How to Make Electronic Music

If you want to learn electronic music, the first step should be acquiring appropriate equipment and resources for learning it. Beyond this, however, it’s also essential that you develop an understanding of its history and evolution. Pre-World War II experiments with sound-producing devices provided the technical foundation for modern electronic music. Composers utilized this technology …

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Why is Electronic Music Popular?

Electronic music has quickly become one of the most beloved genres of modern music, enjoyed by listeners of all ages and having a major impact on other forms of musical expression. Electro music is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers that utilizes aggressive basslines and fast tempos to …

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Genres of Electronic Music in Japan

Japan has a proud heritage in electronic music. From techno to J-pop, Japan has played an integral role in shaping this genre’s development. Techno can trace its roots back to Japanese electronics companies such as Roland Corporation, who invented the drum machines and synthesizers that became iconic with the genre. Furthermore, MIDI technology – which …

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