The Gibson SG Bass Guitar

gibson sg bass guitar pickups

The Gibson SG bass guitar is a short-scale bass instrument with two distinct humbucking pickups and a 30″ scale length, offering maximum versatility across different musical genres.

The SG Standard bass features vintage-style Thunderbird mini humbucking pickups found on its original model, offering excellent sustain. In addition, locking Grover tuners and a Nashville Tune-o-matic bridge add another level of quality.


The Gibson EB-0 Bass has become one of their most iconic instruments throughout its long history, boasting a short scale length (30.5 inches). This allows it to produce deep tones while its single humbucking pickup delivers excellent tone quality and can even be customized via volume and tone knobs for more personalization.

This bass comes in various finishes such as cherry, sunburst and black. Made of solid mahogany for maximum durability and playability. Perfect for beginners learning the bass.

Gibson introduced its EB-0 bass in 1959, and it quickly became one of their best-selling models for some time. However, over time other models became available with different features; such as when Gibson switched up the body shape by replacing Les Paul Junior body for an SG one; thus giving birth to what we now refer to as an EB-3 model that has remained in production ever since.

EB-0 bass’s unique sound lies in its thick and muddy low end, earning it the nickname “Mudbuckers.” Ideal for players seeking a full and robust tone across genres ranging from blues to funk, the EB-0’s sound complements most styles well.

Epiphone’s EB-0 bass guitar offers budget-conscious bassists the ideal instrument to explore SG style bass playing. Boasting all of the same features found on its predecessor from Gibson, but with an easier budget. Epiphone also offers an upgraded version featuring premium ebony finish if desired.


The EB-3 is an impressive recreation of one of rock music’s iconic basses. Boasting a Mahogany body with set neck and Rosewood fingerboard, its Mahogany tonewood toneboard produces rich bass tones while calibrated SG bass pickups offer a range of tones to satisfy both beginner and experienced players alike. Plus, with volume and tone controls it’s easy to find what sounds right for you.

This EB-3 guitar features a mahogany body with a set neck and is ideal for anyone in search of an amazing-sounding bass that can tackle any genre. This vintage vibe bass features Gibson SG bass pickups for instantaneous playability right out of the box; and its 34-inch scale length provides deep, clear sound suitable for rock music – ideal for taking your music to new heights! Perfect for any musician wanting to elevate their music beyond what was possible before!

Epiphone’s recreation of the classic Gibson EB-3 bass guitar is a stunning instrument, perfectly replicating its look and feel. Offering affordable entry into electric guitar playing, this solid-body bass features trapezoid inlays for added authenticity, along with its Cherry finish finish.

Gibson’s EB-3 bass guitar was an icon of many iconic bands during the 1960s. Known for its short scale length and distinctive shape, its short scale length made it a top pick among smaller players. Additionally, its strong fundamental tone became a go-to instrument for Jack Bruce of Cream. Additionally, its distinctive sound and timeless look made this instrument must-have item for any bassist.

The EB-3 comes equipped with Gibson’s Tune-o-Matic two-point bridge and features its signature Tune-o-Matic two-point bridge with mutes for improved string intonation, dust protection, and cover protection. The latter feature was absent on its predecessor versions. This upgrade provides improved string intonation while protecting strings against dust accumulation.

SG Standard

The Gibson SG Standard bass guitars feature two versatile humbucking pickups designed to cater to any genre of music. Their iconic looks and sound made the SG Standard one of their most beloved basses; not to mention its lightweight body and 30″ scale that make playing it comfortable and convenient.

SG Standard basses feature improved humbuckers that can easily handle high-gain amp settings without any fuss, while their burstbucker Pro neck and bridge pickups offer push-pull switches to change pickup configuration, providing single coil sounds without feedback while giving more clarity at lower frequencies. Furthermore, their switch activation also enables scooped tones for reduced low end frequencies and scooped tones for added bass clarity.

The SG Standard guitar features humbucking pickups for an unmistakably full and fat sound, perfect for any gig. Crafted of mahogany with an ergonomic yet aesthetically pleasing deep, sculpted shape and slim curved neck profile – making this instrument easy to play – and featuring an impressive variety of tones from creamy sweetness to bluesy grunge – its pickups provide an incredible range of tones from creamy sweetness through gritty bluesy bluesy bluesy.

This SG Bass offers the best value for money available today. At significantly less than half the cost of an EB-3 bass guitar, yet still offering all of the iconic elements associated with its design. Perfect for adding some extra bass thump into a band’s sound.

Many acclaimed musicians have utilized a short-scale SG bass to craft their signature sound, with Cream bassist Jack Bruce making great use of this style in many recordings with them. Its distinct tone will stand out in any band.

While the SG bass may take time to become familiar, it’s well worth giving it a shot. More versatile than Precision basses and can fit seamlessly with any rock outfit, its quality control varies significantly between guitar manufacturers. Fender and Gibson are well-known American manufacturers with various standards of quality assurance available, however their practices have sometimes been inconsistent in the market.

SG Modern

The SG Modern guitar is a great option for anyone wanting a Les Paul-like sound in their sound. With an AA flamed maple cap and solid mahogany body, this instrument delivers both clarity and snap that you won’t get with thicker Les Paul models. A pair of Gibson SG Humbucker pickups provide this bass with full tonal versatility while push/pull volume controls let you split these pickups for even greater tonal options. Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners, Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece complete its appointments.

The Gibson SG bass is one of the most versatile instruments around due to its short scale length and powerful fundamental tone, while still remaining comfortable to play due to its rounded profile mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and set-in neck joint that provides more stability than bolt-on or neck-through joints. Tune-O-Matic bridge tuning adjustments and Stopbar tailpiece make intonation adjustments easy while its comfortable curved shape features 22 medium-jumbo frets which are easy to press down.

The SG Modern guitar’s humbucker pickups make it the ideal instrument for high-gain music styles like heavy metal. Its sound can withstand the intensity of heavy metal without losing its classic tone; additionally, this instrument comes equipped with a coil tap for use when playing more laid-back styles.

If you’re searching for an affordable bass guitar with plenty of versatility and tones to offer, the SG bass guitar may be ideal. Equipped with powerful humbucking pickups that deliver plenty of power and tones while its mahogany body offers exceptional durability – the SG also comes in various metallic shades as well as natural wood tones to make this a versatile choice.

The Gibson SG has long been revered by guitar enthusiasts. From beginners to pros alike, its popularity spans multiple decades. A top seller in their lineup, with many upgrade options available and its great tone, versatility, and iconic looks it remains popular today.