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Few songs capture a specific place and time like Joe Bataan’s New York City classic “Subway Joe.” His call-response lyrics blend Latin, doo-wop and R&B influences into one unforgettable melodic experience; effectively creating what has since become known as Latin soul music.

Aretha Franklin’s voice soars on this iconic track written by Jerry Ragovoy. Her mighty pipes push and pull with ease as she showcased its emotional intensity.

To Love Somebody

A beautiful song celebrating love and friendship. Boasting exquisite vocals and instrumentation, this is an ideal selection for fans of R&B music.

Classic soul song about falling in love and searching for someone special, originally recorded by the Bee Gees but later covered by many artists such as Michael Bolton and Patti LaBelle – with Patti LaBelle’s version charting at number five in both the US and Canada.

Although rhythm & blues evolved into soul with elements of funk and became the soundtrack to civil rights and antiwar movements in the Sixties, gospel still provided powerful messages in this genre. Bear Family presents this series that collects essential recordings from that period in its rich narrative depicting how soul flourished as music changed with society in general and civil rights in particular.

This compilation of classic songs from that era features Sam & Dave, Ray Charles and Solomon Burke – proving that their style remains timeless. These singers’ voices could make you dance, break your heart or lift your spirit – they were an undeniable force that should not be underestimated.

Tina Turner was unquestionably one of the most iconic female soul singers of her era, known for her exquisite and imitative vocal talent that set a standard never matched by anyone. Her songs River Deep- Mountain High and Nutbush City Limits became staples across audiences. Furthermore, Ike Turner became an important influence on female performers and audiences for decades to come.

Donnie Simpson hosted this legendary R&B music program until Sherry Carter took over in the mid 90s. It showcased R&B artists, live performances and personal interviews – it provided important entertainment to African-Americans while helping put R&B artists on the map and remains essential viewing for fans of this genre. Artists featured included New Edition, Al B Sure, Jodeci, Babyface and Keith Sweat! The show even included music videos.

For What It’s Worth

This song from the 1960s remains one of the most iconic protest songs to ever emerge from that decade, both for its lyrics and music being timeless and powerfully emblematic of social justice. This track stands as an impressive testament to how songs can transcend their initial intent by becoming timeless statements on particular subjects.

Initialy written as a response to the Sunset Strip riots, but quickly becoming one of the world’s favorite protest songs of all time. With its iconic lyrics of enigmatic action: “There’s battle lines being drawn / Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”, this song has become one of its signature protest songs of all time and covered by numerous artists — Public Enemy even covering it on their 1998 hit song, “He Got Game.”

Joe Bataan’s masterpiece perfectly captures New York City. Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, Bataan immortalizes its tenements on this dynamic track that marries elements of pop, Latin, and doo-wop to form something truly uniquely New York-centric.

Though this song is best known for its dire lyrics, its rhythm draws inspiration from heartbeats to spark action within listeners and call on them to rise against injustice. This powerful bass serves as a call-to-arms that urges listeners to rise against injustice by singing along.

The Beatles’ debut psychedelic album features many songs with more subtle messages, yet this track stands out for its raw emotion. Its chorus builds and crashes to mirror human experience in all its splendor; making this song ideal for anyone struggling to define themselves in an increasingly fractured society.

There’s something truly magnificent about hearing Irma Thomas sing on this classic track from her legendary soul music career – her voice stands out just slightly ahead of the backing choir and creates the illusion that she is running away from everyone else in a sprint race. Thomas had one of the greatest sets of pipes in soul music history; here she showcases them perfectly.

Fist City

Loretta Lynn has always been known as an outspoken country music superstar, never backs down from fighting back when it comes to women who preyed upon her husband while touring. In 1968 she released the fiery classic “Fist City”, an ode to uppercutting women who preyed upon him while she was traveling – it reflects Lynn’s no-nonsense approach while at the same time providing an anthem of female empowerment that resonated with women everywhere and proved that you don’t need to start off poor like Loretta Lynn did to make your mark in life!

“Fist City” was immediately banned from radio upon its release; its sensitive themes of adultery and marital infidelity forced radio stations to ban it, without compromise or apology from Lynn herself. As one of her signature songs from that genre era, it remains one of Lynn’s most renowned songs today.

Joe Bataan, known for his Latin soul style music, has the unique talent of evoking specific places through song. Growing up in Spanish Harlem in New York City afforded Bataan the foundation of both traditional African American rhythms and Latin influences that resulted in his signature sound which can be heard perfectly on “Subway Joe,” an energetic track which perfectly depicts the bustling energy of its namesake city.

Sly Stone had a remarkable ability to capture the psychedelic ethos of the 1960s in his music, yet “Everyday People” stands out as his most accessible hit. Combining rock and pop more directly than most of Sly’s funk hits made for an accessible yet groove-infused track which appealed to a broad audience.

Few songs in country music history capture a woman’s fierce no-nonsense attitude quite as effectively as Loretta Lynn’s 1968 single, “Fist City.” In it, she warns any woman attempting to steal away her husband by using force against her; an anthem for female empowerment which still rings true today despite world events having changed substantially since its release.

Love Is Alive

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Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and The Temptations are among those credited with shaping modern music. All four artists remain iconic voices that continue to deliver timeless hits today.

Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience – this show will surely please the crowd and is ideal for all ages. Secure your tickets now!

If you were a fan of Soul Train TV show from the late 80s to early 90s, then this video is for you. Soul Train was one of the main programs responsible for placing R&B artists like New Edition,Al B Sure,Jodeci, Babyface Keith Sweat among many others on the map during that era. It featured live performances, personal interviews and music videos of popular R&B acts such as Jodeci,Babyface Keith Sweat etc.

This playlist includes an eclectic blend of oldies, funk and soul music from across decades – some dating back to the 1970s but some more modern as well. Take time out of your day and listen to this great mix! Enjoy its smooth grooves!

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