Top 5 Music Videos That Will Make You Cry

Make yourself comfortable, grab some Kleenex, and prepare to cry – we have collected some incredible music videos that are guaranteed to move you.

FKA Twigs’ video for Sad Day is an emotional exploration of a life that seems pointless and empty, which resonates strongly with many who have experienced loneliness or depression. TikTok users in particular find its lyrics moving.

Adele – Someone Like You

Adele’s second single from her 21 album was Someone Like You – an emotive ballad about a failed relationship and her longing to find someone who understands her. It quickly rose up the charts and reached number one both in the UK and US charts; becoming her first worldwide number-one hit single.

Adele and Dan Wilson collaborated in creating this ballad in duple meter with four beats per measure and uses a simple piano accompaniment in major key. Adele sings softly at lower pitches; its main bass piano melody contains three separate notes instead of chords to produce an homophonic melodic pattern.

Adele’s voice is joined in the third verse by backup voices that do not remain uniform; similarly, Adele’s piano changes from playing chords on each downbeat measure to just playing individual notes before returning to its main bass melody of the opening section.

Jake Nava directed and shot a music video for “Hello” that features Adele walking along a road while singing, with a sad expression on her face, while singing this song from Paris, France. Since its upload on YouTube it has received more than two billion views and appeared in numerous year-end lists of best songs of 2011, such as Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop critics’ poll and BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart countdown countdown.

Bruce Springsteen – The River

No matter if this song is about first love or failed marriages, this Springsteen ballad perfectly captures that feeling when dreams fade away. Not just for those pursuing their passion either; Springsteen championed working class families too and this song’s shotgun wedding in particular refers to his sister marrying against her will simply to provide for her family.

Following his uptempo and joyful rock and roll album Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen once more turned towards darker aspects of life with The River. Boasting songs of exhilarating highs and crushing lows, The River represents someone finding his voice to speak for those unable to do so themselves.

“The River” was the iconic song from this album, depicting someone witnessing a car accident on an urban highway at night and realizing they could have been involved themselves. Cover versions have been made by numerous artists over time including Saint Etienne, Natalie Imbruglia and Psychic TV – and was even featured both in movie The Wrestler as well as TV show The Sopranos.

Drake – Doing It Wrong

Drake may be best known for his heartbreak songs, but his songs also touch upon life’s struggles and difficulties with maintaining friendships. In this song he laments how some only care about him for his fame or wealth and leave him feeling isolated.

With its soothing beat and soft vocals, this song emotes longing and sorrow. It addresses how one might cope after experiencing their loved one’s passing away; making listeners consider how they might react should something similar occur to them.

Sarah MacLachlan’s haunting voice and production make this song perfect for any video depicting loss or grieving in general, such as those featuring funerals of loved ones who have passed. Additionally, its poignant lyrics address grief as something which we must constantly face today in our world.

Tori Amos made her name singing about heartache in the 1990s and 2000s. Tear in Your Hand remains one of her classics that is still played on radio stations worldwide as well as used for commercials.

This track from Drake’s 2016 album “Views” is a reflective tune about how it feels to realize your former partner has moved on without you, providing an excellent breakup song when feeling down about something or someone. This track features a relaxing beat with Drake delivering emotional verses to help process feelings more efficiently.

Arctic Monkeys – Laserquest

Arctic Monkeys have become one of the most successful British bands of recent times, winning numerous awards and selling millions of albums worldwide. Known for their distinctive mix of rock music that incorporates various genres – with songs that are both humorous and poignant; such as Laserquest which depicts loss as something which affects people differently – Arctic Monkeys continue to sell millions worldwide of their albums every year!

Alex Turner wrote this song to express his sorrow over losing a love interest. Its music video depicts clips of someone walking in a desert while gazing up towards the sky. Alex’s lyrics are poetic yet haunting while its music provides a simple yet haunting backdrop – making this an emotive yet poignant tribute to lost love.

Arctic Monkeys’ track “One More Light” is an incredible example of their signature indie rock sound, boasting catchy guitar riffs and driving rhythms that appeal to their fan base. Additionally, its lyrics provide plenty of humor – no wonder this tune has become such a fan favorite!

This song tells the tale of an individual who falls for another but comes to realize she isn’t right for him, with its bittersweet lyrics depicting unrequited romance as it provides another showcase for this band’s distinct rock music style.

Katy Perry – The Waiter

Katy Perry’s music video for her song, filmed in Budapest, Hungary features various scenes depicting young people dealing with their insecurities while paying homage to the It Gets Better Project. Nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards and awarded one as well, as well as winning Best Art Direction, it garnered multiple nods at each ceremony.

Katy Perry’s music in this video is melancholic and introspective, drawing out her inward-gazing side. With its psychedelic aesthetic and black and white visuals reminiscing Alice in Wonderland-like visuals. The song serves as an allegory for life’s ups and downs while its visuals serve as an inspirational message for our time.

Young Perry appears in the video dressed as a clown and interacts with other children while dancing to circus-themed video game music. Later, she participates in talent competition while older Perry watches from the sidelines.

Katy Perry’s lyrics of this song are extremely sexual in nature, alluding to female sexuality through consumption. This theme has been explored previously through videos for Teenage Dream and California Gurls songs. However, critics have stated that Katy Perry uses “peacock” in an offensive manner as it’s used as a term used against homosexuals; later however the lyric was modified so as to no longer refer to them.

Taylor Swift – All Too Well

Taylor Swift is known for crafting emotive songs like her 2012 album Red’s hit single “All Too Well,” about failed romances; many speculated it referred to Jake Gyllenhaal. Recently, Swift released an extended version of “All Too Well,” featuring more detail into its heartbreaking narrative; she even performed it live on Saturday Night Live and directed its accompanying music video featuring Stranger Things star Sadie Sink and Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf.

Taylor expertly navigated a video depicting her journey through emotions as distinct as the seasons: from new romance and passion in summertime, to mourning in autumnal operatics. Fans were transfixed by this performance as it became evident that Swift was sharing her personal narrative through this performance with her fanbase.

As soon as the video premiered, Swifties took to Twitter in droves to criticise Gyllenhaal for holding on to the red scarf she mentioned in the lyrics and urge him to return it – this small detail illustrates just how meaningful Taylor’s music has become with its audience and her recent releases have only cemented her place as a pop icon further.