Top 7 Taylor Swift Piano Songs For Beginners

Taylor Swift songs offer many excellent options for beginning guitarists. Seven is an upbeat track which uses only basic open chords with an easy strumming pattern, making this song ideal for beginning guitar players.

“Carigan,” with its gorgeous, moss-covered piano and poetry-infused lyrics of heartbreak, makes an excellent option for beginners looking to get into playing music. Based around just four chords in C major, “cardigan” provides an accessible yet challenging route into this form of expression.


Swiftie Stans (super fans) beginning their piano journey can find solace in The Super Easy Songbook, an anthology of Taylor Swift songs created especially for beginners that provides 30 songs from her entire discography as well as helpful resources that will allow them to successfully play them. Ideal for students in Hoffman Academy units 3-6 who are ready to use chord diagrams and left hand rhythms, it provides 30 songs from across her eras and provides valuable practice opportunities.

Taylor’s 2021 album Red contains the emotional ballad Lover that captures modern relationships through their ups and downs in an easy to learn ballad format. Its simple melodic structure makes this piece accessible to pianists of all abilities.

Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift from her evermore album is a song depicting an engagement proposal gone awry. It depicts two college sweethearts with different plans for that night: one wants to break off their relationship while the other plans on proposing.

Google “rejected engagement proposal” and you’ll come up with many stories of women politely declining proposals in front of friends and family, such as Taylor Swift singing about this experience in “champagne problems.”

Swift finds great joy in performing these lyrics because she believes music can bring people together regardless of differences between individuals.


This song about Taylor and Joe Jonas’ relationship is an emotional ballad that showcases Swift’s piano talent. Composed with only a few chords, the tune can easily be learnt by beginners.

Taylor herself gave both Brooklyn Duo and Travis Atero her thanks for the incredible piano covers of this hit summer song – both received special mention by Taylor herself! Any fan should experience this heartfelt ballad for themselves!


This ballad addresses an infatuated schoolgirl romance. This cinematic track sounds incredible on piano and was one of Swift’s greatest highlights during her 2022 tour.

Swift fans may be left scratching their heads over who exactly this song is about; speculation suggests either her former flame Matty Healy or Joe Alwyn as possible subjects of its dramatic theme. Whatever its subject may be, its popularity among Swifties can only increase further.

Beginners looking to start playing piano may benefit from this Taylor Swift anthology, which features 30 of her songs from all eras as well as extra resources designed to help novice pianists succeed.


Evermore takes Swift’s escapist cottagecore direction that was established with folklore to the next level by creating songs that feel like novels of emotion.

Lyrically, this song explores intense love and heartache. The bridge lyrics “Sometimes giving up is the strongest thing you can do / And sometimes running away is your only solution” suggest that Taylor may have drawn upon personal experiences to craft this tune.

Musically, this production is dreamy and atmospheric with light piano, synth pads, xylophone, and sparse percussion providing an emotional backdrop. This song builds with lyrics of increasing emotional intensity throughout.

Back in December

Taylor Swift is an award-winning singer-songwriter known for creating lyrics that touch people deeply. Her songs provide us with insight into heartbreak and regret while at the same time being able to capture universal emotions authentically.

Back in December is a song written by Taylor Swift about her short-lived relationship with Taylor Lautner and featured on her third studio album Speak Now (2010). It is an uptempo country pop power ballad accompanied by orchestral strings.

This song is straightforward for beginners to learn because its open chords use simple strumming patterns.

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day, Taylor Swift’s heartbreaking tune about love and loss, features simple open chords Am, C and G that can easily be learned along with an intuitive strumming pattern – making this song ideal for beginning guitarists! It makes an excellent place to begin learning her songs on guitar!

Taylor Swift boasts not only an amazing guitar collection, but she also owns a vast piano collection – as seen when she performed during a show during an intense rainstorm at Gillette Stadium.