Top Country Music Videos 2022

top country music videos 2022

Are you searching for a way to engage your customers in hotel lobbies, airports and other business settings? Country music can be the perfect solution. Great music videos will create an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort for visitors.

Parmalee’s Take My Name is the top country song of 2022 and holds the record for most weeks in the top 10 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. Additionally, it marks a new high for single artist’s Top 10 appearances on this chart.

1. Dan + Shay – Speechless

If you’ve ever listened to country music, chances are you’ve encountered Dan + Shay. The Nashville duo consists of singers Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney and their harmonies are unmistakable. Smyers writes most of their songs while Mooney’s powerful voice keeps their songs on repeat in your head – whether on the radio or in your head.

Their latest song, “Speechless,” has been gaining fans. The video depicts an intimate look at love through two weddings, featuring footage from both Dan Smyers’ and Shay Mooney’s real weddings.

One of the duo’s most powerful songs to date, “Elevate,” is an example of what sets them apart from other country artists. The bold production and powerful lyrics have cemented their place as one of country music’s premier acts.

The band has amassed a devoted following in their home state of Arkansas, but they’ve gained an international audience thanks to their high-octane music videos and thrilling live shows. Additionally, they’ve collaborated with other artists such as Rascal Flatts on their music.

This summer, the duo will release their self-titled third album and join Rascal Flatts on their Back To Us Tour in October.

Their most successful single to date is “Tequila,” which has become their most-streamed track. It features Smyers’ grand piano melodies and Mooney’s elastic vocals in an uptempo arrangement that will surely please fans everywhere.

On Friday night in Omaha, the duo took their sound to another level with their latest single, “I Should Probably Go to Bed.” It boasts an infectious country swagger and powerful melodic hook that made it a crowd favorite – which was amply demonstrated by the loud and proud cheers from the Omaha crowd!

2. Tegan Marie – Keep It Lit

At only 14 years old, Tegan Marie has already made a name for herself as one of the most promising country singers of our time. She’s featured in multiple music videos and is currently signed to Warner Music Nashville.

Tegan Marie’s debut single for Warner Music Nashville, “Keep It Lit,” is an upbeat celebration of life. Written by Marie and Scott Hendricks (whose 70 #1 hits have included artists such as Blake Shelton), the song is sure to become a classic in any playlist.

Named after the popular slang term among her generation, “lit,” Tegan Marie wanted to create a video that reflected her upbeat spirit and positive vibes. Enlisting acclaimed hitmaker Veronica Zelle as collaborator, Tegan Marie created an upbeat visual that captured both.

The result is an upbeat and joyful music video featuring Marie’s family and friends riding in a teal vintage bus for an adventure into the wilderness to celebrate life and its many blessings. Additionally, there’s a bonfire included in this memorable song/video which perfectly encapsulates Marie’s upbeat energy.

Gen Z, which is rapidly becoming America’s largest consumer group, Marie exudes confidence and poise like a veteran country star. She’s already toured the country, shared the stage with Smokey Robinson, performed at a Detroit Lions game and appeared on Good Morning America and Grand Ole Opry – all while maintaining her poise and confidence.

Marie has gained notoriety for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence, earning herself a place as one of the youngest female country artists ever to sign with a major label. She’s currently managed by Sweety High – an online social network for Gen Z girls that helps them reach their career aspirations.

3. Mitchell Tenpenny – Drunk Me

Tenpenny is the direct descendant of Music Row nepotism. His grandmother Donna Hilley, former CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and mother Debbie work at the label as well. Additionally, Tenpenny has a brother who plays guitar in his band and plans to tie the knot with Canadian country singer-songwriter soon.

He’s a master of volume, constantly pushing content out to his fans in the hopes that they will engage and amplify it to new heights. His latest hit “Drunk Me” made the top of the Hot Country Songs chart (dated Oct. 27) and also made the Top 10 on Country Airplay chart.

This techno-style dance track features impressive drum solos and an infectious chorus. Written by Christian Griswold, Sean Small, Sam Sumser and Jaten Dimsdale, the song has an electro-pop influence.

Tenpenny’s single is not only professionally produced, but it also boasts powerful lyrics that will surely get listeners dancing in their seats. Having spent considerable time in this genre, Tenpenny knows exactly how to craft a club-ready banger that could potentially become one of 2022’s biggest hits.

What’s more, he has done an impressive job juggling his work on the road and touring with Old Dominion’s Make It Sweet tour with being an accomplished writer. In fact, CS Country asked how he’s managed to balance all this hard work while keeping up with his wordplay-filled process.

Tenpenny’s wordplay-infused approach is what sets him apart when he’s out drinking with friends. These times allow him to perfect song titles, alliterations and other hook ideas – moments which are vital for his success and help him find words that best communicate with listeners.

4. Thomas Rhett – Leave Right Now

Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes album features one of the more intriguing EDM-infused country love songs, “Leave Right Now,” a poignant ballad with strumming acoustic guitar and synths. Recently, Rhett released an EP featuring both the original song as well as a shortened radio edit and remix from Danish DJ Martin Jensen.

Thomas Rhett’s song has gained international acclaim, with a music video shooting at Frist Art Museum in Nashville. Starring Thomas Rhett as he desperately searches for a woman at an overcrowded party, the clip captures all of its attention.

Thomas Rhett recently revealed in an interview that he’s an ardent family man and cannot wait to become a father. Together with his wife Laura Akins, they already have three daughters and are expecting their fourth!

Rhett is an enthusiastic supporter of nature, and he and his family are working with the Outsideologist Project to encourage kids to get outside and discover what nature has to offer them.

He grew up in Tennessee and has many happy memories playing outdoors with his friends. Now that he has children of his own, it’s essential for them to get outside as much as possible.

He’s also bringing his passion for the outdoors into his daily life by teaming up with Claritin(r) to promote their new campaign. He believes that technology can become too much in our lives nowadays, so it’s essential to remind kids to get outside as often as possible.

On Friday’s episode of Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, Thomas Rhett discussed some personal changes that have recently taken place. He revealed that he is feeling “a little bit of a shift” and learning to appreciate what matters most in life.

5. Kenny Chesney – Get Along

Kenny Chesney has always been a master of music that captures the essence of life. His ability to make people smile, have fun and savor every moment is unparalleled, yet at the same time he remains grounded in reality – understanding that things don’t always go as planned.

His most captivating videos are those that not only entertain, but also profoundly moving. These are the ones he speaks directly to his fans.

Kenny Chesney has achieved 31 Billboard Number Ones with his songs, always striving to capture the feelings that shape our daily lives. His latest single “Get Along” continues this trend.

Chesney’s latest music video is an inspiring tale of hope and strength in difficult places – a call to action to rise up no matter what life throws at you. Directed by Shaun Silva, it features larger-than-life video screens for an unforgettable visual experience.

This moving clip captures Grammy-winning singer in various settings, such as a beach and concert stage. His voice is strong and clear, accompanied by an experienced band that sounds like it has been playing together for years.

Shaun Silva, the director of this video, ensures viewers feel everything Chesney is feeling. Additionally, he takes his time to craft an inspiring cinematic clip that doesn’t just focus on music.

Chesney was inspired to create this video after witnessing his friends and neighbors in the Virgin Islands come back so quickly after Hurricane Irma. He wanted to express how much he cares about those close to him, showing that he wants to be part of their lives too.