Ukulele Music Books

Ukulele music books offer something for all levels of ability and taste, from those just learning the instrument through to books that teach reading melodies with strumming patterns delayed until students can simultaneously sing and strum at the same time.

This method is ideal for readers of music. Chord stamps are presented sideways and there is a section on movable barre chords. Additionally, this book comes complete with DVD and online video lessons for further study.

Ukulele for All

Beginning Uke Book for ChildrenThis vibrant and colorful illustrated collection will have children strumming and strumming quickly! Starting with basic instructions for holding positions, tuning and basic chords before moving directly into kid-friendly folk songs and music games that keep children engaged – as well as coloring pages that reinforce what they have learned! Also included are melody and lyrics for each song: country Americana bluegrass pop Stephen Foster British and Celtic Cowboy and more!

This ukulele method book features easy-to-read music notation and tablature (also known as TAB) for the ukulele, making it suitable for learners regardless of prior musical experience. Furthermore, this book comes equipped with a DVD of video lessons and practice tracks designed to supplement learning at home or with homeschoolers. Alfred’s Kid’s Ukulele Course can serve as the perfect companion, making this an invaluable asset in homeschool environments.

This book includes many enjoyable songs to learn, such as Starlight, Starbright, If You’re Happy and You Know It as well as practice charts to keep on track, helpful chord stickers for easy chord recognition and online audio to accompany author Emily Arrow’s songs – making this an essential starter uke book for novice uke players of any age! This starter uke book provides beginners with everything they need to start learning the uke!

This book features 21 easy hits arranged in various styles to meet the needs of any ukulele player, making it the ideal starting point or addition to an expanding repertoire. Classic songs from Van Morrison such as Brown Eyed Girl and Fernando from ABBA to contemporary pop hits like Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and Stay With Me by Sam Smith will all prove entertaining choices! This selection is sure to delight any budding ukulele player!

This book is written for linear (low-G) tuning but can easily be converted to reentrant (high-G). Furthermore, this songbook stands out by featuring chord melody solos – making it ideal for those without great singing voices but wanting to accompany vocal melodies.

Ukulele Basics

Music notation may seem incomprehensible to novice musicians at first, with strange symbols that seem meaningless until you learn how to read musical notation and utilize its resources to play any song imaginable. Once this occurs, however, those strange symbols become rich sources of musical information and enable you to play any song you desire with ease.

Ukulele music books typically present musical information in two ways: standard notation that any trained musician can understand and tablature and chord frames that are specific to ukuleles and tunings. Both types of notation should be read together, with standard staves providing rhythmic information while tablature providing fretting-hand finger placement guidance. Standard notation indicates fingerings with small numbers (p for thumb, i for index finger and m for middle finger); tablature shows them by letter (p = left thumb, i = right thumb, etc) so you should play both forms simultaneously!

To master music reading, it’s advisable to start with an introductory music theory course, such as that offered at Piano for All by Robin Hall. This will teach you the treble and bass clefs as well as how notes are articulated using slurs and ties; key signatures and the musical scale will all come in handy while playing ukulele!

Mel Bay’s Ukulele Chords for Beginners provides another guide that can assist with reading and understanding musical information presented in standard notation. Intended specifically for beginning players, this book includes pictures and diagrams showing chords for every key as well as descriptions of major, minor, seventh diminished and augmented chords.

This workbook teaching system for ukulele beginners provides an accessible, hands-on method of reinforcing each musical concept through practice and application. With clear pictures guiding users from first day exercises through CD backing track playing along, and quizzes, assignments, and ear training built into its comprehensive package – perfect for young students just beginning their ukulele journey!

Ukulele for Two

The Beatles are widely considered one of the greatest bands ever, and this collection of 25 songs provides an ideal opportunity to learn them on your ukulele. Offering tablature and notation arrangements of each track, The Beatles for Fingerstyle Ukulele can accommodate beginners as well as advanced players alike – plus this book comes complete with its own CD with recordings so that you can hear how each should sound!

The Ukulele Handbook contains everything you need to start playing the ukulele, from its history and how to select an instrument suitable to your needs, to chord charts and beginner-friendly songs; making this book an essential reference source.

Before Israel “IZ” Kmakawiwo’ole passed away, he created and recorded some of the most breathtaking ukulele music ever heard. Now you can learn his songs through this songbook that offers chord diagrams above each string, fingerpicking instructions, and lyrics for songs such as Over the Rainbow, Kuhio Bay, and Na Ka Pueo.

Absolute Beginners is a step-by-step, look-and-learn course that guides you from day one exercises all the way to playing along with a backing track! In just three steps, this book provides all of the information necessary for learning ukulele! Clear pictures replace lengthy explanations and an accompanying CD shows you how to practice your newly gained skills.

Master the Ukulele 1 takes your ukulele playing skills to the next level by providing chord progressions, strumming patterns, and an introduction to blues rhythm. It features songs in styles like IZ, Sublime, Bob Marley and more – helping you to further hone chords and skills while placing special emphasis on rhythmic aspects.

This systematic approach to developing music literacy on the ukulele will make an excellent addition to any classroom, whether as an adjunct to another course or standalone teaching tool. All songs have been carefully tailored for various levels of proficiency, with many songs linked back to material from Ukulele at School Book 1. Furthermore, its Teacher Manual features an exhaustive listing of all songs and materials presented within student books as well as helpful tips for classroom instruction.

Ukulele for One

There is now a series of ukulele music books for one that teach chord accompaniment and rhythm in addition to melody, designed for those wishing to learn in the “chord-melody” style seen in many popular songs. Each solo arrangement in this book has both melody and accompaniment played at once – music written both standard notation as well as tablature for those preferring other tuning than standard (g, c, e, a).

An enjoyable approach to learning ukulele. The authors have developed an effective system to inspire children and help them make rapid progress while having fun! Colorful graphics teach strum patterns and simple finger picking, with songs covering familiar classics as well as contemporary pop tunes. Lessons are carefully structured so children can develop their skills at their own pace.

This book is an ideal resource for students with basic knowledge of chords and melodies or have had prior ukulele lessons. This collection contains songs organized so the melody can be played using open strings while accompaniment can be placed at first three frets; chord shapes are shown at the top of every page for easy reference. Songs range from Tin-Pan Alley classics to oldies and modern folk numbers; music written using standard notation makes reading it simpler for older students.

This introductory ukulele method by its authors emphasizes the importance of learning musical notation and reading skills that apply across instruments. A primary goal is learning how to read song notes, chord progressions, and how to improvise using basic riffs; plus there’s even an accompanying CD of songs to play along. Finally there’s even an assessment for this book!

This ukulele book serves as an ideal starting point for those interested in the sound of Renaissance guitar but unsure how to translate that music onto their ukulele. With 34 delightful Early Music melodies transcribed for gCEA tuning and the author’s generous introduction providing brief history, tips on period ornamentation and musicianship as well as resources for further research, this ukulele book can serve as an ideal introduction.