Sad Music Video Download Sites

No matter if you’re feeling heartbroken, trying to reignite an old flame, or simply need an emotional release session – these sad music videos will get in touch with all your deepest emotions! Just make sure that a box of Kleenex is available as you watch these powerful videos.

Royalty-free music can provide the ideal solution for projects requiring an emotive backdrop, with numerous excellent options such as Epidemic Sound, Envato Elements, Artlist, and Motion Array available to choose from.

Epidemic Sound

Searching for an emotional song to fit the theme of your video may prove to be challenging, but there are numerous royalty free music resources that can assist with this search process. Some offer curated libraries of popular tracks while others allow creative commons use without incurring royalties payments.

Epidemic Sound offers high-quality royalty free music for YouTube videos and other online content creators, and offers two subscription plans; personal plans allow individuals to use it themselves and professional plans are tailored toward businesses. Plus, they offer a free trial so you can test out their music before making up your mind whether to subscribe.

Epidemic Sound offers over 30,000 tracks that you can use in your YouTube videos, vlogs and other online content. Their website features several filters to make finding songs to suit any mood or scene easy; genre options include movement (e.g. newsroom), energy and tempo.

Epidemic Sound is a global royalty-free soundtrack provider that collaborates with content creators to produce audio for their videos, helping online content producers create unique audiovisual experiences for their audiences and fulfilling part of Epidemic Sound’s mission by developing tools that allow content creators to easily match music with their videos.

Although there are numerous royalty-free music sites online, not all are suitable for all videos. Some are too slow and others contain too many vocals that might drown out or overshadow your voice or distract from visuals of your video project. Luckily, there are some fantastic alternatives to royalty-free sites which could provide your next project with its ideal soundtrack.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a digital assets subscription service tailored to meet the needs of creative professionals who use various types of content on a regular basis, such as designers and creatives. Their library features stock photos and video footage, audio tracks, graphic elements, 3D objects as well as ready-made templates and web design assets – including ready-made templates! Users can browse by category or search specific assets; additionally there are filters that can narrow search results down further.

Envato Elements provides more than music: its library also boasts an extensive collection of sound effects that can help set the right atmosphere in any video project. Search by genre, mood or instrument to easily find what you’re searching for – plus hundreds of free podcasts available that you can use as audio content in videos and presentations; not to mention extensive video tutorials and courses to teach how to use Envato Elements effectively!

Service offers monthly and yearly plans with unlimited downloads at an extremely reasonable price, making this an affordable solution for freelance designers and multimedia creators. Their library grows weekly as new assets are added.

Envato Elements provides many useful features, such as video editing, asset management, design tools and asset libraries that allow for effortless editing of stock photography, audio and video formats available through their tools – making it simple for users to create projects quickly and effortlessly.

Licensing-wise, the site offers a simple commercial license that ensures your work is protected. You may sell products incorporating one of its assets if done so without adding significant value; however, copyright or trademark any downloaded assets cannot be done so.

The site offers an assortment of templates, from e-commerce, landing page and product pages to customizable e-mail marketing templates that can easily fit the needs of different types of businesses. Furthermore, podcasts and tutorials help guide users through the platform use process.


Artlist is a music licensing service designed to assist filmmakers in selecting the appropriate soundtracks for their videos. Their library boasts thousands of royalty free songs and other creative assets like sound effects and footage; plus next-level customer support. Their site is easy to navigate with new tracks being regularly added.

ArtList boasts a vast collection of acoustic, classical, and electronic music arranged into mood playlists for easy searching. Additionally, you can search genre, instrumentation or theme. Furthermore, ArtList features its ‘Staff Picks’ feature to highlight some of their most popular tracks.

TikTok videos can be produced for many different reasons, including memorializing the death of someone close or going through a breakup. While this is understandable, it’s essential that we remain strong and remember the good times with your partner. Dean’s song She Used to Be Mine offers hope when times get tough; listen to it whenever you need a boost of encouragement!

Perry has created another popular TikTok sad song with The One That Got Away, which laments the loss of first love. The narrator contemplates all they did together as a couple, such as going out on dates and even getting matching tattoos; she imagines what life might be like had they never split up.

TikTok provides many happy and upbeat tunes, but there are also some very sad songs which allow listeners to express their sadness, pain, or grief in a meaningful way. These sad tunes can even be used as the basis of creating videos on TikTok that inspire others in turn.

Artlist music may be used in your videos, but any reselling, repackaging or redistribution without prior permission and license is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, no assets may be used to create logos, trademarks or service marks and they should never be incorporated into products or services which aim to bypass content detection/registration systems (like YouTube’s Content ID system) or violate laws/regulations in any way.

Motion Array

Motion Array was founded by motion designers Eri Levin and Tyler Williams as an all-in-one digital asset marketplace to offer unlimited downloads of creative resources for video makers. Their extensive library of high-end transitions, stock footage and music will add value to your video production while editing templates and workflow tools will simplify post production workflow.

Social Stock Photo Library is an indispensable tool for YouTubers, social media marketers and freelancers. With a search filter specifically for photos and illustrations that makes finding what you need quick and simple. Plus its assets are licensed for use in new projects if you hold an active subscription!

Motion Array stands apart from other stock library sites by not charging licensing or royalty fees for files purchased, which means they can be used in any project ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to local business promotions. Plus, its extensive collection of creative assets keeps growing!

The company offers an all-in-one platform that includes After Effects and Premiere Pro templates, video effects, audio tracks, stock photos and Adobe integration that gives users direct access to its marketplace from within Adobe applications. Trial membership for one month before paying a subscription.

Motion Array offers not only stock video clips but also royalty-free images and audio. Furthermore, its website also provides tutorials and other resources for video editors that help them produce more professional videos. Their customer support staff is quick to answer any queries that arise – always ready to assist!

The platform boasts over 700,000 files that are constantly being added to. You will have everything you need for creating quality videos – color grading presets, transition templates and full-length templates of every kind for every project are all here; while its extensive audio selection can create any desired mood.

Motion Array is a comprehensive video creator platform offering unlimited downloads of creative assets at an affordable cost. Their extensive library of After Effects and Premiere Pro templates, audio tracks and stock photos will add flair to your next project, while their user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes this tool simple to navigate. In addition, there is also an array of plugins which can be installed into Adobe applications to enhance editing experiences further.