Top 5 Kid Friendly Pop Music for Kids Parties

pop music kid friendly

Kids love pop songs because of their catchy beats and straightforward lyrics, making it easy for them to move to and sing along with artists’ performances. They can dance freely to them while having a blast!

This song is ideal for kids as its magical, fairy-like quality encourages them to speak up and speak out. Additionally, this tune encourages them to be brave and share their voice.

1. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

If you are organizing a children’s party, music is essential in getting everyone moving and dancing. Pop songs that appeal to kids such as their favorite pop tunes will get everyone moving – kids will enjoy dancing to these tunes with their friends or joining school choir when they learn the lyrics!

One of the most beloved songs currently is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. With its catchy beat and simple lyrics that appeal to children of all ages, as well as its irresistibly catchy chorus that will have your children singing along! Additionally, this track makes an enjoyable dance tune; kids may even love doing routines such as the worm or cup routine while dancing along to this hit tune!

The Black Eyed Peas are known for producing infectious dance tunes like “I Gotta Feeling”, and this fun track won’t disappoint your little dancers! The fast beat allows them to move their bodies confidently yet is gentle enough for younger children.

Taylor Swift has many songs with kid-friendly messages, but none more so than “Mean.” This upbeat tune teaches children to treat others kindly and that being mean will only harm themselves and their feelings.

Demi Lovato’s rendition of Frozen hit is another wonderful song for children to sing and dance to, offering an engaging rhythm and easy lyrics that children will find easy to remember. Perfect for solo performances as well as performances with choir groups!

2. “Mean” by Taylor Swift

This song is an ideal way to teach kids about standing up for what you believe in and encouraging children who may be bullied to embrace their differences with pride. Additionally, its catchy beat will get kids dancing along.

Taylor Swift released “Mean”, her third studio album track from Speak Now. This upbeat banjo-led country track served as her response to music critic Bob Lefsetz for criticizing her performance with Stevie Nicks in February 2010. Declan Whitebloom directed its music video, showing Swift performing with her band and depicting scenes of people experiencing bullying – such as an actress Joey King and singer-songwriter Presley Cash appearing as victims who experience ridicule from peers for reading fashion magazines. This clip received positive reviews across media platforms.

This song is the ideal tune to play at any children’s birthday party or family get-together. The uplifting and encouraging lyrics will encourage children to dance and sing along; its easy melody will help your entire family sing it together – adding another fun layer of singing together! Sung as an upbeat anthem that will put smiles on faces everywhere – plus, it teaches children the value of kindness!

3. “Firework” by Katy Perry

Perry’s third album Teenage Dream features “Firework”, an upbeat dance-pop track which serves as an empowering song with lyrics that encourage young people to stand up for what they believe in when faced with opposition.

Perry released a music video for “Youth Envy,” an inspirational and empowering young person’s anthem, that has since become an inspirational and empowering young person’s anthem. The clip opens with Perry gazing down on a city from her balcony with fireworks bursting from her soul; then moves on to inspiring young people to face their fears and insecurities and ignite their own fireworks: for instance a shy overweight girl finds the courage to go swimming and proves she should not feel ashamed; while another young person overcomes leukemia by telling family and friends how much they care for them – in short an inspiring and empowering young person overcomes leukemia by telling loved ones how much they cares for them – she then moves onto inspiring young people from which she draws strength to ignite their own fireworks as she inspires others – giving young people courage that she then inspires insecurities and fears from within, which then leads into action – such as shy overweight girl find courage to overcome her fearful shameful, while another overcomes leukemia by telling family and friends how much they cared for them both of them both of course they cared for their parents while another overcomes it by telling family/friends how much they cares for them both of course this time it all began it all began for those involved to face fears or insecurities by inspiring young people about facing fears and insecurities and in turn sparking their own fireworks as she inspired young people who took up for example shy overweight girl overcome her insecurity which sparking their fears then go swimming, thus sparking their fears by telling family/friend they love them how much.

This song is one of the best pop tunes to play when children feel discouraged or down. It makes an excellent pick-me-up tune, perfect for school choirs to sing together. With its upbeat skippy township beat and simple lyrics which children find easy to grasp, this tune is ideal to help children regain their confidence after an exhausting school day.

4. “Fight Song” by Demi Lovato

This song is an engaging dance tune designed for children. With an accessible beat and singable lyrics – especially with all those “oohs” and “aahs!”- this tune would make a great choice for a child’s birthday party or other events!

Demi Lovato’s latest release is an upbeat pop song designed to both engage children and empower them. The track tells the tale of a girl fighting to keep parts of herself that her former relationship had destroyed, making this an inspiring track that will provide comfort during tough times.

Breaking from the dark EDM sounds that dominated 2017, this song offers a refreshing and energetic summer pop hit, featuring an exciting collaboration. Lovato leads most of the track, her vocals being magnificent. However, UK rapper Steflon Don may steal the show with his verse.

Pop rock song that’s perfect for kids, this timeless classic will get everyone moving. Boasting an exciting beat and easy lyrics that are fun to learn and sing along to, its catchy chorus encourages children to be their best selves – providing a positive message about living the best possible life and encouraging self-confidence even when other tell them they don’t.

5. “Let It Go” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has taken great care to portray herself in a positive and family friendly light since returning as Disney sweetheart, thanks to Frozen soundtrack. This kid friendly version of chart-topping song which also appears at the movie’s closing credits will surely have children up and dancing in no time!

Smash Mouth’s fast-paced song is perfect for young children who wish to express themselves freely while dancing without worrying what others think of their movements. The lyrics encourage girls to support each other, trust in themselves, and recognize their individual strength.

Although most of these songs are upbeat, it is wise to include slower tunes for when your children need some down time or need something soothing and peaceful to sing along to. Bruno Mars wrote an amazing minimalist tune called I Am Amazing to remind children they are incredible just the way they are.

This song from Sara Bareilles from 2013 provides children with an invaluable lesson on the power of positivity – something the main character in Despicable Me 2 did when being bullied by rivals. Additionally, its versatility allows it to teach kids about standing up for what they believe in and trusting themselves; its adaptability adds even greater depth.

6. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles has captured audiences around the world as a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter with her intimate vocals and piano-driven songs about heartache and resilience. 2007 hit Love Song was widely hailed as a global anthem for heartbreak while 2010’s Kaleidoscope Heart and 2013’s Album of the Year Grammy contender The Blessed Unrest both earned Top 5 Billboard chart debuts – becoming an essential piece in their canons.

Bareilles revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon how her song Brave became an LGBTQ anthem, explaining she composed it as an intimate letter for one of her close friends who was struggling to come out as bisexual to friends and family. Brave is a poignant reminder that being true to yourself brings honor, integrity, and beauty in its wake.

Since her time on TODAY, Bareilles has continued her musical development by creating an EP and collaborating with artists such as Ben Folds and Jon McLaughlin. In 2019 she performed in the Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods and won a Grammy Award for its cast recording; that same year she also released Amidst the Chaos: Live from Hollywood Bowl, documenting her November 2019 performance at this legendary Los Angeles venue; touring was also part of her agenda while writing musicals was underway – and recently teaming up with Cyndi Lauper and Hoda Kotb for TODAY’s Shine A Light series to produce two great songs: Brave and True Colors to give listeners something special; no doubt Bareilles won’t stop any time soon either!