Top 5 Country Music Hottest 2021

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Country music isn’t all pickup trucks and whiskey; at its heart lies familial pride and the ability to overcome hardship.

Gabby Barrett and Maren Morris are testaments to this fact; this week they top the country music chart and serve as a reminder that traditional country is alive and kicking!

1. Lainey Wilson – “Heart Like A Truck”

Lainey Wilson earned her third career number-one at country radio this week with “Heart Like A Truck.” Produced by Jay Joyce and co-written with Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, the song compares a woman’s heart to an off-road truck to demonstrate that whatever life throws our way can be overcome.

This song boasts an inspiring message of perseverance and resilience, making it a favorite anthem among women of all ages. With its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, this tune makes for easy singing along while encouraging listeners never to give up their dreams.

Wilson has quickly emerged as one of Nashville’s most exciting young artists, thanks to her electrifying stage presence and charismatic persona that have quickly made her a fan favorite among audiences around the globe. Wilson has shared stages with some of music’s biggest names like Jason Aldean, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen Hardy Jon Pardi et al.

On this new single, Wilson delivers an unforgettable performance of “Nobody Knows”. Her singing talent is on full display while Lainey showcases her acting chops in Elizabeth Olmstead’s music video for this track which tells a captivating story of a novice horse trainer trying to gain trust of a wild animal in order to train it for competition – along with stunning landscapes and performance scenes that show Lainey off at her best!

Lainey provides us with an intimate glimpse of both her artistry and its powerful messages in one song, while simultaneously showing off the range and versatility of her sound that have helped to ensure her success. Even with Bro-Country taking over country radio stations today, Lainey can keep the genre fresh with new material to bring to the foreground.

With a heart as big as a truck, Lainey has quickly made her mark in the industry. Combining powerful lyrics with an upbeat tempo, “Heart Like A Truck” is sure to become a country classic! Check it out below!

2. Charley Crockett – “I’m Just A Clown”

Charley Crockett proves country music’s capacity for crafting transcendent and soulful musical spaces with ease. We witnessed this during his Tonight Show performance of his new song “I’m Just A Clown”, when he stood center stage wearing full Texas uniform to deliver his song with an unforgettable vocal that seemed almost statuesque – complimented by textures arrangements and arrangements that create an organic sound even when heavily processed.

This song is an emotional murder ballad backed by brooding rhythms that showcase his mesmerizing baritone voice, far removed from Florida Georgia Line’s popular party-country songs about partying, drinking and attractive women; instead it provides a reminder that there are other forms of country music out there which still resonate.

Track from his forthcoming album The Man from Waco is already making waves across Americana radio, breaking into the top 40 on Hot Country Songs chart and garnering over one million views on video – proof of its success as he finds his place within an increasingly competitive landscape of country music.

Crockett effortlessly moves between Western, Old School Country Soul (“Trinity River”), and classic country (including songs like “Just Like Honey” and “Black Sedan” ). His ability to name-drop different cities and towns while moving between these sounds gives him freedom without losing his identity as a Texas cowboy singer.

Charley Crockett has released an impressive record that proves he’s one of the true greats in today’s outlaw country scene. Sure, there may be more accomplished songwriters and singers out there; but nobody quite as proficient with all musical styles than Charley Crockett himself – making him such an intriguing figure to future country music listeners.

3. Zach Bryan – “Something In The Orange”

Zach Bryan is one of country music’s most exciting rising artists, serving as a voice for a new generation of fans who seek something outside the formulaic and commercialised mainstream of Nashville. His music draws upon personal experiences and observations to express themes of love, loss, hope and redemption with an original style that has garnered both critical acclaim as well as fan affection.

His latest hit “Something In The Orange,” is an emotive tribute to lost love. The song tells the tale of an individual haunted by memories of his former relationship and desperately searching the sun’s rays for signs that she will return; eventually he comes to accept that there may never be another chance; “something tells me you’re never coming home” laments he laments in despair.

This powerful country ballad stands as a testament to the expressive capabilities of country music as an expressive medium, captivating millions of listeners worldwide and cementing itself into our popular consciousness. It’s clear its success has catapulted its artist into prominence.

Bryan has made history by entering the top 10 on US Billboard Hot Country charts for the first time ever – an accomplishment which will undoubtedly inspire even more country music fans to discover his work.

Musically, this track is an exquisite and gorgeous mix of folk, country and rock influences. The production is sparse but effective; subtle touches of piano and strings add depth. Bryan’s vocals are subtle yet powerful; conveying feelings of introspection and wonder. At its climax point, soaring guitar solos and pounding drums amp up its intensity.

While Bryan’s American Heartbreak album version features an enhanced production, Bear Creek recording still shows his immense talent as an acoustic artist.

4. Maren Morris – “Circles Around This Town”

Maren Morris returned after an unexpectedly quiet 2021 with her first new music of 2021 – an autobiographical single written with husband Ryan Hurd, Julia Michaels and Jimmy Robbins that explores her early days trying to become a singer in Nashville and the obstacles that stood in her way. The song gives Morris an opportunity to reflect upon these early experiences of making music as well as any associated obstacles she might face along her journey.

Morris uses her car with broken air conditioning as a metaphor for her journey towards becoming one of Nashville’s premier singer-songwriters. From the outset, it becomes apparent that Morris understands what is required to create genuine and relatable songs while at the same time maintaining her trademark sprightly vocal delivery and charming character.

Morris excels at convincing her audience of her point of view or simply entertaining with this track, likely drawing more of her fans into her album project than ever.

Morris will release her third full-length, Humble Quest, on March 20, and it marks an incredible maturation process compared to her breakout success in 2019. While still offering some countrified cheekiness that made her popular this past year, Morris masterfully manages the balance between rootsy flourishes and mainstream gloss – providing fresh perspectives from her unique viewpoint on genre music.

Megan Moroney’s debut Lucky features plenty of steel guitar and twang, while Houston Bernard’s Songs for the People EP contains this impressive tribute to struggling working class people.

Although female country artists have made considerable strides since their initial comeback in country music, male acts remain predominating the charts. Yet the number of women at the top has seen a notable increase over time and four of this week’s songs come from female artists; additionally Lonestar holds on for an unbroken eight week run at #1 of Hot Country Songs chart since airplay data became part of charts in 1990.