Country Music Vs Hip Hop

Hip hop has evolved from its origins as an artform in New York’s Bronx into an international business and culture movement, with DJs spinning turntables in Sao Paulo and Arabic rappers performing in Qatar. Today’s country artists understand the strategic value of adopting rap sounds and aesthetics to expand their fan base and attract younger

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Dance Music Zone

Dance Music Zone is an international platform for commercial dance music industry news, reviews, events and interviews. 120 BPM achieves this by subverting structural markers normally present in this kind of sequence and encouraging its characters to collaborate together – this community facilitated by emotional identification and affect. Getting Started Dance Music Zone is an

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Are Musicians Depressed?

Many musicians struggle with mental health, yet remain silent about it due to fear that discussing such struggles could damage their reputation or needing to present an optimistic front. Recent suicides of prominent musicians have brought this issue into focus, with studies indicating that musicians may be three times more likely than the general population

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