Unchained Melody – 5 Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

guitar chords unchained melody

This song is an easy and accessible beginner tune with a straightforward chord progression, providing the ideal opportunity to develop strumming patterns.

Elvis made this classic piano tune famous in 1956. It is an easy tune to learn, sounding stunning on either an electric or acoustic guitar.

The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody by Bobby Hatfield and Hy Zaret became one of the best-selling singles of 1950. Other versions by Al Hibbler, Jimmy Young, Cliff Townsend of The Squadronaires, Gene Vincent and others also enjoyed considerable popularity during that era. Its lyrics depict a man making a decision between fleeing prison life on the run or serving out his sentence and returning home to his wife – lyrics which explore whether one should choose freedom over punishment.

Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield reunited to record this song for Haven Records in 1974, although they would no longer top the music charts again since they parted ways in February 1968; Medley went on to pursue solo work while Hatfield recorded several minor hits through various labels.

Wherever You Will Go

John Legend’s timeless love song is an ideal selection to play for someone you truly cherish, with an easy strumming pattern designed for beginner guitarists. Additionally, this track can help develop fingerstyle guitar skills as well as improve fingerstyle guitar techniques.

This song utilizes E, A minor and Am as the chords used as triads; these chords utilize various fretting techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs and single note runs for creating sound harmonies. Although learning triads may take practice for beginners, the results make the effort worth your while!

Good Riddance

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wrote Good Riddance as part of their Dookie album sessions to break free from toxic relationships and attract new listeners while alienating die-hard punk rock fans. Since then, the song has become a classic at high school dances as an encouraging reminder to move on with life after an end-of-relationship situation has come and gone.

Complete guitar lesson for Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day with chords, strumming patterns, video examples, text theory explanations, printable chord grids and tab. There are usable major scale patterns perfect for rhythm guitar improvisation or composition! This complete lesson covers every element necessary for success: chords, strumming patterns, video examples and in depth text theory explanations. Printable chord grids and tab are provided; printable chord grids also included!

Let It Be

Nearing their end of their tenure, The Beatles created some timeless hits. Let It Be is one such track – written by Paul McCartney after having a dream about his late mother that inspired its creation.

This song makes use of what’s known as a circle of fifths chord progression, commonly found in doo-wop music but also present in modern songs like Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls chorus where this technique can be found throughout.

This song’s lyrics are full of hope and love; it serves as a soothing lullaby reminding us that even though life might seem dark today, tomorrow brings new opportunities and sunshine will return.

The King’s Song

This song offers a wonderful introduction to playing guitar, with easy chord structure that is suitable for beginners. Perfect as an acoustic or electric beginner song, its chord progression is used widely across genres of music.

This tune, released in 1956 and made famous by Elvis Presley himself as one of his rockabilly hits, is easily one of his best. Piano serves as the main instrument, while there is also an accompanying guitar chord progression followed by little licks to fill any spaces between piano notes. While easy to play in standard tuning tuning mode, a capo should be used on fret 1 when using standard tuning tuning.

Blue Suede Shoes

This tune is an iconic rock and roll song. First performed by Louisiana-born Lloyd Price in 1952, it became a hit four years later thanks to Elvis. Featuring simple chord composition suitable for either electric or acoustic guitar players alike.

Tablature staffs contain lines representing standard string numbers, while frets indicate which fingers to press onto each string in order to produce desired pitches. “X” marks indicate which strings should not be played. Some websites also offer the option of transposing songs for piano (up or down) so beginners can more easily learn new chords.