Top 21 Dance Music 90s Hits

Are you searching for classic dance hits to fill your playlist and bring everyone out onto the dance floor? Look no further: here is our compilation of 21 songs sure to get everyone up and dancing at your next party.

From Madonna to MC Hammer, these 90s dance songs will help your guests reminisce on past memories while giving the illusion they’re dancing on an old time machine!


Madonna is an iconic figure in popular culture and her music has had an enormous effect on many artists. Madonna made waves during the 90s with her dance music that transcended boundaries while creating some of her most iconic tracks.

Her debut dance-pop single catapulted her to stardom and cemented her place in pop culture history. One of the defining tracks from her career – produced by Nile Rogers – that contributed to this recognition was Nile Rogers-produced party anthem “Everybody”. This track then helped pave the way for Everybody, which ultimately proved to be her breakthrough hit single.

This song’s lyrics pay a nod to glitz and flamboyance while also recalling the drag ball culture of the 1980s.

As such, this track has become a timeless classic and remains a highly influential dance-pop hit to this day. With its distinctive vocals and confident delivery making an instant impactful hit.

Madonna uses music to express herself creatively through visual imagery that’s both strong and memorable, such as her powerful imagery in this video. Her lyrics are smart and creative while its metaphor of love makes for an excellent storyline.


The 1990s was a decade marked by Eurodance, vivid clothing and walkmans; shell suits (I had one!); Teenage Mutant “Hero” Turtles; and catchy dance songs – but for some of us there was also one artist that broke onto the scene with one of its best singles: Haddaway!

Nestor Alexander Haddaway, more commonly known by his nickname of Haddaway, was born in Trinidad and Tobago on January 1965 to parents who worked as nurses and marine biologists respectively.

He studied history and political science at George Washington University before moving to Cologne, Germany, to pursue music professionally. In 1993 he released his debut album – entitled The Album.

Haddaway’s The Album blends Eurodance with pop, soul and r&b, offering catchy songs and memorable dance beats that make listening an enjoyable experience. Haddaway’s powerful vocals provide a nice accent; though at times the album can become repetitive; nonetheless it would make an excellent addition to your 90s playlist!


The 1990s was an exceptional decade for music lovers! Pop, rock and roll, alternative, rap, hip-hop and country fans could all find something to enjoy during this era!

Are you searching for the ultimate dance music of the 1990s? Look no further. We’ve put together our favorite tunes from this era to help create a playlist that will have guests dancing!

EMF’s “Unbelievable”, from their album of the same name, is an upbeat dance track that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of the 90s. Packed with playful lyrics and an irresistibly catchy hook, its infectious melody compels listeners to move to its beat!

This popular 1990s dance song will set any retro party or wedding event off right, providing upbeat energy and memorable vocal samples that are sure to get everyone dancing on the dance floor.


Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is in the Heart” will add classic 90s dance music to your party playlist with its catchy drum beat and singable lyrics that will get everyone moving! This track offers something for all types of events.

Deee-Lite emerged in New York during the mid-1980s as an innovative dance-pop group that combined elements of funk, soul, disco and house music into an unforgettable sound. Their colorful costumes delighted audiences worldwide while their energetic songs helped define early 1990s dance music scenes.

Deee-Lite may have only had a short music career, but their three studio albums are well worth hearing! From funky grooves to reflective songs and everything in between – Deee-Lite are sure to leave an impactful legacy with their work!

Deee-Lite are best known for their debut album World Clique, which reached number one on the charts in 1990 and remains one of the most iconic dance music albums ever. It contains some of their signature tracks such as “Groove Is in the Heart,” now considered an industry classic.

MC Hammer

“U Can’t Touch This,” by MC Hammer, remains one of the biggest dance hits of the 1990s, still inspiring people to move to this day. Boasting an irresistibly catchy beat and infectious hook reminiscent of its originator’s trademark pants style hammer pants look, “U Can’t Touch This” remains an irresistibly danceable classic today that continues to get people moving.

Born Stanley Kirk Burrell, MC Hammer grew up poor. To start his music career he performed outside Oakland Coliseum during Oakland A’s games and later earned money as batboy for their team – something which eventually helped sustain him financially.

After experiencing financial strain, Hammer was able to rebound as both a rapper and businessman. Additionally, his dedication to helping the community has earned him many accolades and praise from youth alike.

Hammer’s 1990 album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em was an impressive commercial success; however, his subsequent releases failed to match this success and received harsher critical reception than its sales. Additionally, critics accused Hammer of overly-relying on sampling entire hooks from other artists; during this time period he also faced lawsuits from musicians claiming that their music had been inappropriately utilized by Hammer.

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot was an early pioneer of hip-hop outside New York, popularizing Seattle with his unique blend of rap music, social commentary and humor. He became the first rapper ever to earn a platinum record and is often credited with spreading hip-hop across the globe.

Square Dance Rap, his 1985 debut single, fused Kraftwerk-influenced electronic bass-driven hip-hop rhythms with square dance caller style calls to become an instant success both locally and nationally. Although critics dismissed him as an amusing novelty act, his catchy, bass-heavy tracks quickly gained widespread appeal among his fan base due to both their humor and danceability.

Financial disputes between Nastymix and Mack Daddy led to a legal battle that resulted in his departure, until Def American head Rick Rubin intervened and offered him a major-label contract with them. Mack Daddy quickly rose to stardom due to its critique of police profiling practices; its single, “Baby Got Back”, becoming an overnight hit on MTV (though eventually limited to evening hours only).

Mix-A-Lot is best known for his one-hit wonder hit “Baby Got Back,” yet his albums offer much more than catchy rap tracks; they provide insight into life around him through humorous lyrics and imagery.


The 1990s were an incredible era for dance music, featuring influences from disco, house, trance and techno combining into a fresh sound that was loved by audiences everywhere. Many artists who made an impression during this decade are now household names; no surprise then that many great tracks from this decade continue to be played today!

Stardust, the French house trio comprising producers Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond are known for their infectious grooves and retro-futuristic sound. “Music Sounds Better With You” became one of their signature tracks featuring a guitar riff from Chaka Khan’s 1981 song ‘Fate.”

This timeless song from the 1990s continues to inspire audiences worldwide; make sure it’s part of your music library today and prepare to move! Take off those blue jeans and start dancing away the night with these amazing 90s dance songs!

Carlos Santana

Santana, an iconic Mexican-American rock and blues guitarist, songwriter, and band leader known for combining Latin, rock, and blues music, has gained enormous acclaim throughout his career.

He is well-recognized for his many Grammy wins throughout his career and as an activist, supporting numerous causes around the globe to assist disadvantaged individuals.

His most celebrated song, ‘Smooth,’ sold millions of copies worldwide and became the first Latin artist single ever to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100 chart. This success cemented his legacy and encouraged others to pursue their goals.

Santana has long been revered as one of the greatest musicians ever, owing to his passion and devotion to his art form, which led him to success. Through music he has reached millions around the globe with his message of peace, love and unity; making his music all the more significant for being part of history – yet remaining relevant over many more years ahead. A legend in music itself!