Sad Chill Music For Feeling Your Emotions

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No matter if you’re going through a relationship breakup or grieving the death of someone you care about, music can be an incredibly helpful tool to express all your emotions. We’ve curated some of the best sad chill tunes that know exactly how you feel – perfect for a big, healing cry session! Check them out below!

1. Avril Lavigne – ‘Wake Up Exhausted’

Avril Lavigne has endured many trials over the last few years, including divorce and chronic illness.

But she was able to conquer everything thanks to her determination and willpower. Now, she runs a foundation that assists those suffering from Lyme disease and other serious illnesses and disabilities.

Her latest album, Head Above Water, is an impressive demonstration of her progress as an artist. It contains powerful songs and ballads that chronicle both her battle with Lyme disease and relationship with former husband Chad Kroeger.

2. The O.C. – ‘Running Up That Hill’

Kate Bush’s iconic 1985 single, ‘Running Up That Hill’, made a comeback after it was featured in the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. This week, the lead single from Hounds of Love skyrocketed to number one on the iTunes charts.

“Running Up That Hill” was first released in August 1985 and quickly gained notoriety as a timeless pop classic. It has been covered by many artists, as well as featuring in film and TV projects.

The show’s use of Placebo’s 2003 reinterpretation for the opening montage to its fourth season was significant, signaling a departure from soap opera tropes. It wouldn’t be the last time an updated rendition of this ’00s alternative hit would appear on television dramas.

3. Arcade Fire – ‘Wake Up’

After Britpop, a generation of young musicians debated what indie music should be. While they found many conflicting answers, few bands could truly answer Arcade Fire’s question with Funeral: “We’re not fighting, we’re just trying to get through it.”

Twelve years later, Arcade Fire’s debut album still sounds fresh and exciting. It expands upon a traditional rock band setup at its core by adding synths, organs and percussion of many kinds for an unmistakably Arcade Fire sound.

That sound, that joyful carnivalesque communion, has kept Arcade Fire fans and critics coming back for more. Its transformative power makes Funeral one of the most influential albums of the 2000s.

4. No Doubt – ‘Don’t Speak’

Gwen Stefani’s vocal style fits this song perfectly; it tells a tale of a woman who refuses to speak up when her boyfriend breaks up with her because speaking up would only add further pain and anguish.

No Doubt’s No Doubt was an enormous success, reaching number one in over 60 countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland – as well as going platinum in France, Italy and Germany.

Gwen Stefani, No Doubt’s lead singer, rewrote the lyrics to this song after her breakup with bass player Tony Kanal. It’s a stunning ballad that perfectly showcases her vocal style.

5. Solange – ‘Cranes in the Sky’

Solange Knowles is an R&B singer with an entrancing voice. Her album A Seat at the Table serves as a poetic statement, exploring topics like race, gender and society while telling her own story.

Many artists, from Beyonce to Jay-Z, have written about race with great grace and power – but none quite compare to Solange. She uses her unique musicality to tell the truth about what being black feels like with an authenticity few can match.

She’s also successfully merging art and popular culture through her aesthetic. On her Instagram feed, she often posts blurry mirror selfies as well as highly stylized concert photos.

6. Lorde – ‘Liability’

Lorde is a New Zealand singer-songwriter that has achieved international success with her debut album Pure Heroine, released in 2013 and reaching number one on the US charts.

Her second album Melodrama, released in 2017, became an instant hit and earned her widespread praise for its powerful message. She has earned multiple accolades including two Grammy awards.

Liability is a piano ballad that emotes an intense emotion: sadness. It is one of the best songs released from this singer and will make an excellent addition to your playlist!

7. Tegan & Sara – ‘Wake Up Exhausted’

Tegan and Sara always create short, snappy songs that are easy to sing along to. This one does not disappoint!

They began as acoustic folk-poppers, but have since transitioned into synthy indie pop. This evolution has seen them become mainstream staples with their latest album Love You to Death reaching both American and Canadian Top 3.

Seazynn (Tegan) Gilliland and Sara (Seazynn Gilliland) Gilliland have just begun grade ten at a suburban Calgary school, though distance has made it increasingly difficult for them to stay connected.

8. The Black Keys – ‘Nitrous Gas’

The Black Keys have been around for over a decade now and their latest album, El Camino, marked an important moment in their career. They’ve earned a devoted fan base through this outstanding effort that will remain long after they pass away. Their top-notch recording and production experts ensured this project stays on track, keeping the classic rockers on top form. A well-stocked bar with craft cocktails should keep you feeling your best during downtime too!

9. Arcade Fire – ‘Fake Lighting’

Over the last ten years, Arcade Fire have established themselves as one of rock music’s great acts. Their albums Funeral and The Suburbs followed shortly thereafter; all featuring powerful rock songs that can turn live performances into intense stadium shows.

As they regrouped and degrouped, their sound became increasingly expansive and cynical. They staged elaborate stunts around the release of disco-tinged Reflektor in 2013, while their 2017 album Everything Now infuriated many fans with its mocking publicity campaign that involved fake press releases, websites and fidget spinners.

Their new album WE is an impressive comeback, split into introspective “I” and outward-looking “WE” sides that offer a refined version of their earlier work. Additionally, it includes two standout singles: The Lightning I, II.

10. The Black Keys – ‘This is the Day’

Two decades ago, high school friends Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney began making music in their parents’ basement. Their debut album, The Big Come Up, was signed to an independent label and quickly propelled them into the top tier of rock bands.

But it took years for the Akron, Ohio-based duo to perfect their sound into something sophisticated and expansive enough to fill arenas. Auerbach and Carney have shown great poise throughout this learning curve.

After disbanding after 2014’s hugely successful Turn Blue album, The Black Keys are back with a brand-new album entitled ‘Let’s Rock’ due out June 28th. This marks their first album without Danger Mouse production assistance and sees them returning to their signature garage rock sound that made them famous.