Top 5 Audio Equipment Sales Near Me

audio equipment sales near me

Sell audio gear is an effective way of earning extra cash – whether you work in the music industry or are just looking to clear out some old equipment – but make sure that you research its marketability beforehand.

Follow these tips for taking great photos and you are bound for success.

Best Buy

Best Buy sells an extensive array of electronics and audio equipment, such as routers, laptops, 4K televisions, mobile phones and music gear. However, the store also sells plenty of junk such as items that don’t fit properly, straight-to-DVD movies and headphones with only half their frequency range available for sale.

To save money when it comes to electronics, purchase refurbished devices and open-box gear whenever possible. For instance, buying headphones and earbuds that have been refurbished could cut half off their retail cost.

Trade-in your old gadgets to take advantage of a discount when buying something new – for instance, an HP printer that no longer functions can be brought to a Best Buy Service Center and recycled in exchange for 15% off on an inkjet printer purchase.

Best Buy operates several Best Buy Outlet stores that specialize in open-box electronics and appliances. Each outlet store is staffed with technicians who can repair appliances brought by customers as well as allow vendors to sell refurbished goods at discounted rates.

Sam Ash Music

Sam Ash Music offers all the gear you need to become an accomplished musician, from guitars and amps, drums, pianos and DJ equipment – everything needed for fulfilling musical ambitions is available here.

They offer over 45 stores located throughout various states and all are staffed with knowledgeable musicians who know exactly which gear will meet your requirements. Furthermore, you can bring in your gear for repair at their service centers.

As with most music retailers, Sam Ash offers a 45-day return policy on items which are unsatisfactory or damaged, making sure you are completely happy with your purchase before committing. This provides peace of mind.

Sam Ash offers new equipment as well as used guitars at discounted rates; therefore, before visiting your local store you should search online to view prices first. In addition, they accept most musical gear for trade-in and have an attractive financing program available for both in-store and online purchases.

World Wide Stereo

World Wide Stereo offers high-end audio equipment and accessories from speakers and headphones to home theater systems and media furniture in two Pennsylvania showrooms, not to mention smart home lighting solutions and motorized window treatments.

The store has developed an outstanding reputation thanks to their staff’s enthusiasm for their products and their willingness to show them off. Furthermore, they employ experienced installation experts and trained designers so that each and every customer receives exactly what they require.

World Wide Stereo is honored to have been honored as the CTA Integrator of the Year 2023! This honor recognizes their skillful installations and comprehensive technical capabilities, which set them apart from competitors in this competitive industry.

They have been in business for over four decades and have thrived through multiple recessions by offering personalized service at competitive pricing for name-brand televisions, stereo equipment and headphones. Furthermore, their full service custom creative design and installation team provides the finest audio, video, home theater integration products as well as smart home integration products right to their customers’ homes.

Parts Express

Parts Express is an online audio equipment retailer offering a selection of speakers, car audio gear and professional audio products at great prices. In addition to offering repair services for their speakers and shipping worldwide they also provide speaker repairs along with special sales promotions to save customers money.

Recently, Midwest Audiofest hosted by their company attracted audio enthusiasts from all across the country for tent sales, swap meets, and speaker design competitions.

Parts Express invited several industry experts, such as Jerry McNutt from Eminence Speakers and Peter Noerbaek from PBN Audio, to judge their DIY speaker competition. This event provided Parts Express an ideal opportunity to engage their customers while building community spirit.

The company provides several shipping options, including free standard ground delivery on orders of $100 or more. Their return policy typically allows returns within 45 days; however, returns of audio products or any used for specific applications may take longer.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center has everything from guitars, drums, amps, DJ equipment and recording gear to Fender Taylor Pioneer DJ Gibson Yamaha Martin guitars in its stores – everything you could possibly need! Their products span top brands like Fender, Taylor Pioneer DJ Gibson Yamaha Martin.

GC also provides repairs, lessons and instrument rentals – their knowledgeable staff is friendly and willing to help find you an instrument tailored specifically to your musical style.

If you want to upgrade your guitar, bass or amp GC has certified technicians who can install new pickups to improve tone as well as rewire preexisting connections.

At GC, you can rent guitars, bass, drums and other gear from top brands for easy live performances or recording demos without needing to commit to purchasing all necessary equipment upfront.

Alternately, you could sell your gear on the used market to make more money; however, this process requires uploading photos and gear specs onto online marketplaces. Most musical equipment has resale values of between 50-60 percent of its current market price.

Front End Audio

Front End Audio has you covered whether you need an audio interface, microphone or financing options – and has an exceptional selection of products with outstanding sales support and financing solutions to make sure your home studio setup goes smoothly.

If you’re on the market for some of the sexiest tech in the industry, look no further than their high-end digital signal processors and equally impressive analog hardware. Furthermore, this company boasts an assortment of exquisite microphones to meet all of your needs, such as condenser dynamic tube ribbon and USB models.

Front End Audio makes buying music online convenient with their interactive showroom and straightforward ordering process, free shipping and returns policy as well as their helpful blog section offering articles and tips for selecting equipment to meet both budgetary needs and home studio environments.


Thomann is one of the largest online music instrument retailers worldwide, offering an expansive selection of gear and accessories suitable for musicians of all abilities – from beginners to pros.

They offer an exceptional return policy and warranty, something not offered by many other music instrument retailers. Furthermore, their security practices for payment processing and customer information is taken very seriously.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive acoustic instrument, Guitar Center is an ideal place to purchase one. Their inventory changes frequently so it is bound to have something suitable.

Thomann offers an amazing team of music experts that can answer any inquiries regarding your purchase, providing peace of mind that it will perform at its optimal best. This service makes shopping at Thomann all the more rewarding!

Their website is very straightforward and provides plenty of categories if you need specific products. Plus, there’s even an easy search function if genre searching is what you prefer!


Crutchfield has been operating since 1974 as an audio equipment retailer. Their extensive website contains extensive product details as well as an excellent customer service team who offer helpful assistance when needed.

Crutchfield offers multiple ways for their customers to contact their support team: email, chat and phone are all viable options, plus there’s the Q&A section which enables users to submit questions and get answers from other customers.

Their website includes additional features to improve customer experiences, including product research and videos showing how to use various items. This demonstrates an omnichannel approach to customer service that places the customer at the core of all its business decisions.

Crutchfield has built its success on an unwavering commitment to customers, which it has maintained despite rapid technological change and Internet disruption. Crutchfield takes time each day to learn from and integrate customer feedback into its business strategy.