity, gangsta rap, misogyny, drugs or violence; instead their songs contain elements from Jazz, Funk, R & B Soul Latin African Middle Eastern Spoken Word music all mixed with elements of American Culture!

Mertz is extremely proud of how the members have worked together to make UNI’s PMB such a success. While it takes hard work, Mertz says it is rewarding seeing people of all ages come together and enjoy music together. Mertz hopes the band continues to flourish and bring joy and satisfaction to his community.

Music Brokers

Since its founding, Music Brokers has been committed to exploring and applying the wide range of business strategies that exist in an environment as dynamic and ever-evolving as that found in music industry. Their team of specialized professionals possesses expertise in graphic design, marketing and branding strategies, new media technologies and logistics – with which Music Brokers is now well known and respected across Latin America.

Selecta Records, one of the company’s in house labels, features carefully researched and handpicked material promoted through print ads, radio campaigns and television spots. It has proven immensely popular with audiences worldwide – Bossa n’ Stones, Pericos & Friends, 80s Re:Covered Vintage Reggae Cafe Gitanos de Buenos Aires all being highly received products on this label.

MBB LP, one of our in-house labels, specializes in high quality vinyl reissues of classic titles that caters directly to supervising music community (which includes music and legal experts responsible for finding suitable songs for scenes or cues, managing music budgets and licensing music) directly. MBB LP has successfully targeted this market segment successfully since they launched.

Music Tagalog

Music is an effective way of expressing our emotions, and Tagalog language boasts several characteristics that make it ideal for this. Pronunciation is easy, with lots of rhythmic notes that convey emotion; plus its extensive vocabulary makes understanding it straightforward – making it one of the world’s most beloved languages! No wonder why Tagalog ranks among one of the world’s most widely spoken and understood lingos!

Philippines music has long been influenced by Western styles like blues and folk. When the United States occupied their islands, local musicians adopted American rock-n-roll as OPM (Original Pilipino Music). Notable artists such as Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III and Diomedes Maturan were extremely well known during this era.

Philippine pop music reflects both Western and Eastern influences, which is evident in its lyrics that often ask hard questions with no easy answers, covering topics ranging from love and heartbreak to family and culture. Many songs also incorporate elements from traditional Filipino dance forms, like pangalan and tinatayang.

There are a number of OPM tracks that really get under your skin – some sad while others uplifting. Their lyrics often provoke thought or challenge your understanding of life itself.

One of the most beloved OPM songs by Darren Espanto is “Sakit,” an emotional number about an individual suffering from multiple illnesses but fighting through them with his faith. A must-listen for anyone interested in Filipino music!

Another popular song from The Black Eyed Peas is “Bebot.” This catchy tune about searching for love features a great beat and is great for dancing; it was even featured in the movie Banyo Queen!

The Eraserheads are a legendary Filipino band known for their entertaining lyrics and upbeat melodies that recall The Beatles. One of the most renowned bands in their home country, their music is immensely popular; and many consider them perfect for Karaoke nights!

Reggae Library

Reggae music has always taken an assertive cultural stand. Often political, its message embraces revolution and people coming together for a common cause; yet at its heart lies celebration of nature and Jamaican culture – its uplifting rhythms and spiritual lyrics making it suitable for use across numerous projects.

Reggae dates back to the early 1960s when it emerged from earlier Jamaican styles of ska and rocksteady. Key producers and artists such as Toots & the Maytals, The Wailers, and Bob Marley played key roles in its development; their songs appeared as soundtrack for 1972 film The Harder They Come, widely considered responsible for popularizing reggae worldwide.

This massive construction kit library was specifically created to capture the spirit of reggae music in all its various forms. Packed full with authentic sounds and instruments such as bass guitars, acoustic drums, electric pianos, synthesized keyboards, strings and dub-specific effects that will further authenticate your track, this library aims to capture its spirit!

The kit includes 16 Construction Kits carefully curated to showcase the diverse soundscape of reggae music. Every loop is seamlessly tempo-synced and labeled with its root key for easy integration into any musical project, plus they have multiple keys recorded so that you can combine and match them to find what best meets your needs.

This library is an essential asset for any producer looking to craft authentic reggae music tracks. With high-quality loops and instrumentation perfect for projects from music videos and films to ads and advertisements, its unique sound adds positive and relaxing ambience while its political lyrics spread a positive message of peace in this world. Available now through VIP Loops’ custom V.L.X player for Kontakt which makes use easy; producers Benjamin Kastner, Marc Steinmeier, and Felix Wolter who have produced albums with artists such as Gentlemen Far East Band Kool and Gang and LL Cool J among many others have produced this library with their production team behind this library.