Sad Music Video Download

No matter your video project or personal reflections, this melancholic acoustic track will add just the right tone of sadness and longing.

Researchers and philosophers continue to investigate the relationship between mood, personal experiences, and enjoyment of sad art. Although several factors contribute to an enjoyable listening experience of sad music.

Coldplay – Backwards

Coldplay had rarely played to sold-out venues until recently. Twenty-two years ago, MTV still existed, and frontman Chris Martin was nervous to see how American audiences would receive them.

Coldplay responded positively. With only minor stumbles (the band forgot some lyrics of “The Scientist” during their initial tour and were later able to fix it), Coldplay live shows have been an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. Their style of anthem pop is relaxed yet grandiose at once – something not all other acts could match!

Coldplay’s music has long been beloved, from sensitive lyrics in “Human Heart” to puppet duets in “Lost!” Even their more experimental moments (a stomping rock riff on “People of Pride” and a collaboration with South Korean boy band BTS) don’t feel out of place at live shows where fans sing along to every note – an approach which ensures Coldplay remains one of rock music’s most beloved acts.

Soul Asylum – Wait for Me

Dave Pirner’s alternative rock band first got their start playing teenage punk music in a Minneapolis garage and are still going strong, producing 12 studio albums since, including 2020’s Hurry Up and Wait. Additionally, they still regularly perform concerts across festival-sized amphitheatres to intimate venues.

MIM: Your new record was produced at Nicollet Studios near Minneapolis where some of your early albums for Twin/Tone were recorded, what makes this one distinct? SK:

Soul Asylum have had an exciting year. Not only have they released 12 tracks with positive messages, they have also assembled Loud Fast Words: Lyrical Treasures from Soul Asylum’s career to date.

Additionally, they’re gearing up for a series of UK gigs, including a headlining date in Birmingham on 8th November – shortly after co-headlining with Everclear hits the continent. Even during Covid lockdown, the group found ways to express themselves creatively from home; we will discuss those experiences during an in-depth chat that covers some of their most celebrated tunes as well.

Hozier – Love Is Dead

Hozier’s debut album was an unqualified success, yet his second effort is even more thematically focused. One song from that effort is particularly moving: “Butchered Tongue.” It laments violence against Irish culture as referenced during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 as well as drawing inspiration from mythologies related to Nyx and her son Charon who transport souls across River Styx. Additionally, this track reminds us to value language’s impactful role in cultural communication.

This song on this EP is an anthem for self-love and the perils of falling in love too deeply with someone. It draws from all three circles of hell – gluttony, cruelty, and vanity – to portray a man who believes only himself are worth living for; drinking whiskey neat and coffee black before going to sleep at three in the morning thinking she is too serious about her pursuit.

Hozier uses macabre imagery, including bells that may or may not represent wedding or death knells, to depict love that transcends death in his songs “Cherry Wine” and “In a Week.” This powerful and thought-provoking work showcases his depth as an artist.

The Black Keys – The Waiter

The Black Keys, composed of Dan Auerbach on guitar and vocals and Patrick Carney on drums and attitude, have spent 13 years living up to a cardinal rule of rock since Ike Turner released “Rocket 88.” If you work hard and play hard enough, your efforts shall pay off in due time.

So was the story behind two nobodies from Akron, Ohio who managed to earn $2 Million in one year! Not bad for two guys who started off playing cheap cards in their parents’ basements!

At present, they’re traveling with an A&R guy and tour manager on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly on the road. Lighting crew, sound guys, bus-driving staff and lifters (to transport their massive stage rig) round out this team of 20.

Dropout Boogie will be released by Nonesuch Records on May 13 and is an emotive collection of Mississippi hill country blues songs recorded in Nashville with guests such as R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough – as well as Auerbach producing with Brian Burton (popularly known by fans as Danger Mouse). It marks a marked departure from Turn Blue with layers found sounds and ghostly psychedelia taking center stage.

Taylor Swift – All Too Well

“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift was included on her 2012 album Red’s re-release and features a short film directed by herself starring Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf).

A young woman remembers her romance fondly as they recall it fondly together, then, upon completion of the song, jumps thirteen years into the future where they attend a book signing event where she reads Pablo Neruda’s words from “Love Is So Short…Forgetting So Long…” at book signing event.

Original reports indicated that Swift wrote her song as an anthem for those heartbroken; however, she has denied those rumors in the past. Either way, the track has since become an anthem for those grieving a heartbreak – its re-release includes a 10-minute version with previously unseen lyrics not present on its initial 5 minute and 28 second cut; these additional five minutes give viewers more insight into this couple’s heartbreaking relationship through deeper lyrics which will bring tears to any listener listening. It truly heartbreaking music!

Ariana Grande – The Waiter

After the Manchester terrorist attack that claimed 22 fans’ lives and her high-profile romance with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande took the internet by storm in 2020 with her masterful album Positions. A mere five months later she released Thank U, Next as an assertive statement of acceptance and pleasure.

Lowe writes of Grande’s song as, in his words, it “wrecks speculation about her private life into an empowerment anthem for anyone feeling powerless over their life. Grande sings in an impressively versatile vocal register which pokes fun at both pious individuals and those concerned by speculation while at the same time showing why she reigns supreme over pop.”

Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea star as Rita Grande’s character enters a diner together with Michael Madsen (Michael Madsen is played by Rita Ora), where Fox (Iggy Azalea), their waitress takes their orders – including an excruciating BLT sandwich ordered by Michael (who complains it will come with mayonnaise and cheese dripping out. When Fox brings the dish dripping with mayo and cheese it causes both to groaned as Grande showcases her vocal virtuosity. While its possible that these lyrics directly apply to Gomez and her own divorce proceedings but could easily reflect her exploration of friendship post romance – or not at all!

Lewis Capaldi – All Too Well

Lewis Capaldi, a Scottish singer-songwriter who began performing pub gigs when he was only two years old. By age sixteen he had picked up guitar and drums before eventually being discovered by Rag’n’Bone Man who took him on tour in 2018. Lewis has also performed at various festivals like Lollapalooza, TRNSMT Reading Leeds Kodaline – earning him recognition from various acts like Rag’n’Bone Man and Rag’n’Bone Man himself!

Lewis continues to struggle with Tourette’s Syndrome and anxiety despite all of his success, recently announcing that he will take a break from touring for an indefinite period of time in order to work with professionals to manage his symptoms, while thanking fans for their continued support.

Lewis is best known for hits such as ‘Someone You Loved’, ‘Wish You The Best’ and ‘Burning’ – each song boasting emotive vocals with rhythmical precision that resonates deeply. His lyrics are highly relatable – no wonder his fan base is so extensive.