B Minor 7 Piano

B minor 7 piano chord is an intriguing one to master, as its sound stands out from most others triads. Learning its construction will also help develop chord-building techniques as opposed to simply memorizing them at their root positions. Each lesson step below will use one scale note as its source and construct a 7th …

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G6 Guitar Chords

G6 chords are an easy and effective way to add major 6ths into your guitar chord vocabulary, offering great sounding major 6th chords that don’t require much practice to master. Let’s begin with an open G6 chord voicing; this one requires only two fingers! To create this G6 chord, place your middle finger at the …

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F Major Scale

F Major is an invaluable scale to learn because it will enhance your sight reading, improvisation and understanding of music theory. It has one flat note – B flat – without any sharps. Try playing both octaves of the scale in unison at first. Although it may initially seem difficult, with practice you will soon …

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